The Countdown To….. Well quite a few things really!!!

BARLA-YouthJuniorFinalsSo just four more sleeps and Jack and his rugby team mates will be heading to the Yorkshire cup finals and the scariest thing about it is it doesn’t seem two minutes since we counting the sleeps last year and now here we are again. Just where has that year gone, it seems to have passed by in a very busy blur. What with running ,cycling, walking,work, my camera and rugby I haven’t really had chance to sit back and reflect on any of it. Maybe after this weekend I’ll get my chance. But for now its all about Sunday and at the moment my house is like changing room, sub suits, kits, kitbags and matchday stuff seem to be hanging in every room. Come Saturday it will all be packed up ready for the big day and by then there will be only one sleep left -gulp!!!

In the meantime there is plenty at work to keep me busy – the christmas countdown is well and truly on, glitter everywhere – its fab!!  ‘Big Bad Ben’ is still stomping round rehearsals and his song is still stomping round my head. Every production we do, Christmas, Easter or otherwise, always has one of those songs that messes with your mind – always on re -play in your brain – this years is no different, but when you’re laid awake at 2 in the morning  ‘I’m Big Bad Ben or so they say, when  people see you they run away’  is not much of a lullaby. Still at least good old reliable ‘Away in a Manger’ is there as a back up even if you need tissues at the ready……

So much happening

The countdown is on

Bring it on (slowly)


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