Bank Holiday Sunday in the Land of the Giants………





So another bank holiday weekend over, not long until the next one, no really it’s not long -try 3 weeks!! Not that we’ve done anything special. I’ve spent most of my extra day off washing, cleaning, ironing and studying, it’s my own fault really. Having spent Saturday cycling (no mishaps this week – we didn’t even get lost)  sunbathing and reading the papers, it was my intention to get all my jobs done on Sunday while Jack was over in Hull playing rugby -the lure of a trip out to East Hull proved too tempting though. Christ knows why. There were some right sights, and I don’t mean the docks and the Humber Bridge!! Why women wander around in nightie and dressing gowns beyond , but at quarter two in the afternoon complete with saggy knockers trailing on the floor -still it takes all sorts!!! Just to add to the ‘why have I come feeling’ Jack’s team lost. To be honest they never stood much of a chance, the opposition had clearly spent the winter break sat in a grow bag, and there was I thinking my son was finally catching up. They were huge, one had a beard (these are U14’s) and most were taller than two of the U16’s who had come to watch -it’s going to be a long season!!!

With the jobs done it was time to get my head in the maths books again, Construction Loci-always a favourite of mine (never bleeding heard of it!) Still now I know where Tommy can plant his tree, how far a dog can wa

nder on a lead and how to draw some random diagram that means absolutely sod all! Measures tomorrow, I can’t wait, hopefully it will be a measure of something alcoholic!!

had a lovely weekend

looks like a soggy sprint in the morning (the Bank Holiday weather has arrived)

Bring it on!

Lost – part 1274, Lazy and Lax


Ok, Ok so maybe I/we haven’t been lost over a thousand times but I/we  seem to be averaging once a week of late -though to be fair to hubby I am way better getting lost than he is. Todays ‘lost while cycling’ look was 100% hubbys fault though. His ‘we’ll take this path because then we’ll end up on the main path’ suggestion didn’t go to plan. Not only did the path go on forever, it was another bumpy ride, not just tree roots, but streams and trip traps bridges that I expected a troll to leap from under at any minute. I wasn’t happy, especially when we ended up nowhere, or so we thought, having looked at the map since ,we weren’t that far from civilisation! So the only option was to pedal through the hay fever fields ( you know – that yellow stuff that makes you sneeze!) more bumpy pedalling – joy. Still on the plus side we added another two plus miles to our route it wasn’t all bad. Might even do it again next week as long as I can strap a cushion to my saddle!
So after a busy day yesterday today was a bit of a novelty day – thanks to Easter there was no junior rugby,time for a lie- in. Wahoo!!! So why did I wake up at 8?!? Still coffee and a good book meant I didn’t get up till 9:30 that must count as a lazy morning?
No rugby also meant I had time to do a proper Sunday Lunch, with all the trimmings. I even made desert – not so much of a lazy day after all. In between the cooking there was maths swotting to be done – reflections,translations, transitions and orders of rotational symmetry. Deep joy, it should have been easy, it wasn’t. Some muppet at the proof-reading factory had clearly been asleep on the job – the questions were wrong. Wrong orders, wrong vectors, wrong directions – even I know the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise (just!!) wrong, wrong wrong. I’m not happy. The books are in a heap in the middle of the kitchen table – I’ll go back to being lazy. For now!

Quiet Sunday
Makes a nice change
Bring it on.

Sunshine Sunday!!

sunSo after a week of tossing pancakes, dressing up as a giraffe and building robots out of recyclable materials I was ready for the weekend – a time for rest and recuperation. Shame I never got round to doing either. I’m blaming the weather. At last the miserable weather has gone and the sun was out -do you really think I was going to stay in!

Yesterday we finally got back out on the bikes for a 14.5 mile cycle through the woods and various paths that went nowhere -it all adds to the fun. We would have gone further were it not for the fact that my knee looks like it’s about to give birth to triplets -lord knows what’s up with it now but it’s going to have to do one, I really haven’t got time!!

Today was rugby day, all day, outside in the sunshine what more can a girl ask for -well a house work and ironing fairy would be nice but you can’t have everything.

A lovely weekend

Hoping for an easier week

Bring it on

Whatever the weather………

028_edited-1So Janathon day 26 and the end is in sight, hopefully that will mean the never-ending pile of muddy washing will end soon -or will it? The thing is the never-ending stream of outdoor clothes in the wash basket kind of signifies who I am, or more to the point who we are as a family. Between all 3 of us we golf, run, cycle, walk and play rugby, with or without Janathon we tend to always be on the go. I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

This morning saw us out in the pouring rain watching my son play rugby, the second game in a week, not bad to say we’re meant to be on a season break! If the conditions weren’t the best to begin with -they soon got a whole lot worse. Pouring rain became torrential rain and the pitch became a swamp, come half time the ref had little option but to abandon the game. Shame the opposition thought winning at all costs was more important than the health and safety of the kids on the pitch, but never mind!!!

With little sign of the whether improving it looked like it was going to be a wet and windy run for me this afternoon, not that I mind running in the rain but I am beginning to get webbed feet, my running shoes seem to be permanently soaked. Thankfully the running gods were kind and I didn’t get quite as wet as expected, not that I really noticed the weather I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t about to get cramp, I have a real phobia about cramp I just can’t cope with having no control of it, anyway the cramp never materialised, just very tight calves -maybe yesterdays 30 day squat challenge didn’t help. Still another 2 miles in the bag and another running kit in the wash……

2 miles run

90 sit-ups

135 crunches

55 leg raises

80 seconds of planking

40 squats

22 push-ups

5 days to go

Bring it on

………..and relax!!!

So finally I’ve sat down – how did that happen. Where did the day go and what happened to my best laid plans.
Well for a start there was no way I was going to do the planned run home from Jacks rugby game, the various 30 day challenges meant I awoke with someone else’s legs. Great rugby game though, and I got to play with my new camera lens. I’m impressed!
We didn’t get home till early afternoon, I would like to say I then hung my washing out, alas my washer is back to having senior moments and turned itself off mid cycle. Joy!! Just what you want when you’ve another mud mountain to get rid off – thank god I don’t do the kit anymore. Jack’s stuff was bad enough.
So, in between reminding the washing machine what it was doing, cleaning the car (mud) bathroom (mud) and kitchen – yep you’ve guessed it – mud. I shopped, made the tea, packed lunches, edited the rugby photos and finally sneaked in a jog round the block before completing 65 sit-ups, 85 crunches 42 leg lifts, 55 seconds of planking and seven ( I’m pants at push-ups) push-ups. Time for a martini me thinks. Roll on work tomorrow I need a rest!!!

Day 18 and the Mud Mountains Growing…..


So if the weekends are meant to be a time of rest, how come I never seem to get any? Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have to do a 13 mile bike ride in the rain, or the ab challenge, squat challenge or push up challenge (I love a challenge!) but a girls got to have some pleasures to help the mundane tasks seem easier – where’s the housework fairy when you need her?
A muddy Janathon is creating some right mess in our house and to add to the fun Jacks rugby training is currently taking place in a swamp – I have swept so much mud up this week I could bag it and sell it as top soil. Thankfully cleanliness reigns at last – it will last for all of 24 hours. Jacks got a rugby game tomorrow, in the same swamp as training – joy!!

Bike ride done

Rugby and Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Oh I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside and a Few Other Things……..

Firstly, top tip. If you’re recovering from knee surgery don’t drink lager – why you may ask? Well the thing is you all know that I am a hopeless drinker as it is, a couple of halves of lager and anything can happen, a couple of lagers on an empty stomach spells disaster – it very nearly was. You see in my euphoric state, after Jacks team stuffed the local rivals in the Wakefield Cup and having had a sneaky lager or two while watching, I totally forgot that I still can’t kneel down properly -whoops. I was fine while I was knelt down taking photos, then I realised I couldn’t get up. Bit embarassing having to be helped up by Jack’s coach (thanks Lance) So now Jack and I look a right pair, he’s hobbling (badly) on his recently mended broken ankle  and I’m walking like I’m ninety -just what you want when you’ve a day at the seaside planned!!!

Yes, today we’ve been to Whitby, somewhere I haven’t been for years. It’s a great place and seems to have a much better class of visitor than some other seaside towns we’ve visited of late -they all have teeth for a start. Don’t get me wrong there are the occasional ‘scratter families’ around, but there wasn’t a can of Special brew or oversized tattooed belly to be seen.

First up, after the mile hobble down the hill from the car-park near the Abbey, was fish and chips from Magpie Cafe – rumoured to be the best fish and chips around. The rumour wasn’t wrong though next time I’m having a kids portion -they were huge!! Next we headed for a walk on the pier, well Jack and I did, Ernie bottled it -being able to see through the wooden floor did nothing to help his fear of heights, we left him clinging to the fence.  After that we headed onto the beach, I could have sat there all afternoon, I don’t know which was best people watching, or watching the gulls terrorize the beach, they where huge!!! A bit disappointed with my photos today though, I think I need to stop reading the books and magazines -I’m getting worse not better.

I didn’t take any photos on the boat ride around the harbour, mainly because we were squashed in like sardines, I didn’t have room to move (might try a different boat next time!!) plus some random women with yellow teeth and hairy legs (scratter alert!) sat on my knee -my sore knee, I wasn’t amused!!! Still a ‘rum n raisin’ Ice-cream calmed me down before we hobbled back up the hill to go home – what a fab place though. I think we’ll be back for a few days next time…..

Fun in the sun

Sleep in tomorrow

Bring it on.

The Busy Birthday Weekend……………..


Why do Monday’s always come around so quickly, there is no getting around it, weekends are far too short and because it was a very busy weekend, with a great time had by all, it seemed shorter than ever. Yes this weekend was birthday weekend, it was mine Friday (21 for the second time) and Saturday saw our son turn 13 -eek mum to a teenager, bit scary that!! 

So Saturday saw hubby and I heading out for a nice meal with friends while our son had a lads night in – a bit of a first for us, leaving him home alone, thankfully we returned to find the house still standing – the front of the shed had come off and the garden gate was hanging on its hinge – but the house was still standing. Still no harm done really and they even tidied the bedroom up on Sunday which is certainly a first.

Sunday saw us heading to watch the mighty Wakey win, nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear the head (I’m rubbish at drinking!) only thing is the air was more than fresh -it was positively chilly!! Standing shivering in ‘Flaming June’ is no fun, the curse of Summer Rugby strikes again!!!

After all the excitement, come 9 o clock Sunday evening I was sending the zzzzz’s out big style -not quite the party animal I used to be!! So after 9 hours sleep did I awake refreshed……………….Er No!

Is it nearly bedtime?

I’m sure I’ll be livelier tomorrow

Bring it on



Proud to be A Groovy Gang Mum…………….

groovyIt’s fair to say I was well chuffed with my son’s rugby this morning. Defensively he had a great game and put in some good tackles, I wish I could say he had a great attacking game as well, alas I think he only got his hands on the ball once. That in itself is annoying enough. But when I tell you he is actually the half back and should, with the exception of  the hooker, probably handle the ball more than any one else, you will probably understand why I am annoyed. It was, by far, the most frustrating game of rugby league I have ever watched and at that we won.

Seemingly team is spelt with more than one  ‘I’, or it is in our case. The cool gang, only pass to one another, regardless of whether there are players around them who could do a better job or not -all in the name of impressing the ‘rugby league scout’. Except they’re impressing no one,they are missing the point (or more to the point -a certain pushy parent is. The one who stands there telling the kids to to do the total opposite to the coach.)  Rugby League is a team game, always has been, always will be. Individual players don’t make for a good team and you can’t have two teams in one -the cool gang and the groovy gang. So are these players about to embark on a super league career ………….? Er no, not at the ripe old age of 12 and 13 they’re not. Yep this is Junior Rugby, surely it should be about having fun, having mates and learning all there is to know about our great game -obviously not!!

The joys of Junior Rugby….

It can only get better

Bring it on

The Game That Never Was and the Game That Was a Whole Lot Better Than it Should Have Been…..


At last, blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, not a rain cloud to be seen. This Summer Rugby League marlakey was finally going to live up to what we were promised. Basking in the sunshine

Comebacks on!!!

Comebacks on!!!

watching our kids play. Then the telephone rang. Due to a monumental cock-up there was no game, half the opposition team were on their jolly hols, and rightly so -it is half term after all. Trouble is despite them cancelling 2 weeks ago no one thought to tell us, then when they did let’s just say that instead of crossed wires we had crossed Emails and unfortunately the one that said ‘the games off’ didn’t appear until today. Oh well, people are only human and mistakes are easily made, though looking at some of the posts on a local rugby forum you’d think it was a matter of life and death -yes the keyboard warrior strikes again!! There are some really sad people out there!

So with no game yesterday we had to wait  until today for our rugby fix, trouble is it was Wakefield v Wigan and our form in recent weeks meant we didn’t have a hope in hell. ………..Wrong!! We nearly caused the upset of the season and won -and to think I very nearly stayed home to finish topping off the tan. Yep at long last Wakefield played with a bit of pride and passion  – if only you got points for effort. Hopefully the corner has been turned and Wakefield’s form is returning -watch this space!!

Beautiful Weather

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on!!

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