Does watching sport count????

I knew that some form of Janathon exercise was going to be a big ask today – my son playing in the Yorkshire cup finals meant we would be out for pretty much the whole day. Granted I could possibly have sneaked a run in before we went but I was the ultimate swot and got some uni work done!! And yes I could have gone post match but we went for a few cheeky beers. So, barring my usual Physio exercise, today’s Janathon went something like this.

  • Met a SPORTS stadium 
  • Had breakfast in the AQUATICS centre.
  • Sat on a RUNNING TRACK.
  • Where a RUGBY LEAGUE team play
  • And took 200 photos of lads playing RUGBY

Well it involved sport even if I didn’t actually do any. Sadly the lads didn’t win – but it wasn’t for the lack of trying – so my son has now got 3 Yorkshire cup medals and I couldn’t be prouder.

A great day out

Will have to double up my exercise tomorrow. 

Bring it on. 


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