The Sun is Shinning and the Rugby is ………….

sunSo, as is the tradition on Good Friday, it was rugby league derby day with the not so mighty Wakefield Trinity (my team) taking on the currently in form Castleford. On the plus side the sun shone brightly……….that was about it really. We lost !!!! I suppose there are other positives to take from the game, we actually scored more than 6 points, we prevented the opposition from scoring more than fifty points (just!) and Daddy Cool, the club mascot, stuffed Cas’s strange-looking tiger thing in the half time race!!

It’s fair to say being a Wakey fan is somewhat depressing at the moment, we just can’t win. Don’t get  me wrong, for nearly 1/4 of the game we actually looked like we knew what we were doing – the rest of it. Well put it this way we won’t be wasting our hard-earned cash going to the Easter Monday game.

Still the day wasn’t a total let down with another 9 miles logged on the bike this morning, lots of uphills, not many downs and for the second time in 3 days I braved the funny fanny path -you blokes don’t know how lucky you are. Bouncing up and down over tree roots, branches and old train lines doesn’t make for the comfiest of rides -I pedaled the whole thing without stopping though, I am definitely getting better!

A beautiful day

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Sunshine Sunday!!

sunSo after a week of tossing pancakes, dressing up as a giraffe and building robots out of recyclable materials I was ready for the weekend – a time for rest and recuperation. Shame I never got round to doing either. I’m blaming the weather. At last the miserable weather has gone and the sun was out -do you really think I was going to stay in!

Yesterday we finally got back out on the bikes for a 14.5 mile cycle through the woods and various paths that went nowhere -it all adds to the fun. We would have gone further were it not for the fact that my knee looks like it’s about to give birth to triplets -lord knows what’s up with it now but it’s going to have to do one, I really haven’t got time!!

Today was rugby day, all day, outside in the sunshine what more can a girl ask for -well a house work and ironing fairy would be nice but you can’t have everything.

A lovely weekend

Hoping for an easier week

Bring it on

Lost………Maybe Not!!!

I was alone, darkness was falling, I didn’t know where I was. How was I ever going to get home……….

So I had planned a run or cycle today, however my niggle free knee started to niggle. All because I caught my foot in my PJ bottoms (that’s what you get for buying a size too big cos they were cheap in the sale!!) as I carried the morning coffee/tea upstairs. Thankfully, and god knows how, I only spilt a little bit and squashed my Jaffa cakes, but other than that all was well until I started up the next staircase and felt a twinge. Plan B!

With the men in my life heading out to the rugby I decided on a walk, and thanks to an email last night asking about a railway relic I had photographed I decided to go back for another look -big mistake. Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely walk and a much longer walk than my gps would have you believe, but maybe not setting off until two wasn’t the best of ideas ,especially when I realised there was a building site through the middle of where I walk. Seemingly (so a nice lady dogwalker told me) they are replacing the old pit stacks, which they have discovered are poisonous ,with nice clean, non poisonous soil. Poisonous -eek. Jack and I have had life climbing up and down there -whoops.

The building site, threw me off track literally. I couldn’t find where I wanted to go, then when I did find it I couldn’t find my way back – I was starting to panic, but more because I didn’t want the chicken I’d left roasting to be overcooked than anything else -though I must confess it was a tad scary!!

Still, those regular readers of my blog will know that as good as I am at getting lost, I am also just as good at finding my way back. Today was no different and typically, having climbed muddy bankings and squelched my way through clay, dodgy soil and other things I came out on a path that would have taken me straight there. I would have been better running or cycling, it would have been easier on the knee.

By four o clock ish, I was nearly back at the car, and after a chat with some fishermen, who had been sat on the canal side for over eight hours (are they mad!) I headed home, caked in mud and clay. I certainly got some strange looks when I called in Tesco’s on the way home. I got some even stranger looks when I walked back in again five minutes later. You see I bought my loaf of bread and headed home, it was only when I went to get my house key out did I realise it was in the car -still parked at Tesco’s. I’d forgotten I’d gone in it and walked home -good job it’s only at the bottom of the street -what a Wally!!

Time lost -half an hour. Time walking -two hours

Three miles done, a few photos taken

Bring it on

The Blog is back……………..

Andrew Voss -sorted!

Andrew Voss -sorted!

So firstly apologies for a complete lack of blog recently. I’m not sure why, I have no excuses, I’ve just never got round to doing it, there’s always been something else to do. Homework, housework,homework, housework…… Anyway, I’ve finally got a spare five minutes so time for a quick catch up.

Half term came and went, I didn’t get anything done that I wanted to do, however Jack and I did do some walking, just for a change we got lost, and even better still nearly got run over by a goods train as the abandoned track we were walking on clearly wasn’t that abandoned -whoops.

I spent a day dressed as a camel   Giraffe  (yes I really did mix the two up!) all in the name of Children in Need. I wish we could wear onesies every Friday, roll out of bed and put your jim jams on -easy! Hubby fell off his bike and managed to chip his elbow, I’ve lost my cycling partner for six weeks. Jack managed to get a dead arse during a rugby game – it’s a new one on me. I can treat most things and am a dab hand at strapping up fingers, knees and arms -arses, no chance!!

I have officially been told I can start running, albeit on grass only and only for a few minutes – shame I’ve been back running on the road for the last few weeks. Well come on, how can I run on grass at this time of year. It’s dark, slippy and the way my luck goes I’ll end up lost or flat on my back or both. Pavement pounding is the only option!!

Junior rugby season has finally come to end- at last,some free time. The Rugby World Cup has been on and has been amazing  – if only England had made it to the final. Jack got to meet an Aussie commentator – Andrew Voss and declared he was sorted. Which I think is teenage speak for a great bloke.

But I end tonight’s blog with a tribute to a top guy -Steve Prescott. Steve was a great rugby player who, finally lost his seven-year battle with a rare stomach cancer two weeks ago. I met Steve five years ago when I was due to run the London Marathon for his foundation. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with severe anaemia and was unable to run, Despite battling his own illness, Steve took the time to ring and see how I was doing. With the help of my school the fundraising went ahead and we presented Steve with a cheque at half-time during a Wildcats game. He was so grateful for what we’d done and couldn’t thank the kids enough – a true legend.

Steve Prescott. Man of Steel

Steve Prescott.
Man of Steel

I promise to blog more often.


Bring it on!

The Busy Birthday Weekend……………..


Why do Monday’s always come around so quickly, there is no getting around it, weekends are far too short and because it was a very busy weekend, with a great time had by all, it seemed shorter than ever. Yes this weekend was birthday weekend, it was mine Friday (21 for the second time) and Saturday saw our son turn 13 -eek mum to a teenager, bit scary that!! 

So Saturday saw hubby and I heading out for a nice meal with friends while our son had a lads night in – a bit of a first for us, leaving him home alone, thankfully we returned to find the house still standing – the front of the shed had come off and the garden gate was hanging on its hinge – but the house was still standing. Still no harm done really and they even tidied the bedroom up on Sunday which is certainly a first.

Sunday saw us heading to watch the mighty Wakey win, nothing like a bit of fresh air to clear the head (I’m rubbish at drinking!) only thing is the air was more than fresh -it was positively chilly!! Standing shivering in ‘Flaming June’ is no fun, the curse of Summer Rugby strikes again!!!

After all the excitement, come 9 o clock Sunday evening I was sending the zzzzz’s out big style -not quite the party animal I used to be!! So after 9 hours sleep did I awake refreshed……………….Er No!

Is it nearly bedtime?

I’m sure I’ll be livelier tomorrow

Bring it on



The Game That Never Was and the Game That Was a Whole Lot Better Than it Should Have Been…..


At last, blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, not a rain cloud to be seen. This Summer Rugby League marlakey was finally going to live up to what we were promised. Basking in the sunshine

Comebacks on!!!

Comebacks on!!!

watching our kids play. Then the telephone rang. Due to a monumental cock-up there was no game, half the opposition team were on their jolly hols, and rightly so -it is half term after all. Trouble is despite them cancelling 2 weeks ago no one thought to tell us, then when they did let’s just say that instead of crossed wires we had crossed Emails and unfortunately the one that said ‘the games off’ didn’t appear until today. Oh well, people are only human and mistakes are easily made, though looking at some of the posts on a local rugby forum you’d think it was a matter of life and death -yes the keyboard warrior strikes again!! There are some really sad people out there!

So with no game yesterday we had to wait  until today for our rugby fix, trouble is it was Wakefield v Wigan and our form in recent weeks meant we didn’t have a hope in hell. ………..Wrong!! We nearly caused the upset of the season and won -and to think I very nearly stayed home to finish topping off the tan. Yep at long last Wakefield played with a bit of pride and passion  – if only you got points for effort. Hopefully the corner has been turned and Wakefield’s form is returning -watch this space!!

Beautiful Weather

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on!!

A Magic Weekend…………..

I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel this morning, I should have been in Scotland running the Edinburgh Marathon -alas it was not to be. I’ve remained hopeful all year that I would be able to run it, but come March it was becoming very apparent that it wasn’t going to happen. To be honest -looking at the rather warm conditions that today’s weather brought, I wasn’t that disappointed that I couldn’t do it. I’ve run marathons in the heat before and they’re a nightmare. You spend all Winter training hard in the hope of getting a PB only for the heat to get in the way -it’s happened to me twice in London, though I did get a PB -just not the one I wanted (us runners are never happy!) it is so annoying.

With the running out of the window, its been a rugby weekend. Seven games in the sunshine. Thankfully we opted not to go to Manchester, to say Wakefield were rubbish is an understatement. I would have been bloody annoyed if we’d forked out to watch that -I’ve seen U10’s play better rugby. So it’s been a rugby in the garden weekend courtesy of Sky Go. It shows how times have changed -I’ve known us carry the portable telly out into the garden in days gone by. Though why we called them portable I’ll never know -they weighed a ton! Still on the plus side if the aerial broke you could replace it with a wire coat hanger you can’t do that nowadays…….

Starting to get a tan

Will the sunshine last

Bring it on

A Sporty Day Out with the Darts n Dominoes Cup…………

3 days off - wahoo!!!

3 days off – wahoo!!!

It’s a good job I’m not a girlie girl who loves to ‘shop till u drop’ and pamper and preen because in our house there’s no chance. Sport, sport and more sport -it’s all we do. Yesterday was definitely no different.

The day started with Jack’s rugby, not that the poor kid got to play. He only lasted the warm up before he turned a whiter shade of pale and needed a lie down. Whatever he’s had/got is taking some getting over. Back to the doctors again on Tuesday – we might as well have our own chairs we’re there that often ! Anyway, on the plus side Crigg won, much to the disgust of the opposition parents who clearly thought they were going to come and turn us over -they didn’t. You would have thought the winner would get a million pounds not two league points the way they carried on. I’ve seen many things at junior rugby games and to be honest nothing comes as a real shock anymore but a police Van and a car!!!Alas the guilty party had made a quick getaway along with the rest of the team -still there were plenty and pie n peas left for the coppers.

So it was home to watch the football and hope and pray that Barnsley managed to stay up -they did. It was turning into a great day. All we needed now was for the mighty Wakey to beat Catalan and it would be a Saturday to remember. Not only did we have the rugby to enjoy but Jacks team were getting the chance to parade their silverware around the pitch at half time. The only problem was that one trophy had already been handed back so we had to improvise. It wasn’t that hard, like most rugby clubs we have a variety of silverware around the place – we picked the biggest………..Shame it was for a darts and dominoes league!! Still it’s amazing what you can do with a computer,printer and laminator -no one will ever know………

Wakefield Won

It’s a Bank Holiday

Bring it on!!!

Value for money………………

The Nerves didn't last long.....

The Nerves didn’t last long…..

So I’ve paid to watch two games of Rugby League this weekend. One cost two quid to get in and the program was a £1, the other cost twenty quid (or would have done if I didn’t have a season ticket) and the program cost £2.50. One game was played with pride, passion and had a huge amount of talent on show the other was lack-lustre -bordering on boring and their was no pride,passion or to be brutally honest, give or take a couple of players, effort to be seen. I’m proud to say my son played in the first game.

Yep -yesterday was a bit of a deja vu moment for me. Exactly a year to the day since I had spent the morning feeling sick with nervous anticipation and here I was feeling the same way. The only difference was last year I was about to embark on a 5 mile run in and around the Olympic stadium this time I was waiting for Jack’s rugby game to kick-off. I don’t know why I get so nervous before his games, I just do. Especially when the games are finals or special events (todays game saw Jacks team representing Yorkshire) – I think it’s a sort of sympathy nerves – a bit like when men get strange cravings when their wives are pregnant, I get Jack’s vibes (poor kid can’t eat before a game) and feel just as nervous as he does. Once again the nerves weren’t called for – despite the constant disruption to training and match days due to the ridiculous weather ,the lads did all that was asked of them and more. They wore their Yorkshire Rose’s with pride and stuffed the Lancastrians big style – the ‘War of the Roses’ was well and truly won. Get in -shame the slightly more expensive game didn’t live up to its Junior game.

A cracking Easter Weekend

Two weeks off to enjoy

Bring it on

There’s Snow Way to get Warm……

Well I certainly didn’t get it wrong when I said that come Mothers Day I’d be freezing my wotsits off at the side of a rugby pitch -I’m still trying to get the circulation back some 24 hours later.It didn’t help that we hadn’t thawed out from the first rugby game before we headed to the second -it’s a good job I’m an out-door-kinda girl.

The warning signs of what was to come were there on Saturday, it was damp and cold with a sneaky wind (as my mum used to call it!!) which probably explains why the Hepworth (Art Gallery) was so full. The trouble is, not only was it full but it was clearly weirdo day -my brother and I had definitely picked the wrong day to take in the new(ish) exhibition. I thought the woman dressed as Zorro worked there but no she was just weirdo number one.There was a woman in a full on chiffon type flowing pantaloons thing (can you tell I can’t tell what she was wearing?) and I’ve never seen so many light coloured trousers, rain coats and shoulder length hair in one room (that was just the men). To be honest they kind of fitted in, some of the stuff on display was kind of weird too. Art is what you make of it but there were a couple of pieces that I couldn’t make my mind up whether they were art or something the workmen had left behind -using industrial step ladders is a new one on me. Still there were some amazing photos on show and I’m glad I went but thank god I didn’t have Jack with me -he really would have had good reason to say ‘what the chuffs that?’

So back to the rugby, as we crossed the Pennines for Jack’s game in Oldham, the snow had already fallen -lots of it. We were beginning to think it was a wasted journey -thankfully not. But boy was it cold -I had so many layers on I couldn’t move and I still shivered. But it was a great game against a very welcoming club and it will be great to play them again sometime -somewhere else where it’s not so flaming cold -Summer Rugby!!!

I wish I could say today had been warmer…… hasn’t. What possesed me to go on my bike this morning I’ll never know (well actually I do -having got on the scales this morning I am now officially bordering on being a fat chuffer -I’m going to have to do something until I get back running!) By the time I got to work I looked like I’d had botox, my face was so frozen I couldn’t crack a smile. But coming home made this mornings efforts seem like a breeze -it was the breeze that was the problem. It was less breeze more icy howling gale -not what you need when pedalling down the riverside. And so another cycling first -the first time I’ve been blown off my bike. I knew I should have got off and walked, I knew round about the time my earlobe was touching the ground -such was the angle I was leaning at…..too late! Apparently mud is really good for the face………

So another week begins and  ‘quelle surprise’ the calendar is full -just for a change, and between the rugby games, gym , swimming and my ‘mum’ job there’s the small matter of a ‘Dance Act’ to sort. They arrive at our school on Friday and I hope the kids like them it’s been a right job getting them here!!!


I’t can’t stay cold forever

Spring is nearly here

Bring it on

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