Five Outfit Earnshaw……

Today seems to have been less Janathon and more a ‘howmanytimescanIgetchangedathon’ I make no wonder my wash basket is overflowing and my hormonal washing machine is playing up……
Up at 6 – gym gear on – 30 day challenge
6:30 shower than pj’s – breakfast
7:45 cycle gear – cycle to work
8:15 work clothesuntitled
14:30 trackies on for P.E
15:30 cycle gear – cycle home
16:30 trackies on to replace muddy cycling stuff!!!
18:00 running gear on.
19:30 trackies and top on over running gear to keep warm while I waited for Jacks rugby training to finish.
20:30 back in the pj’s…….
Still, I’ve cycled twice, done my exercises and run five, yes FIVE MILES, my longest run since knee surgery and I’m so happy I really don’t care how much washing I’ve created!!!

5.1 miles done
A short run and less outfits tomorrow
Bring it on!!

Lost………Maybe Not!!!

I was alone, darkness was falling, I didn’t know where I was. How was I ever going to get home……….

So I had planned a run or cycle today, however my niggle free knee started to niggle. All because I caught my foot in my PJ bottoms (that’s what you get for buying a size too big cos they were cheap in the sale!!) as I carried the morning coffee/tea upstairs. Thankfully, and god knows how, I only spilt a little bit and squashed my Jaffa cakes, but other than that all was well until I started up the next staircase and felt a twinge. Plan B!

With the men in my life heading out to the rugby I decided on a walk, and thanks to an email last night asking about a railway relic I had photographed I decided to go back for another look -big mistake. Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely walk and a much longer walk than my gps would have you believe, but maybe not setting off until two wasn’t the best of ideas ,especially when I realised there was a building site through the middle of where I walk. Seemingly (so a nice lady dogwalker told me) they are replacing the old pit stacks, which they have discovered are poisonous ,with nice clean, non poisonous soil. Poisonous -eek. Jack and I have had life climbing up and down there -whoops.

The building site, threw me off track literally. I couldn’t find where I wanted to go, then when I did find it I couldn’t find my way back – I was starting to panic, but more because I didn’t want the chicken I’d left roasting to be overcooked than anything else -though I must confess it was a tad scary!!

Still, those regular readers of my blog will know that as good as I am at getting lost, I am also just as good at finding my way back. Today was no different and typically, having climbed muddy bankings and squelched my way through clay, dodgy soil and other things I came out on a path that would have taken me straight there. I would have been better running or cycling, it would have been easier on the knee.

By four o clock ish, I was nearly back at the car, and after a chat with some fishermen, who had been sat on the canal side for over eight hours (are they mad!) I headed home, caked in mud and clay. I certainly got some strange looks when I called in Tesco’s on the way home. I got some even stranger looks when I walked back in again five minutes later. You see I bought my loaf of bread and headed home, it was only when I went to get my house key out did I realise it was in the car -still parked at Tesco’s. I’d forgotten I’d gone in it and walked home -good job it’s only at the bottom of the street -what a Wally!!

Time lost -half an hour. Time walking -two hours

Three miles done, a few photos taken

Bring it on

A Sporty Day Out with the Darts n Dominoes Cup…………

3 days off - wahoo!!!

3 days off – wahoo!!!

It’s a good job I’m not a girlie girl who loves to ‘shop till u drop’ and pamper and preen because in our house there’s no chance. Sport, sport and more sport -it’s all we do. Yesterday was definitely no different.

The day started with Jack’s rugby, not that the poor kid got to play. He only lasted the warm up before he turned a whiter shade of pale and needed a lie down. Whatever he’s had/got is taking some getting over. Back to the doctors again on Tuesday – we might as well have our own chairs we’re there that often ! Anyway, on the plus side Crigg won, much to the disgust of the opposition parents who clearly thought they were going to come and turn us over -they didn’t. You would have thought the winner would get a million pounds not two league points the way they carried on. I’ve seen many things at junior rugby games and to be honest nothing comes as a real shock anymore but a police Van and a car!!!Alas the guilty party had made a quick getaway along with the rest of the team -still there were plenty and pie n peas left for the coppers.

So it was home to watch the football and hope and pray that Barnsley managed to stay up -they did. It was turning into a great day. All we needed now was for the mighty Wakey to beat Catalan and it would be a Saturday to remember. Not only did we have the rugby to enjoy but Jacks team were getting the chance to parade their silverware around the pitch at half time. The only problem was that one trophy had already been handed back so we had to improvise. It wasn’t that hard, like most rugby clubs we have a variety of silverware around the place – we picked the biggest………..Shame it was for a darts and dominoes league!! Still it’s amazing what you can do with a computer,printer and laminator -no one will ever know………

Wakefield Won

It’s a Bank Holiday

Bring it on!!!

Bloggers Block or Memory Loss………….Same thing really!!!

So another writers-block cartoonblog less week -I’m beginning to wonder how I ever fit blogging every day in last year, at the moment one a week is getting to be a struggle. I can’t really say what I was so busy doing last week but I was so busy that I failed to hit the gym either,which is probably no bad thing considering the state of my knee at the moment. On the plus side I cycled to work for 3 days out of five  -it wasn’t all bad.

Thankfully Jack survived his first full week back at school but I’ve got to say it wasn’t easy, the poor kid is drained, though he didn’t help himself. Despite being told to lay off sport he went to badminton club and ended up even whiter than usual. His excuse for playing -‘well it’s not really a sport is it!!’  Kids.

The weekend came and went quickly as it always does, between the rugby(another eventful game) and getting lost while out cycling (again) it all seemed to pass in a bit of a blur. I wonder if the weekends go slower if you don’t do anything ?

Now its Monday again, I’ve spent all day working with Grumpy (don’t ask!) and now I’m sat here trying to remember just what did happen last week that I was going to tell you about – I can’t think of one flaming thing.  I hope I’m not getting writers block…….

Need to blog more often

I promise to try

Bring it on.


Happy Holidays…………


So I’m sat here all alone -it’s bliss. The men in my life have gone to the rugby and for once I’ve stayed home (I hate going to Cas its full of dodgy folk with no teeth!) In some ways I’m glad, I really didn’t fancy an evening with a life-size Telly Tubby. Yep as much as I knew Jack loved his new Wakey Onsie I really didn’t expect him to wear it on match days -still it will be a great photo to embarrass him with when he’s older. To be honest I feel like I’m at the game anyway -hubbies texts are coming thick and fast (or is it fast and thick -I didn’t get the last one, how was I supposed to know the triangle with a smiley face was a pile of poo!) Anyway as things stand at nearly half time Wakey are winning  18 -0-C’mon Trinity.

It looks like it could be a great start to the Easter Holiday, I’ve got to admit I’m ready for it. We may have just had one of the shortest school terms in history but for some reason Christmas seems to have been a life time away (24 -0 sorry this games distracting!!!) Granted things didn’t get off to the best of starts when I had to have class 5 on my own for the first week back as the class teacher had man -flu (only joking Parky -I know you were proper poorly -for once!) and we seem to have been playing catch up ever since. Then there’s been Mothers day stuff to do, Comic Relief, Easter concerts, Egg rolling and Egg decorating -phew. Not sure how we had time for any schoolwork -but we did -just. All in all it’s been a pretty successful term and I won the decorated egg  competition (all my own work – no pushy mum help for me!!) I nearly won the egg-rolling -only my huge egg let me down…………alright I tried to pass a rugby ball off as a boiled egg -it nearly worked!!! One day I’ll grow up -maybe.


 Easter at last

 Time for taking it easy (A-hem)

Bring it on!!!

The Countdown To….. Well quite a few things really!!!

BARLA-YouthJuniorFinalsSo just four more sleeps and Jack and his rugby team mates will be heading to the Yorkshire cup finals and the scariest thing about it is it doesn’t seem two minutes since we counting the sleeps last year and now here we are again. Just where has that year gone, it seems to have passed by in a very busy blur. What with running ,cycling, walking,work, my camera and rugby I haven’t really had chance to sit back and reflect on any of it. Maybe after this weekend I’ll get my chance. But for now its all about Sunday and at the moment my house is like changing room, sub suits, kits, kitbags and matchday stuff seem to be hanging in every room. Come Saturday it will all be packed up ready for the big day and by then there will be only one sleep left -gulp!!!

In the meantime there is plenty at work to keep me busy – the christmas countdown is well and truly on, glitter everywhere – its fab!!  ‘Big Bad Ben’ is still stomping round rehearsals and his song is still stomping round my head. Every production we do, Christmas, Easter or otherwise, always has one of those songs that messes with your mind – always on re -play in your brain – this years is no different, but when you’re laid awake at 2 in the morning  ‘I’m Big Bad Ben or so they say, when  people see you they run away’  is not much of a lullaby. Still at least good old reliable ‘Away in a Manger’ is there as a back up even if you need tissues at the ready……

So much happening

The countdown is on

Bring it on (slowly)


Snakes Alive……….Maybe Not!

A change in day for Jack’s rugby (they play tomorrow) meant we had our weekly bike ride a day early. Fortunately, despite the weathermans prediction for snow and frost we awoke to glorious sunshine and a sneaky wind. A bloody biting sneaky wind but still you can’t have everything! Hubby chose the route today – most of it off-road. Most of it off-road, through mud and down dead tree strewn steep hills – I seriously think he was trying to kill me. I loved his top tip of ‘it’s easier if you stand up and lean back’ yea right – not flaming likely. Still I survived – just!  Another 11 mile off-road route to add to the collection.

So with cycling out-of-the-way I headed out for an afternoon walk with the ‘old folks’. My Mum and Dad wanted to know where Walton Nature Park was, so I took them. Now my dad has a wealth of information about all things outdoor. You name it he knows it, me – I don’t have a clue. I just guess, or make it up. Thanks to Dad I now know that the picture of the swans skating on the ice that  I took earlier in didn’t actually have any swans on it – they were geese. Whoops. Maybe I should have listened more when I was younger. So we continued on our way with Don ‘The Bird Whisperer’ tweeting at anything that would listen. Thing is, Mum and I are convinced the bird tweet we thought we had heard was actually some tree branches creaking in the wind. My Dad, however, well my dad would still be stood there making bird noises if we hadn’t dragged him away.

Looking back, I think my mum wishes we’d have stayed making bird noises. The next creature we came across definitely wasn’t her favourite, in fact she has a real phobia about them. But then you don’t really expect to see a snake hanging from a tree in the middle of Wakefield.Thankfully it was dead, I know it was dead cos my Dad poked it to check – like you do!! For some reason Mum wanted to go home after that – can’t think why…..

A fab day cycling and walking

Second round of the cup tomorrow

Bring it on

Captain Underpants in the Car Park at Crigg…..

They’re back – the dreaded ‘Wendy-Ball’ P.E Sessions, my favourite game in the whole wide world (not) – honestly I prefer my ‘rolling round like a tit’ being a fish under the sea dance – sort of! Still at least the Wendy-ball is made much more fun by the guy who teaches it – Dennis. The most politically incorrect guy your ever likely to meet – well apart from one other person I know who I’ll mention later. Anyway Dennis has the ‘magic touch’ with the kids. They love been called ‘plant pot’, ‘duck egg’ and ‘cloth ears’ and when he yells ‘tha’s art’ (yorkshire for you are out of the game!) no one crys!  Best laugh today has to be when he asked a certain curly-haired kid if he’d been to bed in his rollers – I kept my face straight – just!!

So with ‘wendy-ball’ work over and the Asda big shop out-of-the-way, it was time to drop Jack at rugby training and go for a run. Now Jack’s rugby coach is another ‘say as you see’ type of bloke – his very first training session he called one kid ginner and gasps could be heard -kids nowadays have no idea. I’ve got to say Jack has learned fast – his favorite word is now ‘chuffing’, he moans when his hormonally challenged team-mate has the ‘tit on’ he loves ‘laiking art’ and gets well ratty if someone fannies about and they ‘av to run abart’ – they’re the printable ones. So when Jacks rugby coach decided to drop his keks(trousers) in the middle of the carpark to change out of his work stuff.  none of us ‘took on’ when he stood there in his undercrackers. Mind you, when he plastered our front room he did the same thing every morning – god only knows what the neighbours thought!!

So no P.E tomorrow due to an inspire morning (don’t ask) looks like I’ll have to wait until next week to do my ‘Ariel Dance’ I’ve practised all week for nowt – pft!!

Wendy ball out of the way – 7.7 mile run done

Short sprint in the morning

Bring it on

A Knocked Knee and Vibration White Finger……………………

So as the fiasco that is Yorkshire Junior Rugby continues the attention today moved to school rugby – nearly as much of a fiasco if I’m honest. We never seem to know whats happening till it’s too late. Today was the first game of year 8 and how many times have the school team trained together this term – they haven’t. But then again if todays result is anything to go by they don’t need to – they won 62-4. The quality of rugby is a world away from what we are used to on a weekend but then so are the stress levels  nice not to stand there feeling a nervous wreck. Sadly some parents(well at least one!) think School rugby and league rugby should be played at the same level and carry on to such an extent at the side of the pitch that they are now banned!! So how did said parent overcome this predicament – he hid in the bushes at the side of the school field, complete with camouflage coat -we only spotted him when he rang to say where he was and even then it was only the glint of his binoculars and haze of cig  smoke that gave him away!!

With the school rugby done it was time to head to ‘real rugby’ training. Sadly Jack couldn’t go – well I wouldn’t let him go. He’d taken a knock in the school game and had one knee cap twice the size of the other – I’ll just watch he said. Yea right,soon as I set off running he’d be on the pitch training – I’m not that daft!  So I left him sat with a bag of peas (garden not mushy) on his knee and told him to rest. It’s nearly back to normal size now.

So I went up to training without him so I could run with my mate, its was a fab run but you can definitely feel the change in temperature. So much so that our ‘Vibration White Finger’ syndrome is back! Yep my hand was fine while I was running, by the time I drove home I couldn’t feel my it.It tock half an hour in a hot bath for the feeling to come back. Why oh why I get it god only knows but I’m not a rarity because my mate gets it too. Time to get the gloves back out.

Rugby game won and run done

Off to report the dodgy bloke in the bushes

Bring it On

And Now The End is Near………………Or is it???

So that’s it – just the Closing ceremony to go and then we’re done – well for the next 17 days then the Paralympics start – hope it gets the same recognition.

Just a quick blog as I want to watch the end – might as well I’ve sat here for hours watching everything else – it’s been awesome and I for one am going to miss it.

Anyway it’s been a fab day, Hubby and I made the most of some child free time and headed out on the mountain bikes -loved every minute of it – we will definitely be doing it again. Watch this space. Best of all today the mighty Wakefield Trinity beat St Helens with the last kick of the game – the giant killing continues. WTID.


Olympics has been Awesome

Paralympics coming

Bring it on

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