February 1st My First Day of Rest………….Whoops!!!

restAt last, after 31 days of non stop exercise, it was time for a rest, even better, it was a Saturday -sleep in time!  Ok, Ok I own up -I failed. I’m blaming the weatherman. It was supposed to be chucking it down and blowing a gale. It wasn’t, the sun was out, the bike was calling. Come nine 0 clock we were pedalling through the local nature park, it was bliss, muddy, but bliss.

Just a short one we said, 13 and a bit miles later we were back, it could have been worse we very nearly carried on to twenty -sense prevailed in the end.

I would like to say that I then laid on the sofa all afternoon and chilled ………………………………………………………………………

Ok you got me, I didn’t do that either. I’ll try better tomorrow -Honest!!!

13 miles cycled

120 crunches

100 squats

2 staircases hoovered

3 rooms cleaned

beds changed

A rest day tomorrow

bring it on!!!

Newland Discoveries……..

You can tell it’s the school holidays -it’s raining. I suppose it was too much to ask for, wall to wall sunshine all week. Still it hasn’t stopped us doing what we wanted, we’ve just had to get wet doing it. So with Jack off for a round of golf with his Grandma I took advantage of a bit of time for myself and headed out on Boris (I suppose most girls would head out for a bit of retail therapy -it’s really not my style!) It was probably the shortest ever cycle I’ve ever had, having failed to sort a dodgy tyre I was back home within 5 minutes – but needs must so I headed out on my other bike (which I hate) Morris or is it Mavis, I forgot what I called it now it’s that long since I last used it.

Still, despite it being harder work than usual, I really enjoyed it. I even braved the ‘funny fanny’ path (see Mondays blog) which was much easier as I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with hubby, who flies off at silly speed. Not having hubby also meant I got time to stop and look at some of the things I spot when we’re out and he has no interest in looking at. I just wish I’d taken my camera. First I saw a grouse (well I know it was now I’ve googled it -I’m crap at bird watching!!) then I went to look at what I was sure was the abandoned Newland Village, I’ve been trying to find it for sometime now and finally I have. I can’t believe I’ve been so close so many times. So I can go back with the camera now and have a proper look -watch this space.

Took  a few photos with my phone just to show you

Can’t wait to explore

Bring it on

There’s Snow Way to get Warm……

Well I certainly didn’t get it wrong when I said that come Mothers Day I’d be freezing my wotsits off at the side of a rugby pitch -I’m still trying to get the circulation back some 24 hours later.It didn’t help that we hadn’t thawed out from the first rugby game before we headed to the second -it’s a good job I’m an out-door-kinda girl.

The warning signs of what was to come were there on Saturday, it was damp and cold with a sneaky wind (as my mum used to call it!!) which probably explains why the Hepworth (Art Gallery) was so full. The trouble is, not only was it full but it was clearly weirdo day -my brother and I had definitely picked the wrong day to take in the new(ish) exhibition. I thought the woman dressed as Zorro worked there but no she was just weirdo number one.There was a woman in a full on chiffon type flowing pantaloons thing (can you tell I can’t tell what she was wearing?) and I’ve never seen so many light coloured trousers, rain coats and shoulder length hair in one room (that was just the men). To be honest they kind of fitted in, some of the stuff on display was kind of weird too. Art is what you make of it but there were a couple of pieces that I couldn’t make my mind up whether they were art or something the workmen had left behind -using industrial step ladders is a new one on me. Still there were some amazing photos on show and I’m glad I went but thank god I didn’t have Jack with me -he really would have had good reason to say ‘what the chuffs that?’

So back to the rugby, as we crossed the Pennines for Jack’s game in Oldham, the snow had already fallen -lots of it. We were beginning to think it was a wasted journey -thankfully not. But boy was it cold -I had so many layers on I couldn’t move and I still shivered. But it was a great game against a very welcoming club and it will be great to play them again sometime -somewhere else where it’s not so flaming cold -Summer Rugby!!!

I wish I could say today had been warmer……..it hasn’t. What possesed me to go on my bike this morning I’ll never know (well actually I do -having got on the scales this morning I am now officially bordering on being a fat chuffer -I’m going to have to do something until I get back running!) By the time I got to work I looked like I’d had botox, my face was so frozen I couldn’t crack a smile. But coming home made this mornings efforts seem like a breeze -it was the breeze that was the problem. It was less breeze more icy howling gale -not what you need when pedalling down the riverside. And so another cycling first -the first time I’ve been blown off my bike. I knew I should have got off and walked, I knew round about the time my earlobe was touching the ground -such was the angle I was leaning at…..too late! Apparently mud is really good for the face………

So another week begins and  ‘quelle surprise’ the calendar is full -just for a change, and between the rugby games, gym , swimming and my ‘mum’ job there’s the small matter of a ‘Dance Act’ to sort. They arrive at our school on Friday and I hope the kids like them it’s been a right job getting them here!!!



I’t can’t stay cold forever

Spring is nearly here

Bring it on

Ha’pie’ Mothers Day and a dodgy knee………..

Mothers Day Lunch

Mothers Day Lunch

The joys of being a Rugby Mum – not that I’d have got a lie-in anyway, but Jack is now playing Sunday instead of Saturday. Oh well, it won’t be the first Mothers Day I’ve spent freezing my wotsits off at the side of a pitch and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m sure I can pretend that a bacon buttie at the rugby club is my breakfast in bed, trouble is we won’t make it out for a Mothers Day lunch either Wakefield are at home……Match day pie anyone!!

So another busy weekend beckons -I’m looking forward to it to it to be honest, I’m coming very close to suffering from ‘pissed off’ syndrome. No reason in particular, just a collection of things, not least my dodgy knee doing it’s dying swan act again. All I did was ask for a few miles on a treadmill and it did it’s best proffesional footballer impression and dived to the ground and rolled around like a saddo -any chance of me doing the Edinburgh Marathon in May are now well and truly gone (gutted)  Still I’ve shown it who’s boss and strapped it back in place -a bike ride beckons. I don’t give in that easily.

Roll on my Knee scan

Back running soon

Bring it on!!


Eating, Searching and a right pile of Poo…..

pooWell the healthy eating campaign got off to a great start -not. A staff birthday and Jack’s cookery lesson meant it went to pot on day one. I can’t resist a chocolate hobnob (that’s why I don’t buy them) and Jacks banana cake was to die for, at least I redeemed myself by cycling to work and back. Granted I didn’t cycle home the long way – my little leggies were a tad tired after yesterdays cross country (field) cycle and I seem to have an imprint of my saddle on my thigh -it’s throbbing. God knows how I managed it – you clearly don’t grow out of being clumsy!!

So once home I was kind of looking forward to a quiet evening, then at 5 the  phone started to ring. I’m not sure how I got my reputation of ‘ always been there to help’ but it’s a reputation that seems to be spreading. When I answered the phone to the deputy head of Jack’s school my first thought was what’s he done -but no she was ringing to see if I knew the whereabouts of one of Jack’s friends (I didn’t)and could I help, within 5 minutes Jack and I were scouring the local parks and playgrounds while his mates mum waited at home and the staff tried to find out who he left school with, thankfully he’s safe and well and everythings sorted but I’m still slightly baffled as to why I was the chosen one!! Drama over, time for a cuppa, the phone rang. Welsh Wendy(proper welsh accent -yakki dah and all that) from Admiral Insurance trying to flog add ons to my policy -she hung up first, maybe I shouldn’t have asked her if her surname was ‘Jones’!!!

Finally it was sit down time, a chance to catch up with facebook and twitter – I don’t really get twitter or how I managed to get 22 followers but anyway, that’s when I noticed West Yorkshire Police’s Campaign to stop dog fouling -a great idea. But then I got to thinking……..Yes us blondes do think -occasionally. You see when I’m out running,cycling or walking,  it’s not the dog poo that’s the problem it’s the huge mounds of horse shit. Don’t get me wrong -I know you’d need one hell of a pooper-scooper to pick it up but do they really need to abandon it in the middle of the path. So I’ve tweeted to ask if the campaign applies to horses -I’ll let you know if I get a response……

Loving being back on the bike

Gym tomorrow

Bring it on

Back on Boris (again)

Well Done Impact.

Well Done Impact.

Finally we did it, back out on the bikes for our Sunday morning mystery tour. For varying reasons, rugby, snow and even CBA Syndrome, Hubby and I  haven’t made it out for the last few weeks, I haven’t hit the gym in over a week either, it’s fair to say I was getting desperate to get back on the exercise wheel -it felt good. So we headed out and found yet another new route to follow, I can’t believe that I’ve lived here all my life and have never been to some of these places,either that or I’m getting to that age where I’ve forgotten. Through the woods we went, onto the lake -past the sailing club that I didn’t know existed and then back along what we thought was a cycle path -you know what thought did!! Imagine that lovely green mountain where Julie Andrews sang ‘the hills are alive’. Well it was like that only it wasn’t the sound of music they were alive with, more like me screaming as we bolted downhill through grassy field -I loved it.

It’s fair to say it’s been a busy weekend, but then when is it ever anything else? Friday night saw me out to support some of our year 5’s as they competed in the final of the ‘Future Stars’ talent show – an initiative organised by the community police, putting money retrieved from dodgy folk to good use. Bless them (our year 5’s not the dodgy folk),they’d already won £500 for the school in the heats and had a chance to win £3000 in the final but sadly it was not to be. It wasn’t for lack of trying -they’ve practised every break and lunchtime for weeks and in my totally unbiased opinion they along with 2 other acts were far better than the act that won -still what do I know. Mind you what did one of the judges know -he can’t even run our local council properly never mind judge a talent show and he had a manbag……I rest my case.

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful – at last some Rugby in the sunshine. I still had 4 layers on but it’s definitely getting warmer!! Jack’s season has now started and despite the team being rusty to say the least,they managed to win -this time last year they’d have blown the opposition out of the water but I’m sure to they’ll be back to form in no time at all. To be honest if you’d seen the size of todays opposition you wouldn’t have fancied our chances, don’t get me wrong we’ve got some bigger than average players but they were man mountains, one of them needed a shave -guess who’s shorter than short son was marking him. He’s braver than me -I’d have run in the other direction!

So now we’re back to Sunday evening -just how do we get here so quick? I still haven’t done all the jobs I planed to do but at least I’ve managed to fit a blog in, I thought I’d better. I’ve had some complaints about the lack of it (there you go Alison -you’ve got your mention!) I will try harder this week, honestly I will.

At last a bike ride

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Does Snowballing Count……………….


Ok so I wasn’t just snowballing I was walking as well -fitting something in for Janathon has been hard going today. My original plan was to walk to and from work but in reality it was a no go as I really needed to get the Asda big shop done after work having not made it last night due to the unexpected snow. So I changed my plans and intended to do the Asda big shop then head to the gym before picking Jack up and heading home but that didn’t work either. I was an age at Asda, by which time the snow was coming down big style -don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the bring the world to a standstill snow -you know the sort. That half an inch that sends the news programmes into a media frenzy. But with my gym in the middle of a park with a dodgy road and the time getting near rush hour I decided it really wasn’t worth the hassle. So I opted for a brisk wintry walk with Jack -only a mile but a mile worth walking if only to batter Jack with snowballs -they were quite heavy snowballs -maybe I can log a weightlifting session as well…………..

Loving the snow…

But would like to get on Boris sometime soon

Bring it on




Frosty Bum……………..

Frozen-BikeDon’t worry, I haven’t fallen on the ice or fallen off my bike and onto the ice. In fact I made it to and from work on the bike fairly easily despite the frosty conditions. Granted by the time I got to work I had lost all feeling in my face (the only uncovered place -everything else was well wrapped up) but I made it there safely all the same. It was going home that was the problem. You see I did wonder why my cycling tights didn’t seem to fit right when I set off  by the time I got to the first corner I knew why -I’d forgotten to put my thermals under them! It was a tad chilly but still not the cause of my  frosty bum. That came later, around about the time I decided that due to the frosty conditions the normally boggy path would be passable -wrong decision. The path was now an icy bog and as I pedaled through I was splattered with icy muddy water -soaked to the skin -whoops. Thankfully I was only a mile from home so didn’t have chance to freeze totally but the ice crystals were definitely forming ……..

5 more Janathon miles cycled

Will remember to actually wear the thermals tomorrow

Bring it on!

Mud,Glorious Mud…..

Participant-LogoThankfully the weatherman got it wrong (again) meaning hubby and I had a chance to fit a sneaky 7 mile bike ride in,  not a flake of snow or a dusting of frost to be seen. Although it was somewhat chilly and has got colder as the day as gone on it wasn’t chilly enough for the huge muddy puddles to harden -boy were we in a state when we got back -loved every minute of it and managed to make it through all the mud without stopping -it was bloody hard work and my legs are like jelly (so are hubbys!) but still glad we took that route all the same. Thats 41 miles I’ve cycled this week and I am so chuffed – Janathon continues despite my dodgy knee.

7 miles cycled

81 miles logged so far

Bring it on

Eye Knee’d to Start Again…………..

Well its a good job I’m not one of those people who goes in for this ‘New Year -New Start’ malarkey as frankly the first few days have been somewhat of a disaster. not that it’s going to change anything – life’s what you make it and I’m all for looking on the brightside -well I would be if I could see, my left eye is full of goo. This time I can’t blame the class lurgy for giving me conjunctivitis -I got some muck in my eye while cycling and for some reason my eye didn’t like it -can’t think why!!

It’s the keeping fit side of my life that seems to be the cause of all that’s going wrong at the moment. If it’s not ba21385d enough that my niggly knee gave up on the 4th day of Janathon, now my other knee’s got the sulks as well. Mind you I suppose I’d be sulking if someone had dragged me across the tarmac (well gravel – Wakefield’s roads are a right mess!) at 30mph. Yep you’ve guessed it. my bike and I have been travelling in different directions again.Although this time I wasn’t knocked off, I fell off.-much to the amusement of two council workmen coming in the opposition direction.The first frosty morning of the year and guess who found the icy bit – Bolero on a bike without the music and purple chiffon! Once the council workmen had stopped laughing they did ask if I was ok.,which I was. Well apart from the holey cycling tights,holey gloves and a knee-cap that looked like it was about to give birth to twins -boy did it sting when I got in the bath. Still I managed to cycle home – safely and hopefully that’s my three disasters out-of-the-way and I can finish this Janathon thing in one piece. How many days are left…………….

5 miles cycled

1 mile sliding across the floor

Staying upright tomorrow

Bring it on.

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