Core blimey its Friday

So that’s another week flown past at an alarming rate – and another week of managing to do some form of exercise every day – I might just finish this Janathon thing – the knee is holding up fine – wish I could say the same for my core muscles. I think I may have over done it – even typing hurts – which is not good when you’ve still got 1000 words to knock up on assignment, which to be quite honest, I’m sick to death off. I’m just glad its only the draft so it doesn’t really matter how good or bad it is, especially when the whole thing is 10,000 words and you can only send 3000 in for your draft – madness!! Still it gets sent in on Monday and then I all of 5 minutes off before I start again!! As you can see, I’m currently loving working full-time and studying – but every cloud has a silver lining – 2 assignments to go and then I get my life back then teacher training starts and then I really will be busy!!!!
Core work out and a run done
Back on the bike tomorrow
Bring it on!


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