Budgie Bother…..

There are some things you don’t need to see at 7 in a morning – a man in overtight speedos is one of them. Just to add to the fun he was sat poolside, in line with my eyeline, and very nearly my hands as I touched the side – Urghh! David Beckham in budgie smugglers I can deal with, some middle aged jelly belly, who should know better – no thanks!!! Still, on the plus side, for the second morning in a row I swam faster than usual.
Swim done
Back to the studying
Bring it onzzzzzzz

Just a quickie…….

A quick blog as another night of study looms, the science revision is done so it’s on to reading about a creative curriculum next – who’d be a student, the to do list is never ending.
Fortunately I squeezed in another pre work swim this morning, I’m just about managing to fit everything into one day!!
Swim done
Off to meet a real life swimmer, Rebecca Addlington tomorrow
Bring it on


Wahoo its Monday……That can’t be right!!

untitled (3)

Well actually, it is. Granted I don’t normally celebrate Mondays with that much enthusiasm but today was slightly different. Firstly I got on the scales, great news 2.5lbs lost -the healthy eating and exercise is paying of. Next, I plucked up the courage to check my feedback from my first assignment, I was going to leave it until after work just in case it hadn’t gone to plan!! I’m glad I checked, subject to a second opinion due to scoring over 70%, I’ve passed – I’m just a little bit chuffed, at least the ‘not having a life’ due to studying is paying off. So with all that good news I went for a pre-work swim to celebrate  I really do know how to have a good time!!!

40 lengths done

back to the study

Bring it on!!!

Wahoo it’s Friday!

So due to the ridiculous howling winds this morning I decided to avoid the cycle to and from work and opted to swim sooner rather than later – I’m glad I did. It seems some people’s New Years resolutions don’t last long at all – I pretty much had the pool to myself. It was bliss, no worrying about whether to take the Olympic paced fast or snail paced slow lane – I just swam, roughly 40 lengths, I lost count again!!
So now I’m sat with my feet up, I shouldn’t be, I’ve loads to do, but after 9 days non stop exercise and my first full week back at work, sod it – I’m having a rest!
Gym and science revision tomorrow
Bring it on (gym – not the science!


Does Cleaning Count………


Just a quick blog as its back to work tomorrow which is going to be a killer having been off for the best part of seven weeks, and there was me saying I’d only need a few days off after my op-how wrong can you be? Still, I’m heading in the right direction now and will be glad too be back, though right now the 5:50 alarm is filling me with dread, I think it might be a short gym session after work tomorrow!!!

Anyway back to today and in between the ‘cleaning the house from top to bottom cos I’m going back to work’ (why do we do it!?!), I sneaked in a steady 40 lengths at the pool, I would have liked to have done more but with the knee twinging I thought better of it.  (see I really have changed -this time last year I’d have carried on anyway!!) If only cleaning counted as exercise, I could’ve have logged a bit extra!!

40 lengths done

gym and work tomorrow

Bring it onzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S does anyone know of a device you can wear to measure how far you’ve swam – I keep losing count!?!?!


Grunts Groans and Moans

So Janathon Day 3 dawned (is it really only day 3?) and with the boys out watching the mighty reds (Barnsley -in case you’re not sure) I took full advantage of some time on my own and hit the gym for a session ( I think that’s what you say!?!) I’m starting to get the hang of this gym thing now but there is one thing I still can’t get my head round – why do mean feel the urge to make the most ridiculous noises when lifting waits -its ridiculous -what does it prove? There’s the counting groan -onearrghh, twoarrghhh, and the I’ve done it groan – yesarghhhh and the ‘I’maknobheadargggh  groan, I made the last one up but you get the idea. In the end I sought refuge in the pool – I’d heard enough for one day!!

Cross training, weight and swimming done.

Off to re-fuel at the pub

Bring it on!!



The Non-running Mum on the Run…………….

Out of order!!

Out of order!!

So I’m back, a new year new start and all that malarkey. Except this year is slightly different. Yep, 2015 is my first year as an official non-runner. Its not going to be easy, running has been a huge part of who I am for so long, but 2 knee operations in the space of 15 months has put an end to my running career. Still, I’m happy, healthy and have a fab family -it’s not the end of the world -its just going to take a bit of getting used to!!

I wasn’t going to do Janathon this year, however its my motivation to stick to my physio program and ensure I fit some exercise in in-between work, my degree and my science GCSE course -I think I’m going to busy!!!

40 lengths done

gym session tomorrow

Bring it on!!

Grumpy Monday……………………

Grumpy2Well I didn’t wake up grumpy,he woke up first ,(only joking Ernie!!) No I wasn’t grumpy at all, in fact as Monday’s go I was pretty lively. Then I got to work. If you think working with hormonal women is bad try sharing your workplace with a bloke – it’s a good job I’m a laid back kinda girl and try to look on the brightside. Thankfully he finally cheered up (about 3 o clock) not such a bad day after all.

On the Janathon front it was a quick swim day, half a mile of front crawl in between Jack rabbiting on about this and that. Even swimming doesn’t stop his yabbering -he’s fitter than me,I’ve all on breathing never mind talking. Three days left and counting.

Swim done

gym tomorrow

Bring it on


Rant Alert…Are Pools for Swimming In?

poolpicI know, I know -I’ve already ranted countless time during Janathon and we’re only on day 16. There’s been the ramblers, walkers and dodgy dogs all causing havoc and getting in the way,and having read blogs by other Janathoners it would seem I’m not the only one ranting. So now for another moan, with running still a no no -my knee is now completely knackered and todays freezing fog making cycling to work a tad too dangerous  I opted to go swimming -my aim  being to swim a mile. I nearly managed a mile, in fact I would have done had it not been for the fact my car parking ticket was about to run out -Idid think about risking it but I don’t think hubby would have been too happy with my plea of ‘Yes I know my car’s clamped but at least I’ve swum a mile’, not even if I’d done my best ‘flutter the eye lashes’ face. So I swam 50 lengths (only 14 short) and got out. But that wasn’t what annoyed me, what annoyed me was the people who go swimming to do anything but swim.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought the point of swimming was to get from one end of the pool to the other at whatever pace you choose several times until you’ve swum a decent distance……Maybe not!! There was the ‘hang gang, hanging to the side of the pool chatting -not a swimming stroke done -why not sit in the coffee shop? The ‘don’t splash me I’ve just applied my make up two’  flinging killer looks at those who dared to splash by -boy did I splash! Then there was the ‘shampoo and set’ lady, swimming along (mega slow) with her giraffe neck preventing her hair from getting wet. The ‘stop n block team’, swim to the middle then just stop for a chat and block the way – just swim, it’s not hard -really it’s not. Doggy paddle if you want, I really don’t care as long as you’re moving and not getting in my way…..

50 lengths swum (0.7 miles)

Might have to be the gym tomorrow

Bring it on

The Ab ‘jan’doned Run……………..

sore-kneeOk, so I know my ‘recovering from been out of line’ knee-cap wasn’t going to take too kindly to the whole Janathon thing but did it really need to do the ‘I’m giving up’ routine on day 4. Well I’ve got news for you knee -I’m not giving in even if you are. To be fair I do seem to have run every day for the last week despite doing my best ‘I promise I’m not going to run all the time’ voice to Hubby. I’m not really sure where I went wrong -I didn’t really mean to put my running shoes each day it just sort of happened! Trouble is I haven’t just run -I’ve cycled, swam and walked as well. Mmmm, maybe I need to calm down a bit!!

Still, on the plus side, although I only managed 1.3 miles instead of the planned 4 I did manage to run 8 min mile pace – for me that’s pretty good. So an easier day tomorrow – a nice steady 10 miler on Boris.

Four days done

One miles better than none

Bring it on


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