Janathon Day Two -Blistered

Well I could blame the blisters on the miles and miles I cycled this afternoon (well, not miles and miles but it was miles!!) but alas they are down to my much-loved new Dr Martens. Still, blisters or no blisters, I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes on the exercise bike in-between my not-so-big Asda Big Shop (which I did at Sainsburys) and meeting up with my fellow GCSE Science students to revise for our forthcoming mock exam (eek!)I was planning a full gym session but with the dodgy knee twinging a bit I was good (I really have turned over a new leaf) and stuck to my rehab advice (physio rehab not Amy Winehouse type rehab) and just did enough to keep the knee moving – I will get my fitness back, it’s just going to have to take a little longer than I was expecting.
11.9 miles cycled
Gym tomorrow (hopefully)
Bring it on!!

New Shoes!!

New Shoes!!

Into Double Figures and I’m feeling zzzzzzzzzzzzz



Janathon day ten and we’ve made it to double figures, before we know it we’ll be halfway and then the countdown to the end will be on – loads of mileage to add between now and then but hey, it’s Friday who cares!?!

Yep the first week back at work is over, and I survived – just! Five days working, one twilight training course, one college night, one mini ‘Asda Big Shop’  done (done at Aldi’s  – ‘Aldi Big Shop’ is not as funny!) Three runs and two cycling days all done – it’s been a breeze…….. Can I really keep this up for another 21 days?

So today was a cycle to and from work day and thankfully the weather was a tad kinder than Wednesday when I nearly got blown away, in fact it was perfect cycling weather, bright and frosty. I am however blaming the frosty bit for causing me to wave at a total stranger. When its cold my eyes water, not great for my dodgy vision. So while I was waiting at the traffic lights I saw someone from college waiting at the other side – I waved -no response.  I mouthed good morning (in that over exaggerated way -like you do) no response. What a miserable git I thought. The lights changed, I crossed the road and was just about to wave again when I realised it wasn’t who I thought it was – whoops. So I hastily changed my wave into a ‘look at me just adjusting my helmet’ manoeuvre and pedaled on my way, Still it’s not the first time I’ve gotten confused – I once chased another runner up a hill only to realise it was the pelican crossing at the top, I mistakenly thought a wheelie bin was my husband (don’t ask) and I said good afternoon to my nephew as we cycled past one another and later found it wasn’t actually him -whoops. It probably won’t be the last.

Another 5 miles in the bag

Off road cycle tomorrow

Bring it on

A Strange Being in Asda……..Me!!!

Maybe we should change the name of Janathon to dodgyweatherathon, waking to torrential rain and howling winds was not what I wanted to hear when I had a bike ride planned -so much for setting the alarm for 8 o clock. Thankfully come lunchtime the rain had stopped and the sun was shinning, the wind was still blowing but in the name of Janathon I was going to risk managing to stay upright. Even better, why not kill two birds with one stone – I needed to nip to Asda for some art homework supplies for Jack (these collage creations are bloody expensive !!) so why not cycle there and back, only four miles not the eight I had planned but it all counts.

The good news is my iPhone mapped my route,I managed to stay upright and even better I now look ten years younger (slight exaggeration but any less is not funny!) such was the force of the wind my eyebrows are now in my hairline. Downside, the previous nights  non-stop rain meant I was cycling through a quagmire (it was bloody brilliant -had I have been a kid I would have ‘got well done’ as my 13-year-old would say, for being so mucky!) my bike weighed twice as much when I got back, I now have half of Pugneys (local water park) stuck to my wheels.

Still it was all good fun, though I could have done without the strange looks in Asda -have they never seen a woman in cycle gear shopping before. Granted I was a bit mud splattered and left a trail of muddy footprints as I walked but I was just shopping like the rest of them, glad I didn’t have a ‘Big Shop’ to do!!

Nearly four mile cycled

The knee seems to be coping

Bring it on

Week to weak

I need a rest.

I need a rest.

I kind of knew it was going to be one of those weeks when come Monday morning I was trying to put my top on with the coat hanger still in it – not a good look. I got to work to find I was spending the day with the less happy of the seven dwarves (only joking Parky!) and things got no better when I nearly killed the ‘Asda Big Shop’ delivery man with an empty crate. Whoops!! Still he accepted my apologies – I didn’t realise he was on his way back with the next crate of shopping just at the same time as I was about to put my empty on the step for him to pick up. Oh well, maybe I should have given up there and then!!

From then on in things got no better, although Tuesday wasn’t too bad – I got full marks in my Maths test. Every time I cycled to work it wanged it down, Wednesday was a cabin fever indoor play day.Thursday and some of Friday was only survived thanks to Imodium, ginger biscuits and diet coke, Saturday saw me missing a family party due to feeling  crap and this morning I knew why I felt crap -furry tonsils the size of golf balls (slight exaggeration but they are definitely furry!) Joy -five days to half term, hurry up.

Still, there have been some plus points. Weekend cycling was back with  a vengeance and loads of mud, I managed to run a sneaky mile (though if my consultants reading this – I didn’t!) and Jack and his team mates played some great rugby this morning to get through to the next round of the cup.  Go Crigg! It’s the first game I’ve been to in a while and I really enjoyed it though I could have done without the female ref who I am sorry to say did nothing to promote the women’s side of rugby league. I have seen some very good female refs, (well two) in fact one was one of the best refs we’ve ever had. Todays ref wasn’t. She did her best to bring some sort of order into the game and in the end caused chaos, a 40 minute game lasted the best part of an hour and half -thank god I hadn’t put the beef in!!

Hope to feel a bit healthier tomorrow

Half term is nearly here

Bring it on

Does Snowballing Count……………….


Ok so I wasn’t just snowballing I was walking as well -fitting something in for Janathon has been hard going today. My original plan was to walk to and from work but in reality it was a no go as I really needed to get the Asda big shop done after work having not made it last night due to the unexpected snow. So I changed my plans and intended to do the Asda big shop then head to the gym before picking Jack up and heading home but that didn’t work either. I was an age at Asda, by which time the snow was coming down big style -don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the bring the world to a standstill snow -you know the sort. That half an inch that sends the news programmes into a media frenzy. But with my gym in the middle of a park with a dodgy road and the time getting near rush hour I decided it really wasn’t worth the hassle. So I opted for a brisk wintry walk with Jack -only a mile but a mile worth walking if only to batter Jack with snowballs -they were quite heavy snowballs -maybe I can log a weightlifting session as well…………..

Loving the snow…

But would like to get on Boris sometime soon

Bring it on




A Sore Shop……………

Well I didn’t get to play out, people watching, with my camera. Varying reasons. For one, it was my intention to spend some time at the Victorian market – hoping to get some good shots. One problem, the Victorian market is next week – thanks for the duff info Mum. The second reason was my own fault. In hindsight (a wonderful thing that!) doing ‘Asda Big Shop’ with a sore shoulder probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Especially when it was a Big ‘Asda Big Shop’, if it was sore when I started……One day I’ll learn.

Back to work tomorrow

But then its the weekend

Bring it on!!

Pie watching on the Denby Dale.


So ratty has fallen for my cunning plan and is currently munching his way through copious amounts of poison – him and his band of brothers. Yep there is definitely more than one. But time is running out for the ‘furry few’ the cement is on it’s way. Start running ratty!!

Sadly no running for me, the niggle is getting worse and I can’t really understand why. For once I’ve been good and done what my physio said – sort of and yet the pain and noise is getting worse. I’m sort of hoping that it’s because I haven’t cycled this week, maybe that’s been helping my recovery. I do know that I’m started to get really naffed out with it – I haven’t got time for this injury malarkey!!

Still no running means time for tidying – oh joy. Yep the now repaired hoover has all but finished and normality nearly reigns in the Earnshaw household. Even managed to fit the ‘Asda Big shop’ in and a spot of pie watching………No we really did. Our local garden centre (Hampsons on Denby Dale Road) where we sometimes go for breakfast, keeps changing the things it does. In fact, thinking about it, it doesn’t actually sell much gardening stuff anymore. There’s the florist, bakery, delicatessen, fruit and veg stall, pet shop, knock-off out-off-date food and drink section (it’s well dodgy) pet store and a few plants. Newly launched this week and replacing the carvery – which was a fail – is the pie making factory complete with viewing area – you can spy on the pie……………….What will they come up with next!!

Last day of the holidays

I’m sure I’m due a rest

Bring it on


It Asda be a Fail…………….

So the online ‘Asda Big Shop’, was a huge success…not!! More out of stock than in and what was delivered was either out of date or covered in Smartprice Bubble Bath  -fab. Then they tried to rip me off sending 1L bottles of liquid soap powder instead of the nearly 2L ones I paid for. But it’s all sorted now – the Nice Asda Lady from India (!) well she clearly wasn’t English, I could have  told her the entire shopping list was missing and she’d have refunded it, has refunded, the damaged,out of date and rip off stock.

Still the bike ride, my reason for not actually going to Asda in person was well worth it. Lots of mud and puddles and I even overtook 2 other cyclists – my competitive streak is kicking in again. Hubby clearly found the same mud and puddles as I did so now we’ve got two mud splattered bikes and have invested in a jet wash. I wonder if I could use it to spray Jack down when he gets home from rugby training……..

No food in

But I’ve logged another 6 miles

Bring it on

Homework Helper for Hire

So at 7:30 this morning I was frantically sorting homework out…………….but it wasn’t Jacks but one of his friends from school! Poor Megan didn’t understand the online probability task so she sent Jack a photo of the screen and asked for help -why? Because my dear darling son told her I was good at helping!!  Needless to say we ran out of time, but not to worry, Megan has got a reprieve until Friday meaning I could ‘help’ her out a little more this evening -like I’d nothing else to do. Have you ever tried to explain probability by text message? I think she got there in the end, but I’ve told her not to worry- it’s taken me 40 years to get the hang of it, and she’ll never use it anyway. Mmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said the last bit.

No bike ride today, it was well and truly banging it down this morning and I felt mean letting Jack walk for the bus just so I could burn a few extra calories. Plus after all the prodding and poking yesterday I think my knee needed a rest. So I had another go on the cross trainer instead. I think I’ve solved the reason why I’m finding it so hard – It seems to be stuck on the highest level. It doesn’t matter whether you have the dial on 1 or 8 ,it’s just the same – bloody hard work. Still I managed another 10 minutes before my legs turned to jelly – I think it’s time to get the spanner out (for the cross trainer not my legs)

Now I need to sneak in a couple of catch-up bike rides, so (and I know I’m going to regret this) I’ve done my ‘Asda Big Shop’ online – eek. So I don’t need to take the car tomorrow. The thing is I don’t have a lot of  luck with Asda Online shopping. Some of the substitutes you get when things are out of stock are unbelievable – frozen tuna steaks instead of tinned tuna – great for hubbys sandwiches,hot cross buns instead of malt loaf(well they are similar!) and fish fingers instead of fab lollies…….Just what you need to cool you down – a fish finger!!! Hopefully the bike ride will be worth the dodgy shopping.

Homework help finished

Maybe I should start a homework club

Bring it on!


In Knee’d of some sleep……..

So I’m sat staring at the screen and wondering what to write about. I can’t tell you what happened on my run because thats banned at the minute, I didn’t cycle today as I had the ‘Asda Big Shop’ to do – boring! I could tell you about something funny at school except not much happened there either – though I must confess, I was so tired most of it passed in a blur. Not the best of nights sleep last night – while the strapping on my knee is allowing me to move it more – it’s still not a happy knee. I know- it throbbed all night. Still no pain no gain.

 At least it’s Friday tomorrow – the weekend is almost upon us. Wahoo It was going to be a rugby free weekend – the team Jack was due to play cried off, they didn’t want to get hurt! Erm it’s Rugby League, not ballet dancing.( I won’t name and shame the team – though it starts with an S and the second bit rhymes with dangers….) Anyhow we now have a friendly with a team that we have drawn to play in the cup the following week ( the draw was made after the friendly was arranged)- could be a good game that. 

Boredom’s kicking in

Out on the bike tomorrow before I crack up

Bring in on

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