Fluffy Feet………………..Maybe Not!!

You can tell it’s cold – the fluffy socks have made their way out of the wardrobe. I haven’t made it out of bed once this week without having to put my socks on first. It’s not a good look but I really don’t care – needs must and my poor little tootsies are feeling it at the moment. To be fair my feet don’t get treated too kindly – I drag them out in all weathers be it on the bike or running and there has been so much rain and surface water around lately its a wonder I haven’t got trench foot!!

Today has been no different. This afternoon I had lots of layers on for year 5 Hockey (I was quite good today I only took one player out – shame she was on my side,whoops) but I forgot my socks. Brrr. I still hadn’t thawed out when I went out running with my friend. To be honest we nearly turned back, a cross between rain and hail lashed down and it bloody well hurt. Gill couldn’t feel her face and I couldn’t feel my ears on the plus side we ran a whole lot faster. Now the fluffy socks are back on and I’m thawing out …………..slowly!

2.3 miles done.

Warming up slowly

Bring it on


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