If in doubt – get the baton out!!

So the best laid plans didn’t quite go to, well, plan. I’m blaming the hubby who awoke with a mini hangover and a touch of CBA syndrome, the morning cycle was off. Granted I could’ve gone on my own, but knowing that I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow ( my sons playing in the U16’s Barla Yorkshire cup final) I was slightly conscious of the fact that today had to be a ‘mainly writing day. So I opted to go for a run, however so engrossed was I in my favourite passtime(not) that before I knew it 5 o clock was looming and I hadn’t even started the tea. So I went for the kill 2 birds with one stone option, got my baton out of its hidey hole and twirled while the tea cooked. Thirty minutes, one bruised elbow and one broken lightbulb later ( not my fault the light fitting got in the way) Janathon day 23 was complete – sort of.

Productive day

Hope the lads win tomorrow

Bring it on!! 


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