The Wrong sort of Run…….

225393_168219363237585_1514274_nSo the first day of Juneathon (jog, log and blog for a month) and things haven’t exactly gone to plan. To be honest it’s been a week of things not going to plan, after all the lovely spring weather we’ve had Spring bank arrived and brought with it rain, lots of rain. Not that I mind going out in the rain but it never let up, the walks, bike rides and time playing out with my camera didn’t happen. Still on the plus side (every cloud has a silver lining and all that!) I have got plenty of revising done for my ‘getting ever close, eek, maths exam.’ Hence the complete lack of a¬†blog -well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

Come Friday the weather picked up and with Jack out footballing with his mates I had a chance to catch up on some me time and play out -well I would have done except that didn’t go to plan either, I was doubled up with stomach pains -joy!! Little did I realise that things were going to get a whole lot worse. I wish I’d never rang the out of hour number for a doctor, before I knew it I was in an ambulance and on my way to hospital, seemingly the symptoms I had (I won’t go in to them they were gross!) flashed up emergency on the operators screen. Still I’m home now, I’ve been struck down by some dodgy bug, hopefully the medication will calm things down soon, at this rate I’ll look like anorexic twiggy come my summer holidays -who needs weightwatchers!! Just my luck that my very first run of Juneathon is the wrong sort of ‘run’ I will catch up when I’m better -honest.

Not one of my better days

Hopefully these dry crackers stay down..

Bring it on – as oppose to back up ūüėČ

Fair-weather Fans and Flat Tyres

s1Just where did the last 2 weeks go, even the extra¬†day off didn’t help, another two weeks of not having¬† a minute to spare has passed by. Don’t get me wrong, I¬†like being busy but a¬†little minute to catch my breath would be so¬†nice.¬†I don’t suppose the weather has helped, due to the never-ending¬†running, rugby, cycling and golf the house is always over run with kits,clubs,shoes and bikes, but add this weeks¬†non-stop ‘April showers in May’ and mud, grass and even sand add to the fun. Bliss.

Then there’s been the maths revision, having decided to take the plunge and opt for the higher GCSE¬†paper, the race is on to catch up with all the things the foundation course doesn’t cover. So now my head is spinning. Soh-cah-¬†toa, surds, quadratic equations, cyclic quadrilaterals the list goes on and on and onzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Roll on the final exam on the¬†17th June, I can have my life back!¬† Do we really put sixteen year old kids under this much pressure!?!?!

So to today and thankfully,¬†Summer has arrived, for the first time in weeks it was a dry Saturday morning cycle, and also for the first time in weeks, we didn’t get lost! Granted I got a flat tyre that wouldn’t re-inflate, even the spare inner tube wouldn’t play, and I had to run the last three miles home with bike in hand, but it was a beautiful ride. The downside of the beautiful weather was the fair-weather fans were out in force. You know the kind, you never see them in the winter, autumn and spring are a real struggle too. But a hot summer day and there they are hogging the highway (well path, but it doesn’t have the same impact!) Pedalling, plodding and dog walking as if they’ve¬†got all the time in the world with not so much as a sorry, thankyou or kiss my arse when you stop for their killer dog, stop to let them through or shout morning as they pass by. Some people are just plain rude (says me with passerby Tourette’s¬†-I forget they can still hear me when I start to rant!).

A lovely day in the sunshine

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on


Bank Holiday Sunday in the Land of the Giants………





So another bank holiday weekend over, not long until the next one, no really it’s not long -try¬†3 weeks!! Not that we’ve done anything special. I’ve spent¬†most of my extra day off washing, cleaning, ironing and studying, it’s my own fault really. Having spent Saturday cycling (no mishaps this week – we didn’t even get lost)¬† sunbathing and reading the papers, it was my intention to get all my jobs done on Sunday while Jack was over in Hull playing rugby -the¬†lure of a trip out to East Hull proved too tempting though. Christ knows why. There were some right sights, and I don’t mean the docks and¬†the Humber Bridge!! Why women wander around in nightie and dressing gowns beyond , but at quarter two in the afternoon complete with saggy¬†knockers trailing on the floor -still¬†it takes all sorts!!! Just to add to the ‘why have I come feeling’ Jack’s team lost. To be honest they never stood much of a chance, the opposition had clearly spent the winter break sat in a grow bag, and there was I thinking my son was finally catching up. They were huge, one had a beard (these are U14’s) and most were taller than two of the U16’s¬†who had come to watch -it’s going to be a long season!!!

With the jobs done it was time to get my head in the maths books again, Construction Loci-always a favourite of mine (never bleeding heard of it!) Still now I know where Tommy can plant his tree, how far a dog can wa

nder on a lead and how to draw some random diagram that means absolutely sod all! Measures tomorrow, I can’t wait, hopefully it will be a measure of something alcoholic!!

had a lovely weekend

looks like a soggy sprint in the morning (the Bank Holiday weather has arrived)

Bring it on!

Back to work In The Morning……….Nooooooooooo!

Just a little bit of mud.....

Just a little bit of mud…..

So that’s¬†it, the holidays are over, just where did those two weeks go? The list of holiday jobs is still a list of jobs, I didn’t really do any of them. It’s the weathers fault, I’m¬†not going to stay inside when the sun is shining, I didn’t stay inside on the days it wasn’t shinning either but I’ve got to blame something. On the plus side the cars clean, the garden walls are painted, the fence is painted, the windows are washed, the bird feeders are re-stocked, the¬†lawn is re-seeded, well it was until the birds ate the seed, they clearly didn’t understand me as I pointed to the feeder! It’s fair to say that I’ve been busy. I still managed to find time to get the bike out but what a difference a couple of days can make.

Thursday it was a sunny day by the canal/river, a lovely, if somewhat muddy,¬†ride out to Dewsbury, except I took the wrong turn and ended up near Mirfield. Never the less I did, as I always do, and found my way back. twenty miles done. I then, not on a purpose honest, ended up running 8 miles with my friend, we just sort of forgot that adding a different bit on would make it a longer run -whoops!! Still I was pretty chuffed, I haven’t run that far in a long long¬†time. Friday I couldn’t walk, my legs felt like they weren’t mine, I had no control over them, I gave them a day off. Yesterday, in complete contrast to Thursday, it wanged¬†it down, back to cycling in a mudbath. Two and a quarter hours of splashing through freezing cold puddles, not another cyclist to be seen (can’t think why) and just as we got back the sun came out!!

Today, in-between¬†trying to pretend I haven’t got a hangover, I’ve been getting the work/school stuff sorted -boo! why can’t the holidays last forever? Can’t complain¬†though -its only 3 weeks and 3 days until the next one. Is it worth going back………..

Over 1oo miles cycled

20 miles run

Going back to work for a rest

Bring it on!!















The Sun is Shinning and the Rugby is ………….

sunSo, as is the tradition on Good Friday, it was rugby league derby day with the not so mighty Wakefield Trinity (my team)¬†taking on the currently in form Castleford. On the plus side the sun shone brightly……….that was about it really. We lost !!!! I suppose there are other positives to take from the game, we actually scored more than 6 points, we prevented the opposition from scoring more than fifty points (just!) and Daddy Cool, the club mascot, stuffed Cas’s strange-looking¬†tiger thing in the half time race!!

It’s fair to¬†say being a Wakey¬†fan is somewhat depressing at the moment, we just can’t win. Don’t get¬† me wrong, for nearly 1/4 of the game we actually looked like we knew what we were doing – the rest of it. Well put it this way we won’t be wasting our hard-earned cash going to the Easter Monday game.

Still the day wasn’t a total let down with another 9 miles logged on the bike this morning, lots of uphills, not many downs and for the second time in 3 days I braved the funny fanny path -you¬†blokes don’t know how lucky you are. Bouncing up and down over tree roots, branches and old train lines doesn’t make for the comfiest¬†of rides -I¬†pedaled the whole thing without stopping though, I am definitely getting better!

A beautiful day

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Sunshine Sunday!!

sunSo after a week of tossing pancakes,¬†dressing up as a giraffe¬†and building robots out of recyclable materials I was ready for the weekend – a time for rest and recuperation. Shame I never got round to doing either. I’m blaming the weather. At last the miserable weather has gone and the sun was out -do you really think I was going to stay in!

Yesterday we finally got back out on the bikes for a 14.5 mile cycle through the woods and various paths that went nowhere -it¬†all adds to the fun. We would have gone further were¬†it not for the fact that my knee looks like it’s about to give birth to triplets -lord knows what’s up with it now but it’s going to have to do one, I really haven’t got time!!

Today was rugby day, all day, outside in the sunshine what more can a girl ask for -well a house work and ironing fairy would be nice but you can’t have everything.

A lovely weekend

Hoping for an easier week

Bring it on

Whats Normal Anyway?!?!?!

Finally, feet up time, a day of rest, er I’m not very good at this resting malarkey. Still a couple of mile walk in the sunshine doesn’t really count as exercise (only when its Janathon) and I did lay in till 9. It wasn’t all work work work (apart from the walk, washing,making Sunday Lunch and looking for new wardrobes) I’ve done very little – honest!!

the purpose of my walk was to;

  • get my teenage son, who has had no rugby all week, out of the house.
  • get some photos of another abandoned building I’ve found
  • use my son to stop me being scared on my¬† own in said abandoned building -yep I’m a wuss!!!

All in all it was quite a succesful trip and definitely worth another look at some point. Even the teenaged one enjoyed it. So much so that he declared ‘it must be so boring to have a normal mum’. Mmm, I’m sure there’s a compliment in that somewhere!!!

A nice walk done

120 situps

170 crunches

90 seconds of planking

50 squats

30 push-ups

and a lovely bit of Shin beef.

work tomorrow

Bring it on!!

February 1st My First Day of Rest………….Whoops!!!

restAt last, after 31 days of non stop exercise, it was time for a rest, even better, it was a Saturday -sleep in time! ¬†Ok, Ok I own up -I failed. I’m blaming the weatherman. It was supposed to be chucking it down and blowing a gale. It wasn’t, the sun was out, the bike was calling. Come nine 0 clock we were pedalling through the local nature park, it was bliss, muddy, but bliss.

Just a short one we said, 13 and a bit miles later we were back, it could have been worse we very nearly carried on to twenty -sense prevailed in the end.

I would like to say that I then laid on the sofa all afternoon and chilled ………………………………………………………………………

Ok you got me, I didn’t do that either. I’ll try better tomorrow -Honest!!!

13 miles cycled

120 crunches

100 squats

2 staircases hoovered

3 rooms cleaned

beds changed

A rest day tomorrow

bring it on!!!

A little Cycle in the Sunshine………..

BE1cemZCEAA1J07At last it’s the weekend, though apart from not having to get up¬†at six it doesn’t feel much different to a workday. It was gone 3 o clock before I finally got to sit down, and only then because I really wanted to crack on with some of my maths coursework. Whatever happened to the days of doing nothing on a weekend…..

Still it wasn’t all housework and boring stuff. Come 9:30 hubby and I were out on the bikes for a nearly 13 mile ride down by the canal – a slightly flatter and less muddy route than last week but it certainly¬†wasn’t any¬†easier. Never felt so much of a breath on my back on the way there, coming bike it was like cycling into a wind tunnel -still it cleared the sinuses out!!!


Thats nearly 30 miles of running and cycling logged this week, and theres still one day to go. Not sure whether to do a short run or bike ride tomorrow -any suggestions??

12 days done

Still feeling fit (to drop!)

Bring it on





Oh I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside and a Few Other Things……..

Firstly, top tip. If you’re recovering from knee surgery don’t drink lager – why you may ask? Well the thing is you all know that I am a hopeless drinker as it is, a couple of halves of lager and anything can happen, a couple of lagers¬†on an empty stomach spells disaster – it very nearly was. You see in my euphoric state, after Jacks team stuffed the local rivals in the Wakefield Cup and having had a sneaky lager or two while watching, I totally forgot that I still can’t kneel down properly¬†-whoops. I was fine while I was knelt down taking photos, then I realised I couldn’t get up. Bit embarassing¬†having to be helped up by Jack’s coach (thanks Lance) So now Jack and I look a right pair, he’s hobbling (badly)¬†on his recently mended broken ankle¬†¬†and I’m walking like I’m ninety -just what you want when you’ve a day at the seaside planned!!!

Yes, today we’ve been to Whitby, somewhere I haven’t been for years. It’s a¬†great place and seems to have a much better class of visitor than some other seaside towns we’ve visited of late -they all have teeth for a start. Don’t get me wrong there are the occasional ‘scratter families’ around, but there wasn’t a can of Special brew or oversized tattooed belly to be seen.

First up, after the mile hobble down the hill from the car-park near the Abbey, was fish and chips from Magpie Cafe – rumoured to be the best fish and chips around. The rumour wasn’t wrong though next time I’m having a kids portion -they¬†were huge!! Next we headed for a walk on the pier, well Jack and I did, Ernie bottled it -being¬†able to see¬†through the wooden floor did nothing to help his fear of heights, we left him clinging to the fence.¬† After that we headed onto the beach, I could have sat there all afternoon, I don’t know which was best people watching, or watching the gulls terrorize¬†the beach, they where huge!!! A bit disappointed with my photos today though, I think I need to stop reading the books and magazines -I’m getting worse not better.

I didn’t take any photos on the boat ride around the harbour, mainly because we were squashed in like sardines, I didn’t have room to move (might try a different boat next time!!) plus some random women with yellow teeth and hairy legs (scratter¬†alert!) sat on my knee -my sore knee, I wasn’t amused!!! Still a ‘rum n raisin’ Ice-cream calmed me down before we hobbled back up the hill to go home – what a fab place though. I think we’ll be back¬†for a few days next time…..

Fun in the sun

Sleep in tomorrow

Bring it on.

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