Beware – low flying bike!!

OK, so I know the nice weather lady on the BBC warned of gale force winds – but when do they ever get things right – that’ll be today then!!! Going to work was fine in parts, like the part where I pedalled into the carpark, but going home, well going home I could have probably got home quicker on an exercise bike.  There was just no end to the straight-in-the-face wind. Still, on the plus side I’ve had the best leg work out ever and my face feels like its been on an episode of ten years younger. Who needs botox,  when cycling into the wind does the same job for free!!!
8 miles cycled slowly
Hope the wind dies down tomorrow
Bring it on


Does watching sport count????

I knew that some form of Janathon exercise was going to be a big ask today – my son playing in the Yorkshire cup finals meant we would be out for pretty much the whole day. Granted I could possibly have sneaked a run in before we went but I was the ultimate swot and got some uni work done!! And yes I could have gone post match but we went for a few cheeky beers. So, barring my usual Physio exercise, today’s Janathon went something like this.

  • Met a SPORTS stadium 
  • Had breakfast in the AQUATICS centre.
  • Sat on a RUNNING TRACK.
  • Where a RUGBY LEAGUE team play
  • And took 200 photos of lads playing RUGBY

Well it involved sport even if I didn’t actually do any. Sadly the lads didn’t win – but it wasn’t for the lack of trying – so my son has now got 3 Yorkshire cup medals and I couldn’t be prouder.

A great day out

Will have to double up my exercise tomorrow. 

Bring it on. 


If in doubt – get the baton out!!

So the best laid plans didn’t quite go to, well, plan. I’m blaming the hubby who awoke with a mini hangover and a touch of CBA syndrome, the morning cycle was off. Granted I could’ve gone on my own, but knowing that I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow ( my sons playing in the U16’s Barla Yorkshire cup final) I was slightly conscious of the fact that today had to be a ‘mainly writing day. So I opted to go for a run, however so engrossed was I in my favourite passtime(not) that before I knew it 5 o clock was looming and I hadn’t even started the tea. So I went for the kill 2 birds with one stone option, got my baton out of its hidey hole and twirled while the tea cooked. Thirty minutes, one bruised elbow and one broken lightbulb later ( not my fault the light fitting got in the way) Janathon day 23 was complete – sort of.

Productive day

Hope the lads win tomorrow

Bring it on!! 


Core blimey its Friday

So that’s another week flown past at an alarming rate – and another week of managing to do some form of exercise every day – I might just finish this Janathon thing – the knee is holding up fine – wish I could say the same for my core muscles. I think I may have over done it – even typing hurts – which is not good when you’ve still got 1000 words to knock up on assignment, which to be quite honest, I’m sick to death off. I’m just glad its only the draft so it doesn’t really matter how good or bad it is, especially when the whole thing is 10,000 words and you can only send 3000 in for your draft – madness!! Still it gets sent in on Monday and then I all of 5 minutes off before I start again!! As you can see, I’m currently loving working full-time and studying – but every cloud has a silver lining – 2 assignments to go and then I get my life back then teacher training starts and then I really will be busy!!!!
Core work out and a run done
Back on the bike tomorrow
Bring it on!


Quick Blog

Day 21 – so much to do – so little time. Today went like this
Core work out
Mini supermarket shop
Staff Meeting
Tea with friends

I’m not going to know what to do with myself if I ever get my life back!!!
Stomach muscles aching
Short run tomorrow
Bring it on


Time flies when you haven’t got a minute!!!!!

Janathon day 20 – just how did we get here so quickly? Maybe it’s the whole mum, wife, work, study, sport routine that makes it go so fast but I can honestly say that other than this hour every evening when I sit and chill – I honestly don’t get a minute, and its only going to get worse – I’ve got a deadline looming and to say I’m a little bit behind is an understatement – even knowing that I always work better under pressure isn’t exactly filling me with confidence right now. Still at least the ‘exercising everyday’ s keeping the stress levels down – I haven’t had a meltdown in at least a day – only joking – its definitely 2!!!!
Day 20 completed
7 miles cycled
Bring it on


Janathon day 19 and things are looking rosy – well my face is!!!!

Well I’ve just about thawed out, its only taken all evening. I wrongly assumed that this afternoons year 6 netball tournament would be indoors (I wasn’t the only one, we all turned up with teams wearing shorts and t-shirts) how wrong can you be – I didn’t even have a coat!!!!!! Two hours of encouraging the kids that they were having a great time and it wasn’t really that cold – it was. Still at least they played non-stop, we just had to stand there, coatless and cold Don’t get me wrong I love the outdoors,  but would have enjoyed it more with my vest on!!!!  On the plus side there was the walk back to school and then the cycle home to warm me up and the way my cheeks are still glowing I bet I’ve got a lovely weathered tan by the morning!!!
8 miles cycled
Warm and cosy now
Bring it on


Janathon Day 18 – that’ll Bib Rage Day………

It really can’t be that hard, can it? You go to the PE store get out the bibs you need and when you’ve done you put them back where you found them – judging by the state I found them in – it clearly is!!! I did wonder why it was taking the girls from year 6 so long to find them for me – poor kids – sports bibs were spread over every shelf going!!! I’d like to say I remained calm and dignified -I didn’t!!! Thankfully most of the kids already think I’m bonkers so they never blinked so much as an eyelash when I stamped my feet and yelled!!! Still they are all back safely in their colour coded boxes ( the bibs not the kids) and I’m feeling much calmer now. I think the mile run when I finished work helped.
Well over the Janathon halfway mark
Another mile logged
Bring it on



A marathon and a sprint that turned into a skate….

I’d love to say that I’d run a marathon, but alas no, my knee is just about holding up to the odd mile, no chance of a marathon ever again – not the running kind anyway. Today’s marathon was a writing one – the best part of ten hours trying to get this major study on the road, I think I just about made it to the first lamp post. It’s my own fault, I’m such a flaming perfectionist when it comes to academic writing – it takes me forever. Still on the plus side I now have some idea just how long this major study is going to take – forever. I’m going to lead such an exciting life over the next few weeks. In an attempt to clear my head Janathon was a short run, thankfully the snow had all but gone, however what was left had started to freeze and after over 18 months as a non- runner I’d forgotten just how slippy some of the paving stones get. Still I remained upright and that’s always a bonus with my track record!!!
1 mile run
1000 words written lots of reading done
Can’t believe it’s nearly Monday again
Bring it on!!!


Snow stopping me……….

So the snow has arrived this evening – get ready for mass panic, scaremongering news reports and the trains having to stop running due to the wrong kind of snow -its always the same – a few flakes and everything grinds to a halt. Still on the plus side it could have snowed whilst we were out on the bikes this morning – which could have been fun on top of the frozen puddles, there wasn’t much mud splattering today more chunks of ice in the face. But with another 21.4 miles in the bag, I’m not complaining – my little legs are though!!! That’s the Janathon halfway mark crossed, let’s hope the snows gone in the morning or I might have to get the Yaktracks out and if my memory serves me right, just like trains, they’re rubbish in the ‘ wrong kind of snow’. 😉
Longest cycle in months completed
A short run planned tomorrow
Bring it on


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