The Wrong Route, a Big Cheer and the Commandment Carrot……….

So today dawned frosty and bright with the snow still covering the ground. Not the massive problem the media was making it out to be however, but ever so slightly annoying when you’re wanting to run. (Even more annoying when it means indoor play, all day, arrgh!) Still the sun shone all day and in places, the snow started to melt. Sadly not in all the places I expected to run. Mistake number one was not wearing my newly tested Yaktrax (great in the right sort of snow) because although the paths near the main roads were clear the rest were not. Mistake number 2, not running on the paths near the main roads, the paths I chose obviously were  not in the suns reach today cos there was plenty of compacted snow (the right sort of snow), back to mistake number one!!! Still I’d started so I had to finish and just when I thought  my legs couldn’t run anymore a loud cheer of ‘go on Dawn’ came from a passing car, Denise from work on her way home. It was just the lift I needed to get me home and I don’t mean she gave me a lift home. I wonder if she’d mind driving past at the end of every run?

Run done, time for half hours aerobics and weights while the tea was cooking, yes its time to banish the bingo wings and jelly belly (again) ready for the Jolly Hollies, come May. Don’t want the Floridian’s mistaking me for shamu now,  do I?

Trick question for all of you, which commandment has something to do with a carrot………..

No, well I don’t know either, but when Jack typed ‘Ten Commandment Clipart’ into Google, here is what came up

Can’t wait to see what his R.E teacher thinks to this one.

Which Commandment?!?

 4 miles in 34 minutes 22 seconds.

Snow free running tomorrow (please)

Bring it on

Rest Day………….. Sofa not so Good

So the second day of my non running rest day got off to a later start than planned, mainly due to not going to bed until 2:30 this morning. Now I know Wakefield and Wales have similar letters in them but I still fail to understand how last nights Billy Bus Driver managed to take us the long way round coming back from Widnes. (Thank god we didn’t play tonight, we’d have never have made it back) So glad the club was open when we got back, cos boy did I need another ‘ickle drink’.

So this morning a ‘lie in’ was called for. Tiredness however has not done much to prevent me from wanting to run. I’ve only missed one day and already I’m desperate to get the running shoes back on. Even the snow hasn’t put me off cos I’ve got some nice new yak trax that I never gotthe chance to test last year. I Can’t see me lasting another day without a little run.  However if the snow carries on falling at the current rate I’ll need more than Yak Trax to help me round.

Last Day Of Rest

Bring it On



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