Bloggers Block or Memory Loss………….Same thing really!!!

So another writers-block cartoonblog less week -I’m beginning to wonder how I ever fit blogging every day in last year, at the moment one a week is getting to be a struggle. I can’t really say what I was so busy doing last week but I was so busy that I failed to hit the gym either,which is probably no bad thing considering the state of my knee at the moment. On the plus side I cycled to work for 3 days out of five  -it wasn’t all bad.

Thankfully Jack survived his first full week back at school but I’ve got to say it wasn’t easy, the poor kid is drained, though he didn’t help himself. Despite being told to lay off sport he went to badminton club and ended up even whiter than usual. His excuse for playing -‘well it’s not really a sport is it!!’  Kids.

The weekend came and went quickly as it always does, between the rugby(another eventful game) and getting lost while out cycling (again) it all seemed to pass in a bit of a blur. I wonder if the weekends go slower if you don’t do anything ?

Now its Monday again, I’ve spent all day working with Grumpy (don’t ask!) and now I’m sat here trying to remember just what did happen last week that I was going to tell you about – I can’t think of one flaming thing.  I hope I’m not getting writers block…….

Need to blog more often

I promise to try

Bring it on.


One Block or Two……………

Mmmm, what to blog about today – I feel a bit of a writer’s block coming on – I’m so tired I can’t think what to write about. Mind you I think I’m suffering with more than one block – my face feels like it’s had a good kicking – a sinus blockage is definitely on the way. Quite how they get blocked when I’m always out in the ‘fresh air’ that supposedly ‘clears your head’, I’ll never know! Still it could be worse I could be like the pigeon I saw on the way home – headless. It wasn’t running around though – it must just be chickens that can do that!!!

It’s not that I haven’t done anything today – I’ve cycled twice, worked and been out for a nice meal with some of the family for my Nieces ‘welcome home, now goodbye’ meal. She’s home from working in France and is back to London for Uni on Sunday. Oh to be young again – not that I ever worked away from home or went to Uni but you know what I mean!!

Now I’m sat watching Grand Designs and to be honest I couldn’t give a toss whether they build their amazing  minimalist box home or not – give me a nice  old-fashioned building any day – all that lovely greenery and they build an overgrown shoe box in the middle of it – now they don’t know how to fit windows in it………………..I’m off to bed!!

6 miles cycled

unblocked sinuses tomorrow

Bring it on

Bloggers Block………….. Or Not!

So just for a change…………….. Nope your wrong! Just for once my plan went to plan. Putting my running stuff next to my bed is definately working and come 6 a.m this morning I was out doing a short run. I didn’t feel as tired as last time, maybe because I didn’t chase any pelican crossings uphill (see Wednesdays blog) In fact I didn’t see anyone, not even the mobility scooter gang. Thank god for Gazza n Bazza on my Ipod to keep me going. ( Barlow and Manilow) Still it was the first frosty morning of the year and its Friday the 13th, maybe most normal people thought it was too big a risk.

When starting to write todays blog I couldn’t think of a thing to put. If  I’d done it as soon as I got back this morning I had loads of ideas but I didnt have time before work and what with work, orthodontic appoinments and the Asda big shop not to mention trying to sort my mum’s broadband out) I’m feeling  a bit frazzled. Got to say the Martinis helping though, just a little one!!

Anyway, back to the running , nearly halfway through Janathon now and just over a week to go to the Brass Monkey half marathon and its fair to say I’m feeling a lot better than I expected to. Lots of shorter runs planned for next week, need to save my legs for race day. Plans….  we’ll see. 2.3 miles in 18 mins 29 secs.

Janathon Day 14

Bring it on



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