Lazy Days and Sundays…….Maybe Not!!

So, no dingy needed this morning  however the bike ride was cancelled due to me not fancying an impromptu flying lesson – windy, just a bit and they way my luck has been going lately I didn’t fancy getting blown into the canal. At least when you run your feet, more often than not stay on the ground but wheels don’t seem to work in quite the same way – oh well. If I could ,I would have swapped the bike ride for a run but I am trying to do what the physiotherapist said and only run 2 miles every 3 days (it’s every 2 days from tomorrow – bring it on!!) so I abandoned all forms of exercise and went shopping instead. Retail therapy a bit like physiotherapy but costs less!!!

A lazy Sunday – well apart from cooking a Sunday Roast and changing the beds

Back to the early morning run tomorrow

Bring it on.

Gusty Games……………

So despite my left leg feeling like it had been run over by a bus I still headed out on the bike this morning (Physios instructions – honest) It wasn’t however,  my leg that was the problem but the weather. Now I’ve cycled in windy weather before but today wasn’t just windy it was – as a passing elderly gentleman pointed out just as I was about to set off – as gusty as ‘ell. Maybe that was my cue to put the bike away but I like a challenge. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

It wasn’t too bad for the first minute few seconds, must have been a pause in the wind. Then it was ten minutes of trying to stay upright – not easy. I haven’t got the best of balancing skills any way, trying to balance when you’re leaning 45 degrees to the left is, well it’s not very easy. Still I battled through -just. Mainly because I didn’t want to fall off and look a ‘right tit’ in front  of the queuing traffic. I came very close to jumping off and walking but I hate giving in!!! Still I arrived at work safe but a little sorry-looking. My helmet was hanging on for dear life, my rucksack was not where it should be and my breath had been blown away half a mile back……Still 75 calories burned – can’t complain!

6 miles cycled

Maybe a rest day tomorrow

Bring it on!



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