Macro Manoeuvres

So with the sun out it was time to head out and play with my new macro filter – perfect conditions. Shame the sun was playing at silly buggers and by the time I got to my destination it was playing the best hide and seek game ever -it had hidden for the day, add to that the wind had got up,so the things I wanted to take close up shots of were merrily waving about -brill!! Still I’m not one to give up -and I wasn’t going to head home with no photos having already walked nearly 2 miles so I improvised.

Now crawling about in bushes isn’t really my thing, but the wind wasn’t getting lower down in the undergrowth and needs must. I must confess I got some strange looks from passers-by,(let’s be honest, it’s not the first time!) especially the ones I made jump crawling out from banking (really sorry). By the time I got home I was filthy -but I had fun. Granted the weather didn’t help me get the shots I wanted and I’m not sure whether I should leave my UV filter lens on or off with the close up filter but it wasn’t a bad first time effort – time to do some more research.

Had fun playing out with my camera

Hoping for better weather tomorrow (!)

Bring it on

The things you see and the things you do……….

Well I’ve seen some  running sights in my time pounding the streets, camels,trees, rhinos, the lady in a sequined dress. (London Marathon) Runners in so many layers of clothing I don’t know how they move, barefoot runners, bare arse  runners (London again!) but todays sight was a new one on me. Now I know it was raining this morning, in fact it was more than raining – waders were definitely required – but running with an umbrella!!! No really, the lady runner I passed this morning (she was a real runner -tights, trainers, the whole lot!!) had her brolly up. Not only that but she was clinging on to it for dear life as it was also blowing a gale……..Er, new one on me – maybe she was hoping, well I don’t really know what she was hoping for – still by the time I’d done wondering I was back home again. Another 2 miles in the bag.

It’s been a bit of a sporty dayall round really, running before work, swimming after and then table tennis. But not any old table tennis Jack and I did it paralympic style -no really. But instead of wheelchairs we had bar stools – height adjustable bar stools no less. Hours  of endless fun trying to hit a ball while moving a stool up and down – a right workout. Just how the hell do the Paralympians do it!!!

2 miles run and a nice little swim

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it  on

Wind wind go away cos I can’t hear my Ipod play

So the wind continues to blow and the rain continues to hammer down, Janathon day 4, bring it on!!!

Still I made it out again, with just my ipod for company, not that I could hear it for most of the way  round, on the plus side the wind also drowned out the sound of my huffing and puffing so I battled on best I could. Ironic songs on my playlist- ‘I made it through the rain’ and ‘Here comes the rain again’- right on both counts. Another 3.9 miles in the bag.

Things still not going to plan as I intended to run six, but my New Year promise to be more organised with meals hasn’t quiet happened yet, (I’m sure once I’ve done my Asda big shop all will be fine) and my darling son suddenly remembered that  his science project, making 3 models to show particle properties in Solids liquids and gas, had to be in tommorow, joy!!! Amazing what you can do with polystyrene balls, cocktail sticks and PVA glue. Both reasons meant it was a frantic dash for a quick run before getting back to do the homework.

Speaking of science, having moved from year 1 to 6, (I’m a teaching assistant) first lesson I had to teach on my own was living and non-living things. After a great afternoons work we had some quick fire questions. So whats the collective name for  plants and animals……….. Living ORGASM………..nearly right!!!

So my planned run tommorow, not saying then it can’t go wrong.



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