Flowers, Bumps and a Quick Look at Spike Island.

Today was a day for getting nowhere fast, I should have known it was going to be one of those days when Jack didn’t wake until ten – I thought he would have grown out of the needing ten hours sleep by now – but no. Still it gave me a chance to potter round and get stuff done – I seem to have been pottering ever since. So is the house spotless and my list of jobs done…………….No!!!

Maybe my first mistake was starting in the spare room , in fact my first mistake was deciding to use the computer while tidying the spare room. And what did I use the computer for, well if it isn’t bad enough that I recently spent a night googling breeds of sheep after seeing a strange breed while out running.Today I became a total square googling types of wild flower after yesterdays ‘picture of the day’ caused some curiosity (Thanks Hils) Do you know how many types of white wildflower there are. Anyhow I thought it looked like Queen Anne’s Lace, but now I’m not so sure, so if anyone can help…?






So it’s fair to say I was totally distracted by the wildflowers and didn’t give the spare room the clear out it deserves, but it’s started – that’s something. At least one search proved succesful – I have found Spike Island at the third time of trying – I convinced Hubby to head out on the bikes after tea and pedaled straight to it – I’m getting good at this map reading lark. Now I’ve found it I can head back with the camera, but for now you can have the picture from my phone.


It was a bit of a bumpy ride though, the path up to it wasn’t bad, the path back down – eek!! I love good old Boris but he hasn’t got suspension like my other bike, or hubby’s bike who flew off down the hill without a thought for me, so although overall it’s an easier ride you flaming while know about it on the bumpy bits – downhill bumpy bits are even worse!! Still all adds to the fun – thank god for the padded shorts.I may look a right tit but at least I’m comfy!!!

Another 6+ miles pedalled

finish the spare room tomorrow (maybe!)

Bring it on




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