Oh I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside and a Few Other Things……..

Firstly, top tip. If you’re recovering from knee surgery don’t drink lager – why you may ask? Well the thing is you all know that I am a hopeless drinker as it is, a couple of halves of lager and anything can happen, a couple of lagers on an empty stomach spells disaster – it very nearly was. You see in my euphoric state, after Jacks team stuffed the local rivals in the Wakefield Cup and having had a sneaky lager or two while watching, I totally forgot that I still can’t kneel down properly -whoops. I was fine while I was knelt down taking photos, then I realised I couldn’t get up. Bit embarassing having to be helped up by Jack’s coach (thanks Lance) So now Jack and I look a right pair, he’s hobbling (badly) on his recently mended broken ankle  and I’m walking like I’m ninety -just what you want when you’ve a day at the seaside planned!!!

Yes, today we’ve been to Whitby, somewhere I haven’t been for years. It’s a great place and seems to have a much better class of visitor than some other seaside towns we’ve visited of late -they all have teeth for a start. Don’t get me wrong there are the occasional ‘scratter families’ around, but there wasn’t a can of Special brew or oversized tattooed belly to be seen.

First up, after the mile hobble down the hill from the car-park near the Abbey, was fish and chips from Magpie Cafe – rumoured to be the best fish and chips around. The rumour wasn’t wrong though next time I’m having a kids portion -they were huge!! Next we headed for a walk on the pier, well Jack and I did, Ernie bottled it -being able to see through the wooden floor did nothing to help his fear of heights, we left him clinging to the fence.  After that we headed onto the beach, I could have sat there all afternoon, I don’t know which was best people watching, or watching the gulls terrorize the beach, they where huge!!! A bit disappointed with my photos today though, I think I need to stop reading the books and magazines -I’m getting worse not better.

I didn’t take any photos on the boat ride around the harbour, mainly because we were squashed in like sardines, I didn’t have room to move (might try a different boat next time!!) plus some random women with yellow teeth and hairy legs (scratter alert!) sat on my knee -my sore knee, I wasn’t amused!!! Still a ‘rum n raisin’ Ice-cream calmed me down before we hobbled back up the hill to go home – what a fab place though. I think we’ll be back for a few days next time…..

Fun in the sun

Sleep in tomorrow

Bring it on.



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