Trips, Chips and Walking Sticks

So, where to start. Maybe by getting yesterday out of the way. Yes we finally made it on our school trip – a day out in Castleton – Derbyshire. Quite how we made it there in one piece I’ll never know. Just where do bus companies find some of their drivers from. It was bad enough that he didn’t know where he was going, even worse he insisted on following the Sat-nav even though it was taking us into the centre of Sheffield – brill. But it was his cornering around the winding roads of the Peak District that was the biggest cause for concern. The news headlines flashed before my eyes- ‘school bus slides down hillside’, really it was that bad. To make matters even worse two of the little darlings were sick – trying to hold a sick bucket when your being cannoned around a coach is no fun and in the end me and the other teaching assistant ended up all but laid in a heap on top of ‘sick kid’ – whoops.

Still, the Treak Cliff Caverns were really good and I’d definitely like another look – without 25 kids. Loved the tat they bought in the gift shop – bet their parents were well chuffed!! Shame the weather did its best to spoil the day, but thankfully the outdoor pool was heated so we still did all we should.Then it was back on the wonder bus to Wakefield – arrrghhh.

Once I’d stopped shaking it was time to get ready for the end of year night out. This year we decided on the Westgate Run, not a race, but a pub crawl that takes you into the centre of Wakefield. It’s fair to say a good time was had by all and I can’t remember the last time I rolled in at quarter to three complete with a dodgy takeaway – cheesy chips, best thing for soaking up beer ever!!! I can’t believe the taxi driver falling for it when I said I normally paid £2 to get home from town – well he asked!!! So did I have a hangover this morning – well I didn’t really have chance to have one- Saturday Morning is Junior Rugby Morning………..

Yep, the day dawned bright and sunny and by 9:30 we were in Leeds .Due to recent weather (Summer Rugby is not going very well!) only one pitch was playable. Kick off delayed by half an hour – great. I knew it was turning into one of those days – then the referee turned up and I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Clive Dunn was refing the game – no really. A grey haired chap hobbled over and I mean hobbled- so bad was his walk that he was in a need of a mobility scooter. Now I’m all for the elderly keeping active but refereeing an U12’s game is possibly a step too far. In fact there’s no possibly about it. Five minutes in he was gasping for breath, he’d no idea whether the kids were scoring, in touch or knocking on – he couldn’t keep up with them. If he awarded a penalty he kept the ball so that they couldn’t restart without him. It was, well it was a joke. When two East Leeds players clashed heads resulting in one of them going to hospital he called both sides together to tell them that yes people get hurt in rugby and he didn’t want them to start fighting to get revenge – er………..they were on the same side. In fact he called them together quite often – anything for a rest!!! An hour and a half later the 50 minute game was over……………………………Junior Rugby – you’ve got to love it.

The worlds oldest Rugby Ref

Glad to be hangover free (ish)Signing my Dad up as a rugby refBring it on



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