Inspiration + Hill Session = An Olympic Vision

Ever get the feeling its going to be one of those days……………….            Well having nearly served Jack his weetabix on a plate, calling at the supermarket for petrol, buying milk and no petrol. I was starting to get that Monday morning feeling. So when 200 yards from work not one but two suicidal birds flew into my car I seriously considered going home. I wouldn’t mind but I only cleaned it yesterday now it looks like it’s done ten rounds with Big Bird!  Still after a pre work coffee, my mood lifted a little and it turned into a ‘not too bad day’, the swimming bricks are starting to float and the radio reports we’re doing in English made for much laughter. Granted they weren’t actually meant to be funny but thats the upside of working with kids, what they say and what they mean are never the same thing.

I had thought about a run free day today, the ankle was aching a bit and I thought an extra days rest might do it good. Then I got home to find a little bit of inspiration had arrived. Yep, at last the Postie had been, my ‘Olympic Run’ pack was here. Giddy – just a bit. So my plan to rest went out of the window. A nice hill session was called for, just a short one as I haven’t done one for a while, I usually hate them,today I just imagined the Olympic Stadium was at the top of the hill. I was done in no time.

1 mile warm up, 1 mile cool down and 2 x 2 long hills

3ish miles in 25 miles

Longer run tomorrow

Bring it On

Pre Race Preparation

So thanks to Janathon, another running first for me. Running the day before a race., something I’ve never considered before. I’ve been round Harrods the day before a race I’ve even cooked pie n peas for 40 people the night before a race (fundraisng for rugby) but Ive never run. Still needs must if I’m to stick to my goal of running every day in January. So out I went, and so short was the run I felt like I was back before I’d  set off. Run done, it was pre- race prep time.

In all honesty I don’t know why I enter races, I only enjoy them once I’ve finished. Before every race I say never again, only to find myself posting another entry form once I get back. Then there’s the pre-race rituals. The same meal the night before (lasgane), same breakfast (weetabix) or the race won’t go to plan. Then there’s the lucky clothing, mass panic this afternoon when I couldn’t find my lucky running pants, panic over now!! So providing the couple of sneezes I’ve done don’t turn into pneumonia, I’m sure all will be fine when I line up for the Brass Monkey at 10:00am tomorrow.

1.34 miles in 10 mins and 52 secs , nice warm up for tomorrows half marathon.

Janathon day 22

Bring it on!



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