The Janathon Rap…. And a Plank

So Janathon ended the way it begunrain

Out in the pouring rain having a run.

The good news is I’m  getting so much faster,

This come back plan I’m starting to master.


I’ve sweat blood  and tears and got covered in mud

I’ve been out in all weathers, like a true runner should.

I’ve cycled, squatted, pushed up and crunched

I’ve walked and I’ve planked, and boy have I munched!!!

So now Janathons ending and now I’m so much fitter,                     janathon-participant-logo

And I’ve blogged about it all with a moan and a witter.

I’m recovering from the surgery and over the moon.

So many thanks Janthon -I’ll see you in June!!!

1 mile in 8:20 minutes -wahoo!!!

160 crunches

90 seconds planking

Off for a vino to celebrate

Bring it on!!!


A 90 second Giraffe Plank!!!


Whatever the weather………

028_edited-1So Janathon day 26 and the end is in sight, hopefully that will mean the never-ending pile of muddy washing will end soon -or will it? The thing is the never-ending stream of outdoor clothes in the wash basket kind of signifies who I am, or more to the point who we are as a family. Between all 3 of us we golf, run, cycle, walk and play rugby, with or without Janathon we tend to always be on the go. I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

This morning saw us out in the pouring rain watching my son play rugby, the second game in a week, not bad to say we’re meant to be on a season break! If the conditions weren’t the best to begin with -they soon got a whole lot worse. Pouring rain became torrential rain and the pitch became a swamp, come half time the ref had little option but to abandon the game. Shame the opposition thought winning at all costs was more important than the health and safety of the kids on the pitch, but never mind!!!

With little sign of the whether improving it looked like it was going to be a wet and windy run for me this afternoon, not that I mind running in the rain but I am beginning to get webbed feet, my running shoes seem to be permanently soaked. Thankfully the running gods were kind and I didn’t get quite as wet as expected, not that I really noticed the weather I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t about to get cramp, I have a real phobia about cramp I just can’t cope with having no control of it, anyway the cramp never materialised, just very tight calves -maybe yesterdays 30 day squat challenge didn’t help. Still another 2 miles in the bag and another running kit in the wash……

2 miles run

90 sit-ups

135 crunches

55 leg raises

80 seconds of planking

40 squats

22 push-ups

5 days to go

Bring it on

F F F F F freezing……………….and a little bit busy!!


I’m freezing, I’ve spent the day freezing. The cycle to work was freezing, work was freezing, the wind chill on the cycle home was freezing, college was freezing, I’m so cold I could pass for a fish finger, well maybe not but you  get the idea!! Still, I love the great outdoors,whatever the weather which is a good job because when I left college it was wanging it down, I may be rowing to work not cycling tomorrow!!

5 ish miles cycled

90 squats

14 push-up type things


work done

3 hours of ‘nth term’ at college

I love never having a minute

Bring it on!!!


Halfway There and I’m Feeling………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

halfwayThe countdown to the end is on, it’s not far off, really it’s not…. Oh Ok, there’s ages to go but at least we are now officially past halfway. To celebrate, today I’ve exercised for England. I’ve cycled twice, run once, played hockey (sort of) done 50 squats, 65 sit-ups, 55 crunches, 33 leg lifts (strange number but that what’s the ap said!) and planked for 38 seconds. I’ve also done 5 push-ups which I shouldn’t have done as it’s an official ‘push-up rest day’ but I forgot!! Now, well now I can’t move, breathing hurts, my legs feel like someone elses and lifting my arms is an effort – still, no pain no gain. But just what am I gaining?

The washers on full-time, I need shares in Dove Shampoo and conditioner, I’m running out of chain oil, running gear and healthy snacks. I’m permanently hungry,muddy,sweaty and on the go and I’m loving every minute of it. My sanity is returning, the Nike plus watch is still working, the knee is holding up, the belly barrel is disappearing -Janathon, can we do it all year?

Very Active Day

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

Lake Side Story………….

Nothing to do with the blog -but soooo cute!!

Nothing to do with the blog -but soooo cute!!

I seem to have developed an attraction to mud, not sure what it is but every time I head out of the door I seem to end up covered in the stuff -cycling home from work was no different, in fact it was probably the worst yet. let me set the scene…..

Think West Side Story, The Jets v The Sharks, which side to take? Except I wasn’t on a Manhattan Street I was cycling near the lake at Pugneys Country Park (nowhere near the country but I suppose it sounds better than Pugneys – former open cast mine!!) and there weren’t two gangs of teenagers about to wage war on each other but two sets of birds -the Gulls v the Canadian Geese. One gang had clearly nicked the other gangs bread – all that was missing was the music! Thing is I’m not too keen on the killer geese,  they’re evil, gulls I can deal with, especially as they tend to fly off as you cycle towards them, but the killer geese – no chance.

Thing is, I foolishly assumed that now I’ve got a light on my bike so bright that I’m thinking of hiring it out as a floodlight, the evil ones might shift out of my way – they didn’t!! Hence a hasty retreat onto the grass banking, big mistake it was like a swamp -the bike sank, the bike tipped, I slid down the banking -splat. My cycling gear is in the wash again. Still another Janathon day done!!

Another 5 miles in the bag

School Hockey and Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Maybe its Monday………

its-monday-againMaybe it was the unlucky for some date, maybe it was because it was a Monday, maybe it was because I’d been awake since four this morning, maybe it was because I’d spent half the day working with Grumpy, maybe it was because I’ve started the push up challenge (I am sh*t at push-ups -I managed 3!) maybe I should have run as soon as I got back from work and not sat down first,maybe it was because it was a tad slippy in places,maybe…………

Well for whatever reason tonight I felt like I was running through treacle, it was bloody hard work, and I was thankful that my time wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. But then maybe I should be grateful I was out there and now I’m back I’m glad I went.

Janathon day 13 done

A quicker sprint in the morning

Bring it on!!

A little Cycle in the Sunshine………..

BE1cemZCEAA1J07At last it’s the weekend, though apart from not having to get up at six it doesn’t feel much different to a workday. It was gone 3 o clock before I finally got to sit down, and only then because I really wanted to crack on with some of my maths coursework. Whatever happened to the days of doing nothing on a weekend…..

Still it wasn’t all housework and boring stuff. Come 9:30 hubby and I were out on the bikes for a nearly 13 mile ride down by the canal – a slightly flatter and less muddy route than last week but it certainly wasn’t any easier. Never felt so much of a breath on my back on the way there, coming bike it was like cycling into a wind tunnel -still it cleared the sinuses out!!!


Thats nearly 30 miles of running and cycling logged this week, and theres still one day to go. Not sure whether to do a short run or bike ride tomorrow -any suggestions??

12 days done

Still feeling fit (to drop!)

Bring it on





Into Double Figures and I’m feeling zzzzzzzzzzzzz



Janathon day ten and we’ve made it to double figures, before we know it we’ll be halfway and then the countdown to the end will be on – loads of mileage to add between now and then but hey, it’s Friday who cares!?!

Yep the first week back at work is over, and I survived – just! Five days working, one twilight training course, one college night, one mini ‘Asda Big Shop’  done (done at Aldi’s  – ‘Aldi Big Shop’ is not as funny!) Three runs and two cycling days all done – it’s been a breeze…….. Can I really keep this up for another 21 days?

So today was a cycle to and from work day and thankfully the weather was a tad kinder than Wednesday when I nearly got blown away, in fact it was perfect cycling weather, bright and frosty. I am however blaming the frosty bit for causing me to wave at a total stranger. When its cold my eyes water, not great for my dodgy vision. So while I was waiting at the traffic lights I saw someone from college waiting at the other side – I waved -no response.  I mouthed good morning (in that over exaggerated way -like you do) no response. What a miserable git I thought. The lights changed, I crossed the road and was just about to wave again when I realised it wasn’t who I thought it was – whoops. So I hastily changed my wave into a ‘look at me just adjusting my helmet’ manoeuvre and pedaled on my way, Still it’s not the first time I’ve gotten confused – I once chased another runner up a hill only to realise it was the pelican crossing at the top, I mistakenly thought a wheelie bin was my husband (don’t ask) and I said good afternoon to my nephew as we cycled past one another and later found it wasn’t actually him -whoops. It probably won’t be the last.

Another 5 miles in the bag

Off road cycle tomorrow

Bring it on

Stay Perfect Foundation ………Don’t Think So!!!!

I'll never get my helmet over that!!!

I’ll never get my helmet over that!!!

Janathon day 8 and come ten past eight this morning I was straightening my hair and applying my make-up for the second time in an hour. Quite why I bothered doing my hair and make-up before cycling to work, I don’t know but believe me it was a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong I always do my hair, I have to, I look like crystal tips first thing on a morning and it takes some straightening, I’d be late doing the register if I left it until I’d got to work and I usually apply foundation and add the rest when I get there but today the weather spoiled my pre-cycle preparations.

To say it was windy when I set off is an understatement ,it was also raining which meant wearing my waterproof stuff which I hate because I overheat but needs must -I can’t spend all day with a soggy (soggy not saggy) bum and its no fun putting wet cycling tights on for the reverse journey. The wind made it bloody hard work which meant I was overheating more than usual -joy!! By the time I got to work my hair was wetter than when I’d washed it and my make-up( stay perfect foundation -who are they trying to kid!) had slid off my face and down my cycle jacket – it wasn’t my best my best look.

The good news is come home time the wind had dropped which meant cycling home was a whole lot easier than going which is a good job really as most of the routes uphill. I’ve just got the 30 day ab challenge done (rest day tomorrow -wahoo) the   done, snaps(packed lunches) are made and tomorrows tea is organised just my homework to get done and I can sit down, and there was me thinking Janathon and working was going to be hard …….How many dayzzzzz are left!!!

5 miles cycled

Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Janathon Day Six and the Suicidal Cheese Sauce

So the first full week of Janathon commences, as does work, college, a training course, the healthy eating plan and the 30 day ab challenge (what was I thinking!!) and the other million and one jobs that a working mum has to do -easy!! Come six this morning, I was up and getting ready and come six thirty the tea was all but ready to go in the slow-coCleaningClipArtoker – I am trying to be organised. Alas there are always things to get in the way, not least the jar of dolmio lasagne cheese sauce that picked today of all day to have a suicidal moment and dive of the pantry shelf – before I could yell noooo (like a jar of cheese sauce is really going to take any notice!) there was glass everywhere and sauce splattering every surface -fab!!

Come 7:15 I was frantically sweeping up broken glass, mopping stone steps and cleaning the walls of quickly congealing cheese sauce, still the steps are lovely and clean now and the lasagne became bolognaise which has fewer calories anyway -every cloud has a silver lining and all that ………….rubbish!?!?

I did think about logging ‘frantically mopping’ as todays Janathon activity and not bothering with a run but after the first day back at work I was ready for it. I’m so glad I went -it may have been p**sing it down (again), blowing a gale (again) and my thighs were still on fire (again) but I loved every minute of it. Keep everything crossed that my need holds out because I think my running mojo is making a comeback!

2.5 miles in 22:41 minutes

Early run in the morning

Bring it on

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