Value for money………………

The Nerves didn't last long.....

The Nerves didn’t last long…..

So I’ve paid to watch two games of Rugby League this weekend. One cost two quid to get in and the program was a £1, the other cost twenty quid (or would have done if I didn’t have a season ticket) and the program cost £2.50. One game was played with pride, passion and had a huge amount of talent on show the other was lack-lustre -bordering on boring and their was no pride,passion or to be brutally honest, give or take a couple of players, effort to be seen. I’m proud to say my son played in the first game.

Yep -yesterday was a bit of a deja vu moment for me. Exactly a year to the day since I had spent the morning feeling sick with nervous anticipation and here I was feeling the same way. The only difference was last year I was about to embark on a 5 mile run in and around the Olympic stadium this time I was waiting for Jack’s rugby game to kick-off. I don’t know why I get so nervous before his games, I just do. Especially when the games are finals or special events (todays game saw Jacks team representing Yorkshire) – I think it’s a sort of sympathy nerves – a bit like when men get strange cravings when their wives are pregnant, I get Jack’s vibes (poor kid can’t eat before a game) and feel just as nervous as he does. Once again the nerves weren’t called for – despite the constant disruption to training and match days due to the ridiculous weather ,the lads did all that was asked of them and more. They wore their Yorkshire Rose’s with pride and stuffed the Lancastrians big style – the ‘War of the Roses’ was well and truly won. Get in -shame the slightly more expensive game didn’t live up to its Junior game.

A cracking Easter Weekend

Two weeks off to enjoy

Bring it on



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