The wrong Path and the Wrong Scene!!


In my defence I wasn’t actually lost in the true sense of the word, I knew exactly which direction I’d come from I just wasn’t sure in which direction I was going. I am blaming loosing my bearings on a hill – well you’ve got to blame something!!
You see there I was at Walton Nature Park doing my usual ‘I wonder where that path goes’ routine, and as usual it didn’t go where I wanted it to. The first path took me back to a main road, not where I wanted to be, so I doubled back and headed up a little slope I’d spotted. First problem,it wasn’t a little slope, it was just pretending to be, bad enough on foot, on a bike – no chance!! Second problem, halfway up I had to get off and push, there was no going back it was too steep. So I tripped stumbled and cursed my way up, falling over the bike as I went. Once at the top came problem number three, there was no path, not even a funny fanny path – just a steep, downhill churned up mess!!! Fab. So I slid down with my bike leading the way. At last – a path, a path for a motor cross bike – it wasn’t my day!! Still I battled on, I had no choice, it got easier, sort of!!
Next I came to a random wall or two, really strange, looked like the remains of a bridge that didn’t seem to lead anywhere, I may have to go back for another look.
Anyway, I pedalled round the ‘whatever it was’ and straight into the middle of some kids filming something – god knows what, they were all dressed in black with a pile of suitcases at the side. Whatever it was they clearly didn’t want some mad women , splattered with mud pedalling into their scene- whoops. Scene one Take two!!!
Made it home in the end
Might try an easier route tomorrow.
Bring it on!!

A Walk a Run and Why is My iphone so Dumb?

So I’m sat here a little annoyed. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve run and walked today but my stupid iPhone died mid run (again) so now I’ve no idea how far I went (it wasn’t far!) or  how fast. I suppose it doesn’t matter on either count as for me it’s about getting back from injury, the distance and pace will come later -maybe Sunday!! (I’m joking -honest)

Anyway, I’ve decided my iPhone’s a man -it can’t multi-task to save its life. All I asked it to do was map my run, play some music and take the odd photo, half a mile, 3 photos and one Take That track later it had given up. Which kind of buggers up my plans for this years blog as I was going to take the occasional shot of where I was so you could share my route. When I’m walking taking the camera isn’t a problem, and I can probably put it in my rucksack when cycling ,don’t think hubby will be too chuffed with me stopping every two minutes though! But I can’t carry it when running -looks like me walking round all my running routes to take photos first -maybe you could just imagine where I am -I’m good at descriptive writing!!!

Still it did feel like a good run, and the walk wasn’t bad either. In complete contrast to yesterday we had sun and blue skies, the housework would have to wait the outdoors beckoned. Well it did once sleeping beauty a.k.a Jack had risen from his pit – he really is going to take some waking come school on Monday. So early afternoon ( yes he really did sleep that long) we hit the local nature park and had two hours of outdoor heaven -still not too sure whether the abandoned railway line we climbed up to again is actually abandoned but I haven’t seen a train yet!!!

A run, a walk

Might do the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

Horsing Around on the Railway Ruins………Maybe!

Ok so it’s not the warmest of Easter holidays but it’s dry and bright and in the Earnshaw household that’s all that’s needed. As long as we’re outside we’re happy – well Jack and I are – hubbys working! So today Jack and I headed down to Walton nature park for coffee and cake by the water’s edge (well a Kit Kat Chunky – but you get the idea) and a chance for a play about with my camera. That created another first for me -photographing horses. I didn’t realise horses do facial expressions -other than long ones -but they do, and just like humans if you shoot in black and white (is shoot the wrong thing to say when talking about horses) they look even better -really!!

With the camera work done, well I could have gone on but Jack was clearly getting bored, we headed off on another magical mystery tour -why do I do these things. Before I knew it we were sat under a railway bridge – a high bridge – looking out over Wakefield -bliss. to be honest once my legs had stopped shaking the views were amazing. Then we found a way up onto the bridge to find what we think is disused railway, but not knowing for sure I didn’t dare go onto it. We came home to see what information we could find. So like a true saddo, I’ve spent over an hour trawling through websites and forums dedicated to abandoned railways -yes people really do post on these forums, there are photos and everything!! Not that I’ve managed to find out whether it is disused or not but I’ve found some that definitely are. Guess where we’re going tomorrow?!?!

A lovely day out

Heading to the railway ruins tomorrow

Bring it on



Snow Easily Distracted…………

Well today was well and truly a snow day, it started snowing last night and within ten minutes everything was covered. In fact it came down so heavy that at 10pm we were out throwing snowballs and making snow angels in the street -can you tell it doesn’t snow very often!! Anyway we awoke this morning to deep snow and glorious sunshine -finally some perfect conditions for some wintry photos. Well it would have been if I hadn’t  got distracted by things that flap -yep despite not really liking birds they were the main focus of my camera work today -totally hogged the limelight. Still it was a great way to log some more Janathon miles. Despite the knee injury there is every chance that I am going to do the same mileage as last year -I’m well chuffed!!

5.2 miles walked

2 hours of fun in the snowy sunshine

Bring it on

The Camera Shy Dragonfly…………….

So hubby survived the lads  night out relatively unscathed and home by half past one – lightweight. I lasted until 3 o clock the last time I went out!!! Alas he didn’t awake refreshed enough to go out for our weekly bike ride, but a fry-up at the local garden centre gave him enough energy to do the ironing before he retired to the sofa for a rest. Meanwhile Jack and I took full advantage of the glorious weather and headed out to the local nature park.

It was a lovely walk and Jack spent time catapulting any thing that moved while I went and played with my camera, although I got some ok shots I failed in my mission to get the dragonfly I was after – every time I got the flaming thing in shot it flew off – I lost patience in the end. Maybe I should stick to the rugby photos…..

Once home it was time to give my reassembled cross trainer a go. With running still a no go I need to do something else and I’m now glad I didn’t sell it when I bought my treadmill – who needs to go to the gym, I’ve got it all. So how was it…….bloody hard work. I used to be able to do hours on it, I managed 10 minutes. It’s a start, just not the one I wanted.

Feeling like an unfit lump of lard

Cycling and Cross trainer tomorrow

Bring it on

On the Hunt for Spike Island with the Catapult Kids……………….

The Catapult Kids

So with another walk and run under my belt my CBA syndrome has definitely been kicked into touch – for the time being at any rate. However my new-found love of cycling and walking is now causing me to suffer from ‘my legs don’t belong to me’ syndrome – not a good look. It’s pretty similar to the feeling you get the day after running after a marathon – you know your feet are on the floor but you can’t actually feel them – I’m sure it will ease off in a few days!!

Todays walk was with a nearly 11 and a 12 year old in tow, Jack had his friend round for the day and I decided a picnic in the local nature park was a good way of splitting the day up. It was also a good excuse for me to try and find Spike Island, a monument that must be well hidden as I’ve yet to find it.

  When we called to pick Alfie up he had something new and amazing to show us. Ipad, Xbox PS3……………..? Nope nothing new or fangled just a good old-fashioned CATAPULT. Now Jack had hours of fun at a recent BBQ with a catapult, its amazing how far overBBQ’d sausages fly. He was so impressed that he was going to stick one on his Crimbo List – hell of a lot cheaper than last years iPhone – he’ll do for me. After today I think we’ll be buying one a lot sooner than christmas.

Once I’d made the picnic we headed of on the mileish walk to the park, Alfie with his catapult and Jack with his recently acquired rope (see last weeks blog) that stinks of sheep, wrapped over his shoulder and round his waist – they looked like the lost boys!! I followed on behind, dragging the cool bag (have you tried filling 2 growing rugby lads – loads of snap needed!) my camera and the waterproofs! The plan to split the day up went out of the window – we spent nearly all day there. Catapulting anything and everything in sight and trying to lasso what they missed with the rope – who needs technology. Get your kids outside!

So with the kids engrossed I played with my camera – more practise is still needed but I did get a shot off the day – well I think it’s good.

My ‘Shot of the Day’

After all the fun,it was time for tea – a well-earned one before I dropped the lads at rugby training and went for a run with my mate – a bloody good run it was too.

A great day out -we never found Spike Island!!!

A visit to the catapult shop tomorrow

Bring it on



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