Snow Easily Distracted…………

Well today was well and truly a snow day, it started snowing last night and within ten minutes everything was covered. In fact it came down so heavy that at 10pm we were out throwing snowballs and making snow angels in the street -can you tell it doesn’t snow very often!! Anyway we awoke this morning to deep snow and glorious sunshine -finally some perfect conditions for some wintry photos. Well it would have been if I hadn’t  got distracted by things that flap -yep despite not really liking birds they were the main focus of my camera work today -totally hogged the limelight. Still it was a great way to log some more Janathon miles. Despite the knee injury there is every chance that I am going to do the same mileage as last year -I’m well chuffed!!

5.2 miles walked

2 hours of fun in the snowy sunshine

Bring it on

When the Red Red Robin……………

Wintry Walk

Wintry Walk

Now if  I told you that I’d spent some of the morning chasing a robin round the garden you’d probably think I was stark raving bonkers – well you’re right, I am! We have a new feathered friend in the Earnshaw garden -Rodney the Robin – a cute little thing who seems to have taken residence in the bottom of our hedge. Alas he seems a little camera shy.Everytime I sneaked out to try and get a shot of him he flew off. I even tried  staying out in the snow trying to look inconspicuous in the hope he’d stay on the fence but not a chance – maybe I need a camouflage coat.

Anyway, Janathon day 19 was another walk – a slightly longer one than yesterday and even more wintry. The main purpose of the route I took was to see if it was passable by bike  – hubby and I we’re hoping to head out on them tomorrow. So now it’s a case of wait and see, if the snow flurries carry on we’re in with a chance if it freezes we can give it a go but if we do I’m wearing full body armour as I don’t envisage staying upright for long – not if the last couple of weeks are anything to go by.

3.5 miles walked

fingers crossed for time on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on



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