Whats Normal Anyway?!?!?!

Finally, feet up time, a day of rest, er I’m not very good at this resting malarkey. Still a couple of mile walk in the sunshine doesn’t really count as exercise (only when its Janathon) and I did lay in till 9. It wasn’t all work work work (apart from the walk, washing,making Sunday Lunch and looking for new wardrobes) I’ve done very little – honest!!

the purpose of my walk was to;

  • get my teenage son, who has had no rugby all week, out of the house.
  • get some photos of another abandoned building I’ve found
  • use my son to stop me being scared on my  own in said abandoned building -yep I’m a wuss!!!

All in all it was quite a succesful trip and definitely worth another look at some point. Even the teenaged one enjoyed it. So much so that he declared ‘it must be so boring to have a normal mum’. Mmm, I’m sure there’s a compliment in that somewhere!!!

A nice walk done

120 situps

170 crunches

90 seconds of planking

50 squats

30 push-ups

and a lovely bit of Shin beef.

work tomorrow

Bring it on!!

Not Quite As Boooorrrrrreeedddd!!

A much more mobile today, the knee is definitely on the mend, at this rate I’ll be back on the bike far sooner than expected (you’ve got to remain hopeful) So we decided to go for a walk – the only problem was where to go. I didn’t want to go too far just in case it didn’t go to plan but at the same time a walk around the block wasn’t going to be far enough. In the end we opted for the Hepworth, Wakefield’s art gallery, that is only a 15 minute walk away.

The Hepworth is a great place, even if you’re not over enthralled with the alleged art in the galleries there is still plenty to admire. There was another new exhibition for us to look at today though I have to admit I really didn’t get it and Jack, in full ‘art critic mode’ declared it pants!! So we spent most of the time admiring the views around the gallery and Jack hogged the camera to give us his favourite moments……….I’ll let you decide!!

So having walked there and back my knee has survived, though it is throbbing now, (it is early days)  The boredom will soon be over. I wonder where we can walk tomorrow……….

On the mend

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

The Game That Never Was and the Game That Was a Whole Lot Better Than it Should Have Been…..


At last, blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, not a rain cloud to be seen. This Summer Rugby League marlakey was finally going to live up to what we were promised. Basking in the sunshine

Comebacks on!!!

Comebacks on!!!

watching our kids play. Then the telephone rang. Due to a monumental cock-up there was no game, half the opposition team were on their jolly hols, and rightly so -it is half term after all. Trouble is despite them cancelling 2 weeks ago no one thought to tell us, then when they did let’s just say that instead of crossed wires we had crossed Emails and unfortunately the one that said ‘the games off’ didn’t appear until today. Oh well, people are only human and mistakes are easily made, though looking at some of the posts on a local rugby forum you’d think it was a matter of life and death -yes the keyboard warrior strikes again!! There are some really sad people out there!

So with no game yesterday we had to wait  until today for our rugby fix, trouble is it was Wakefield v Wigan and our form in recent weeks meant we didn’t have a hope in hell. ………..Wrong!! We nearly caused the upset of the season and won -and to think I very nearly stayed home to finish topping off the tan. Yep at long last Wakefield played with a bit of pride and passion  – if only you got points for effort. Hopefully the corner has been turned and Wakefield’s form is returning -watch this space!!

Beautiful Weather

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on!!

Conquering the Cabin Fever…..Maybe Not

Well I still didn’t get the best of nights sleep but it was the best one in almost a week – things are finally on the up, sort of. I’ve definitely got more movement in my shoulder now which is good, however I still feel slightly unattached to  my left side, I’m sure it won’t last much longer. They say patience is a virtue, it’s just a shame I haven’t gone none!! I went back to work today which has slightly alleviated the boredom but what I really want to do is cycle or run or both. Cabin fever is setting in -big style.

Still I’ve got the day off to look forward to tomorrow, schools closed for the police commissioner elections that no one knows a thing about, so I’ve got a whole day to myself to do the things I love. Well apart from running, cycling, swimming and walking!! Looks like a day people watching with my camera. Watch out Wakefield Precinct I’m coming to get you!!

The movements returning

Back on the bike by the weekend

Bring it on!!

Rainy Runs and Horsey Huffs…………….

Well if  last nights run was a rainy one,tonight, well tonight it was well and truly hammering it down – full on pavement lashing, eyelid closing rain – awesome!! It’s rained all day here in Wakefield It’s never let up, so come leaving work time roads were closing and queues were forming – thankfully I know a few cheeky shortcuts so I made it home quicker than most – I even had time to call for petrol – good job really – the car’s been flashing red for 2 days!!

So with Jack’s school rugby game cancelled – can’t think why – I decided to run sooner than later. I only wanted to do a steady short run so opted to run first and eat after. To be honest it, once out there I loved it. It was somewhat satisfying that while all the cars sat there stuck in the gridlock I flew (well plodded) past them without a care in the world – ears full of water – but not a care in the world.

I didn’t see one other runner, to be fair they were probably all stuck in the traffic or are slightly saner than I am. I did see a cyclist who gave me that knowing nod – you know the one -‘hey you’re as mad as me’ but other than that I didn’t really  pass anyone – not even a dog walker. I did however see a guy walking a pony – no really!! He was heading back to the stables on Oakenshaw Lane, but the pony clearly had the ‘tit on’ at being out in the rain and was refusing to go any further – the guy just kept raising his arms in the air – maybe hoping for some heavenly inspiration and the pony, well the pony just had a long face!! 

3.7 miles in 31:25 minutes

Longer run tomorrow

Bring it on!!

London Calling………….Again!!

So for the 3rd time in a month I’m in London, only this time we’re all here and we’re staying for 4 days. God help my bank balance. Yep, it’s our annual pilgrimage to the Rugby League Challenge Cup. I think this is our fifth year now and you never know, one day Wakefield might get here. Well a girl can dream!!!
We did really well getting here and were at the ever reliable Premier Inn within 3 hours of leaving home. It would of been a pretty uneventful trip had it not have been for the moaning whinge bag sitting opposite. He had obviously never come across a Rugby League fan before, so a whole group of them singing and dare I say it ‘drinking alcohol’ Poor fella nearly had a heart attack. Granted we were supposedly in the quiet coach but they didn’t book the quiet coach by choice – it’s the seats they were given!! So snivelling whinge-bag grassed them up for being loud and offensive- 3 times and so up his own arse was he that he failed to notice that the fat chuffer in a Leeds shirt who he bragged to about grassing up ‘those rowdy sport fans’ was actually one of those ‘rowdy sports fans’ what a knob!!! Thankfully he left the train with his arms and legs still attached- don’t ask me how!!!
So we’re relaxing now after a night in the bar with even more ‘rowdy rugby fans’, it’s been great – fans from all sides getting on together, well apart from the Hull KR fan who got the right ‘tit on’ when someone suggested that they’re not playing very well at the moment. Hopefully he’ll have stopped sulking by breakfast time.

In London again
Wembley tomorrow
Bring it On

Trips, Chips and Walking Sticks

So, where to start. Maybe by getting yesterday out of the way. Yes we finally made it on our school trip – a day out in Castleton – Derbyshire. Quite how we made it there in one piece I’ll never know. Just where do bus companies find some of their drivers from. It was bad enough that he didn’t know where he was going, even worse he insisted on following the Sat-nav even though it was taking us into the centre of Sheffield – brill. But it was his cornering around the winding roads of the Peak District that was the biggest cause for concern. The news headlines flashed before my eyes- ‘school bus slides down hillside’, really it was that bad. To make matters even worse two of the little darlings were sick – trying to hold a sick bucket when your being cannoned around a coach is no fun and in the end me and the other teaching assistant ended up all but laid in a heap on top of ‘sick kid’ – whoops.

Still, the Treak Cliff Caverns were really good and I’d definitely like another look – without 25 kids. Loved the tat they bought in the gift shop – bet their parents were well chuffed!! Shame the weather did its best to spoil the day, but thankfully the outdoor pool was heated so we still did all we should.Then it was back on the wonder bus to Wakefield – arrrghhh.

Once I’d stopped shaking it was time to get ready for the end of year night out. This year we decided on the Westgate Run, not a race, but a pub crawl that takes you into the centre of Wakefield. It’s fair to say a good time was had by all and I can’t remember the last time I rolled in at quarter to three complete with a dodgy takeaway – cheesy chips, best thing for soaking up beer ever!!! I can’t believe the taxi driver falling for it when I said I normally paid £2 to get home from town – well he asked!!! So did I have a hangover this morning – well I didn’t really have chance to have one- Saturday Morning is Junior Rugby Morning………..

Yep, the day dawned bright and sunny and by 9:30 we were in Leeds .Due to recent weather (Summer Rugby is not going very well!) only one pitch was playable. Kick off delayed by half an hour – great. I knew it was turning into one of those days – then the referee turned up and I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Clive Dunn was refing the game – no really. A grey haired chap hobbled over and I mean hobbled- so bad was his walk that he was in a need of a mobility scooter. Now I’m all for the elderly keeping active but refereeing an U12’s game is possibly a step too far. In fact there’s no possibly about it. Five minutes in he was gasping for breath, he’d no idea whether the kids were scoring, in touch or knocking on – he couldn’t keep up with them. If he awarded a penalty he kept the ball so that they couldn’t restart without him. It was, well it was a joke. When two East Leeds players clashed heads resulting in one of them going to hospital he called both sides together to tell them that yes people get hurt in rugby and he didn’t want them to start fighting to get revenge – er………..they were on the same side. In fact he called them together quite often – anything for a rest!!! An hour and a half later the 50 minute game was over……………………………Junior Rugby – you’ve got to love it.

The worlds oldest Rugby Ref

Glad to be hangover free (ish)Signing my Dad up as a rugby refBring it on

Rest Day………….. Sofa not so Good

So the second day of my non running rest day got off to a later start than planned, mainly due to not going to bed until 2:30 this morning. Now I know Wakefield and Wales have similar letters in them but I still fail to understand how last nights Billy Bus Driver managed to take us the long way round coming back from Widnes. (Thank god we didn’t play tonight, we’d have never have made it back) So glad the club was open when we got back, cos boy did I need another ‘ickle drink’.

So this morning a ‘lie in’ was called for. Tiredness however has not done much to prevent me from wanting to run. I’ve only missed one day and already I’m desperate to get the running shoes back on. Even the snow hasn’t put me off cos I’ve got some nice new yak trax that I never gotthe chance to test last year. I Can’t see me lasting another day without a little run.  However if the snow carries on falling at the current rate I’ll need more than Yak Trax to help me round.

Last Day Of Rest

Bring it On

Off to Watch the Wildcats Roar………….Part 2

So off we went to Widnes, it was bloody freezing. So many layers of clothing on it was a struggle to breathe never mind down a match day pint, but I managed, just!!!!

Within 2 minutes of KO it was clearly obvious what the Ref had been told to do, let Widnes win, no matter what. Such a shame we spoilt their party. Brilliant game and after a season of watching dire rugby last year it made a nice change to see Wakey pass the ball around.

So back on the bus home, just our luck that:

The heating didn’t work

Billy bus driver set off home in the wrong direction, yep we nearly ended up in Wales instead of Wakefield.!!!!

Another pint in the club and then home to thaw out (1:30 am)

Sleep in tomorrow me thinks.

Rugby League and Running.

Bring it on.

Windy Day 2

Bit of a howling wind round the hills of Wakefield today, great for drying the washing (beddding washed, dried and back on!)  not too great for an asthmatic runner,epecially when no matter which way I turned the wind stayed in my face. Still I’m not one to give in easily, not with a Janathon to complete, so off I went.

I’d promised myself a nice steady run today, however the message obviously didn’t make it to my feet. Off they flew without a thought for the fact that the rest of me is still recovering from Christmas……….

5.8 miles in 49:08 mins not exactly the 10 min miles I had planned  but I ain’t complaining.

Passed only one runner today, where have they all gone, can’t still be at the sales surely!


Thinking of doing a hill session tomorrow…………….little hill though!




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