Clothes, Catapults and Cops

Day two of the Olympics and the favourite sport for the men in the Earnshaw household……Beach Volleyball (womens) Any guesses as to why??? Is there really any need to wear so little clothing – I’ve got bigger underwear and why do they need tape sticking on their arse to help their muscles – come on!!! What’s wrong with navy blue knickers and white vest -thats what we used to wear when playing volleyball at school, but then we had no beach………

So after surviving the never ending opening ceremony we are now suffering from Olympic overload – this red button thing is causing havoc with me trying to get things done – you can watch anything at anytime. Mind you I did spend 10 minutes chunttering at my brothers cos there was no sound on the gymnastics – I don’t suppose there will be when the tellys on mute – thanks bro – you could have told me!!

To be honest there was never going to be much chance of me doing anything this weekend – 2 late nights in a row has nearly killed me off – I’m rubbish at this partying lark!! Last night saw us at a friends BBQ and we had a great night.¬†Unfortunately the more beer the host had the dafter he got, so come some ridiculous hour he had toddled outside with Jack – 5 minutes later they were catapulting left ¬†over BBQ shit sausages (Sorry Mary) over the gargen hedge- he is such a good influence – guess what Jack now wants for christmas!!!

Half seven tonight saw me finally dragging myself out for a short run – however due to the cops stopping me from running down by the river it was a shorter run than anticipated. It’s not the first time a policeman has stopped me running, however the last time I didn’t realise it was a policeman behind me (well it was dark but to be fair the light shinning down from the police helicopter should have been a big clue!) Anyway, I thought the person behind me was another runner so my competitve streak kicked in and I flew off, it was only when I looked round to see if I’d managed to beat the runner did I realise that; A) it was a policeman and B) the policeman was struggling to breathe!! So I stopped and waited for the policeman to get his breath back. Ten minutes later the nice policeman told me I needed to get back on the main road as it wasn’t safe – he wouldn’t tell me why – I don’t think he had the energy! I thought coppers had to pass fitness tests.

Medals for Team GB

more to come tomorrow

Bring it on



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