A Virtual Reality……………

Funny Looking Tree

Funny Looking Tree

I thought I’d calmed down, I really did – how wrong can you be. I don’t know whats come over me of late -I usually just let things go – anything for a quiet life. But seemingly no more. I don’t think last weeks rugby game helped -watching someone nearly snuff it right in front of you (don’t worry he survived and is on the mend now) makes you question whats going on in life. Maybe thats what ended my ‘being a pushover’ days, in some ways it’s not before time.

Thankfully it was a virtual person who bore the brunt of my strop this evening -what possessed me to get the Wii fit back out I’ll never know -well I do it’s the ‘I’m getting saggy and flabby cos I’m not running’ syndrome that caused me to get it out. But I do like it because it makes you do things properly and it lectures you and carries on if you don’t. Tonight it was definitely lecturing and carrying on and in no time at all the air was blue -that was me not the virtual one. The thing that naffed me off was when the virtual one claimed I was a couch potato with an estimated age of 61- as if !! I go to the gym twice a week and when it’s not snowing  (will it ever stop snowing!) I cycle to work. Then she started claiming I was leaning back which was a bit odd as I was touching my toes at the time -believe me I’m no contortionist!!! Then the penny dropped – the wii fit board was back to front -whoops. So now I’m a finally tuned athlete with an estimated age of 32 -the ranting has stopped -for now!!

Fighting the flab.

Easy when you know which is the back and which is the front

Bring it on



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