Stupid Cupid……………

Hallelujah, half term is upon us -and before you non-school workers start your ‘you’ve only just gone back’ speech. It’s been six long weeks minus one snow day  (which shouldn’t have been a snow day -but thats another story!) and yes I know that in the grand scale of things six weeks isn’t a long time, but in school speak it’s much longer. Not convinced -try working with a class of 30, you may change your mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but when you’re there it’s full on. Take this week, in between the English, Maths and Science assesments (poor kids -but thats yet another story), History, P.E and the yearly pancake races we’ve had the trials and tribulations of the Valentines Disco. The tears of rejection and lost love have gone on for the best part of a week -relationship counselling is not really my thing! I suppose I could have just said ‘get a grip’, but thats probably a bit harsh -especially when you’re only 9. Yes cupids arrow now strikes Primary school’s, just what are you meant to say as they sob on your shoulder declaring their undying love for a boy who’d rather play bulldog with his mates -I wish they wouldn’t grow up so fast. Relationship worries at nine -I was nineteen before I had a relationship, the only relationship I’ve ever had – I married him!!

The holidays are here

The forecast is good

Bring it on




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