Rides,Rugby,Ramblers and Running……..

So after last nights ridiculously short blog – sorry but I was just a little bit too giddy. Well it’s not every day that Wakefield Trinity beat the supposedly mighty Leeds Rhinos and we didn’t just beat them – we stuffed em, shame I’m not a work to wind a few people up!

Anyway it was a busy day all round – Jack had his friend round for the day and we had a bike ride planned. The weather was doing it’s best to spoil our plans but we don’t give up easily in the Earnshaw household. We did however set off later than intended, mainly due to Hubby playing hide n seek with the shed keys – I mean come on, why didn’t I think to look in the peg bag for them, such an obvious place……………..

So eventually we set off, the rain lashed down and the wind blew – typical Summer Holiday Weather.Still the lads didn’t complain. Within 10 minutes we were down by the canal and they were in their element helping to work the lock to let two boats through. We carried on along the riverbank, sheltered under the motorway bridge to have lunch (summer!!) then they made a den in the woods and played rugby before heading back.We could have done without the ‘rambler rage’ on the way back – cos they really own the footpath – not!! Nearly four hours of fun all of the cost of a picnic – perfect day out, even got back in time to watch the gymnasts win a medal!

Yes the Olympics are going down well in our house, in fact I’m getting addicted, this red button thing is ace. Always something to watch. However it does have it’s downside -Jack knows how it works. It doesn’t matter what sport I’m watching Jack manages to find the women’s beach volleyball channel- and it’s not their sporting prowess he’s interested in – boys!!

So after a hectic day yesterday it’s been a much quieter day today(sneaked in a nearly 6 mile run though) -sleeping beauty slept until half ten and I managed to watch the equestrian thing (not sure what you call it) some diving, swimming and arrow firing before Jack found the sand strippers – sorry but the lack of clothing is really started to naff me off.

A great couple of days

More Olympics and an art gallery tomorrow

Bring it on


What a Day……….

So before I tell you about today, it’s been ace- I’ll go back to last night. Yep, having returned from a lovely meal out we returned to our hotel to find the Lobby overflowing with men of a certain tendency ( raving puffs) It was quite funny in a way as I’d read a very interesting article earlier in the day written by a gay man despairing about the way gay folk carry on these days. Well boy we’re they carrying on in our Lobby. Trouble is Jack doesn’t miss a trick nowadays – maybe in hindsight we shouldn’t have bothered stopping in the bar. Thankfully I managed to gag Jack before he completed his sentence of ‘Dad, there’s a load of benders over here’ Eeek!!! Oh well, at least no one knows us over here!!

Early up this morning- great place to log some Juneathon mileage-Kennedy Space Centre- all one mile of it, but we walked back from the drop off point so that’s 2 miles today (pft) Why couldn’t we have had Julyathon- I’m not on holiday then- maybe I’ll have to do my ‘ownathon’!

Any way back to the Space Centre, it was awesome- well it was when we got there. Unfortunately our bus driver was some sort of nut head activist and spent the entire journey ranting and raving about people’s ignorance towards NASA – I thought we we’re going to have a storm the driver incident- some of the Americans we’re getting pretty p’d off. Personally I thought he was a knob and said as much on my survey at the end of the tour – I didn’t give my real name though – I don’t want deporting halfway through my hols!

If you’ve never been to the space centre I would strongly recommend it and for the second day in a row I’ve seriously regretted not bringing my real camera. it’s an unbelievable place- I’ve never had to stop on a bus before while a turtle crosses the road- no really we did. It’s not all Space and rockets, the wildlife here is unbelievable, alligators, mullet( fish not haircut) diving out of the lake, eagles,buzzards and even dolphins. Bit worried about the Vultures though- maybe they’ve read my survey……….

Best day of the Holiday so far

Pool day tomorrow

Bring it on!!!



Peek-a-boo I see Yoo-hoo……….oh and Juneathon Day One

So Animal Kingdom today- waders definately required!! Yep ‘Hurricane Beryl’ may have buggered off but her half cousin ‘Hurricane Vera’has turned up to cause more havoc. ( they haven’t really called it Vera but if you can call one Beryl……..)

To be fair the first hour or so wasn’t too bad, as although it was honking it down, we were on Safari in deepest Africa(Disney style!) so we we’re undercover. In all honesty it was the best safari yet as usually the animals are hiding from the sun. Today they we’re running round for all to see – in fact they caused chaos- 3 times we we’re held up by the Rhinos blocking the track. But who’s going to argue with a Rhino (well apart from a Leeds one!) not me! Best bit of the safari was playing peekaboo with a gorilla- no I’m not kidding. Bless it, talk about playing to an audience, every time I took a photo it put its food tray over his face-well funny! Today is the first day I’ve regretted not bringing my posh camera- but then again I wouldn’t have been able to risk it on the roller coasters etc.

By the time we’d been thrown around on Mount Everest (fast ride) the rain was torrential, time to don our ‘ I look a right tit in this’ poncho’s. Well at least everybody looks as bad- and the do special ones for the fat chuffers on mobility scooters! Anyway we did all we wanted to do – just!

As I mentioned yesterday, Gay pride has arrived at Disney. We first came across this 4 years ago when Virgin tried to move us from our hotel as it was to be used as an official ‘Gay Day’ hotel. We asked to be moved back -you can’t wrap your kids in cotton wool plus back then Jack was oblivious to Gay’s and Lesbians. Fast forward 4 years and he’s more than aware of who they are- hence much hilarity every time a gay dude struts anywhere near him and if they sit crossed legged -well!! Gone are the days when you could divert his attention by looking at Peter Pan (!)
Forgot to mention Juneathon starts today – probably shouldn’t have entered seen as we’re in Florida for the first 10 days but I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve logged 3 miles of walking today – it’s not running but it’ll do!!

Animal Kingdom Done

Space station tomorrow

Bring it on



The Things You See…………

So holiday day number 5( I think) and Hurricane Beryl has defo gone and left behind glorious hot hot sunshine-the perfect weather for visiting Hollywood Studios- maybe!!! Come 9:15 we were being dropped 15 floors in a lift – yep Tower of Terror time – one of the scariest rides in Disney- so good we did it twice in the space of half an hour. Then it was roller coaster time – by this time my legs were like jelly – and we call it fun!!! I love it really

But the best thing of all about Disney is……… Well it’s none of the rides, it’s the people watching – my favourite pastime. Never will you see such a variety of characters in one place, and I don’t mean the dressed up Disney characters. Nowhere else will you see such a range of shapes, sizes, creeds and colours- well apart from Eastmoor!!! But it’s the size of them that’s fascinating me the most at the moment – how the hell do they get so big??

Take one lady queuing today, her ‘ass’ ( American term for arse) was wider than Hubby and I stood side by side, she was sweating like a pig and could barely breathe, even worse her hubby and kids were all of similar size. Even worse than that they were in the same lift as us on the tower of terror? How the hell that lift got off the ground I’ll never know!

Theme park done, it was back to the hotel and time to relax by the pool, well we relaxed in the shade near the pool ( the bar) think we over did the sun yesterday! So no swimming but a chance to sing along to my iPod! I tried not to sing along too loud as A: I can’t sing and B: I don’t think some people would appreciate my musical tastes. Personally I love Barry Manilow but………..

It was while we were by the pool we had our best laugh of the day- gay pride (4 day celebration for those that bat for theother side) has returned to Disney- and you should of seen the tiny pants one gay dude was wearing- I’ve seen bigger dental Floss!!!

Animal Kingdom tomorrow

Lots more people watching

Bring it on




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