The Curse of Starship Pinderfields Strikes again…….

Another afternoon out at the Starship Pinderfields today and for those who are regular readers of this blog you will know that I don’t tend to have a great deal of luck with appointment times at my local hospital. So was today any different – er no! I did get for my bloods doing straight away which was a good start, getting the trainee nurse to take my blood was not. Alarm bells rang when she held the needle like a javelin, but did she really need to take a run up – ok, slight exaggeration but she wasn’t exactly gentle. There was more blood on me than in the tube, make no wonder my haemoglobin count was down a bit, she’d splattered it all over my top. Normally you get one cotton wool ball stuck to your arm – I had a Johnson’s multi-pack!!

Still the waiting room didn’t seem too busy hopefully I’d be in and out in no time………………There were more delays on the electronic appointment board than Manchester Airport . I was only an hour and 45 minutes late in the end – the last patient of the day – though I did think they’d forgotten me when one of the consultants turned off his lights and headed out the door, thankfully there was another one further up the corridor – I made it back to work in time for last break. So much for I’d only be an hour at the most.

At least I got to do my year 2 ‘under the sea’ dance before I left. Bless them, they’re fab – and one little girl made my day. When she asked if she could be Ariel. I jokingly said I was Ariel – her reply ‘maybe we both should be Ariel, I’ve got the hair and you’ve got the beauty’ I could have kissed her – I love my job.

The weekends here

And guess who’s running 3 mile in the morning…

Bring it on


New Knee Needed…………………….

Well I won’t be pedalling on Mavis again anytime soon – give me trusty Boris anyday (well at least until I get my new bike) Who would have thought that a nearly scrapped bike would be so much better than a bike I bought less than a year ago from Halfords. Don’t get me wrong, I know the dodgy knee situation didn’t help the pedalling but compared to Boris it was bloody hard work. Still biking’s the only option I’ve got at the moment as the dodgy knee is making car driving impossible.

Yep, the pain continues, by the time I got home today I was seriously considering a trip to A & E, but then other things got in the way, cooking, cleaning. Well anything really to avoid somebody uttering the words – no running. Sounds daft  and they might not even say it, I’m probably worrying over nothing. But I don’t do resting and I’ve already rested two whole days-sort of. Dancing ‘under the sea’ is going to fab tomorrow with a crock knee………….

5 slow miles done

Borrowing hubby’s bike tomorrow

Bring it on

World War Three Under the Sea or 3 kids duffing one another up!!!

Well in the end  I didn’t cycle in my gig lamps, the howling wind put pay to that. I nearly did, but then hubby text to say he’d struggled to say on his bike-I wasn’t risking getting blown under the 110 bus just for the sake of my fitness!! Still I did plenty to improve my fitness today – I’m sure prancing round the school hall being a wave helps! Yep, I’m back to teaching Key stage one dance – wahoo!! I love it really. Thankfully due to this new creative curriculum malarkey I no longer have to do the stupid ‘Cat dance’, which is great news as for one thing I hate cats and for another I feel a right tit crawling round on my hands and knees with my imaginary tail in the air!! Takes me back to my own primary school when you had to be a leaf falling from a tree (!!) Mind You, and I may have mentioned this before, but I once did a P.E course where we had to run around with a chiffon scarf pretending to be washing on a line and then we had to be a giraffe who couldn’t dance (don’t ask) If I remember rightly it was also the same P.E course when I got sent off for flooring one of my opponents in ‘tag rugby’. I couldn’t help myself – my competitive side kicked in and I forget it wasn’t’ proper rugby’. I still passed the course though!!

Anyway, back to the dance – today we were ‘under the sea’, Little Mermaid style. Having watched a clip from the film  we thought about which of the little fishes we could be and danced along to the music. They/we  did really well, we had mermaids (they’re not being Ariel though – I’m having the lead role!!) puffa fish, seahorses, angel fish,eels,starfish and the ‘I’m going to twat my little playmate’ fish – I’m sure that one wasn’t in the film! That made me a very ‘angry fish’. I think they got the message. Can’t wait for next week.

So feeling all danced out maybe a trip to Ikea after work wasn’t the best of ideas. It took for ever to get there, all for the sake of a fat pillow for hubby( and a little look round) Thing was, there was a million and one pillows to choose from – when did pillows become so scientific. They now do pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, tummy sleepers but no where was there a pillow for bed-hogging snoring starfish sleepers. Still after prodding loads of them hubby now has a new pillow, I only hope it’s the right one I can’t face prodding all those pillows again!

Friday at Last

Rugby Playoffs tomorrow

Bring it On



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