Gym Junkie……………..sort of!!

gymWell thankfully I sneaked into the gym without the helpful instructor spotting me, Phew! Although to be honest, with my little legs feeling somewhat weary I could have probably done with the extra encouragement today. Still I did manage the bike, a sneaky little run on the treadmill and had a go on the  rowing machine (I’d forgotten how hard that was!) not a bad effort. I’ve got to admit I’m staring to enjoy the gym, it’s still doesn’t compare to the buzz I get road running but it is starting to fill the void that ‘no running’ has left behind. So now I’m on a mission to row more than a 1500m without feeling like I’m going to die or throw up – could be fun.

Going to the gym also allows me to continue one of my favourite pastimes -people watching, and it would be a great place to take my camera, except your not allowed. But honestly the expressions on people’s faces as they exercise needs capturing. Today wouldn’t have been the best day to take the camera though -I would definitely have captured more than I intended to. It’s bad enough that some guys choose to wear those little running shorts (Like Mo Farah wears)great for the road and track, not great when you’re laying on an exercise mat, doing sit-ups  with your meat and 2 veg  hanging out. especially when yours truly is looking on -bleurghh. Thank god it was beef stew for tea and not my original plan of sausage casserole…….

All thing considered Janathons gone pretty well

Just one day left

Bring it on


The North Wind doth Blow and Jacks mum will run slow(ish)


Ever get the feeling that things are not going to go to plan……………..

Knew it was going to be one of those days when the rear wiper wouldn’t work on my car this morning, just what you need in torrential rain while doing the school run. Then my son lasted a whole 25 minutes at school before trapping his finger in the door and had to go to A & E (nothing broken thankfully, just a lovely big bandage on his middle finger). So I suppose it was a bit too much to expect my hill session to go as expected.

The weatherman said it was going to get better, yeah right!!! Go on the treadmill Hubby said but I hate the treadmill more than the howling wind. So I set off, the hail started, yipee. Made it to my usual hill, which way was the wind blowing………yep, down the hill I wanted to run up. ‘ Sod it’ I thought and opted for some sprints home. Run done, not the run I wanted but still…………

Day 3 done.




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