Tidying, Tickets and the £1.50 Swing……………

So the spare room is finally tidy (sort of) , not that you’d know if you saw it now. We’re heading to London for the weekend tomorrow (Challenge Cup Weekend – see tomorrows blog) so now the room is full of clothes and a suitcase – mind you looking at the amount of clothes hubby is intending to take I better find a bigger case. Don’t get me wrong, I know when holidaying in England you need to take clothes for every possible weather situation but all we’re missing is the snow shoes and Eskimo hat and we’re sorted ( slight exaggeration but you get the picture) Mind you at least he’s sorted his clothes out I’m nowhere near sorting Jack’s stuff or mine!!

I don’t know where the time went today – well I do. Cleaning, shopping and sorting tickets out for the Paralympics- yep I’ve finally managed to get us tickets for the Olympic park – Wahoo. It is, however a good job I rechecked the times on them before booking the train as I could have sworn I’d booked the morning session. If I hadn’t of checked we would have been on our way back before the session started – whoops, we’re going to the evening session!!!! Can’t wait now, mega excited -what a school holidays we’ve had.

Thankfully Jack has been occupied most of the afternoon putting his £1.50 bit of rope  he got from Castleton to use again. This time him and his mate Alice (Alice who the F*** is Alice – she’s just a mate!) used it to build a swing in the tree over the road. Damn good job they made of it too. Three and a half hours of fun for £1.50 – you can’t go wrong. Get your kids outside!!

So with swing building, tidying and ticket booking done it was  – time to drop Jack at rugby training and head out for a run with my mate, a bit of a magical mystery tour tonight but they’re the best ones to do sometimes. Loved the way Gill had totally lost her bearings when we came back out onto the road – but at least we weren’t lost and didn’t get attacked by any dodgy animals – just a bit of scary looking mud under a dark bridge – I wasn’t the one who squealed (well sort of squealed) though!! Another six miles logged. I’m hoping to log six more in the morning but looking at all I’ve to do before we board the train tomorrow……Hopefully the packing fairy might visit in the night!!

Six Miles done

Wembley Bound Tomorrow

Bring it on

Tea for Two…………….Maybe not!!!!


So as predicted, sleeping beauty slept in, so it was nearly lunchtime before we were ready to do anything today. Still it gave me time to get more mundane jobs done like online meter readings, online banking and filling in the stupid tax credit form – but I think I got the message across. You see in the last seven years the tax credit people for various reasons have decided that I had no husband and gave me ridiculous amounts of money – I contemplated chucking Hubby out but kept him and sent the money back. Then they decided I didn’t have a child, hence a demand for silly amounts of money they wanted back, then they decided we’d adopted him, more paper work to prove he really was ours. Believe it or not the only thing thats changed in the last 7 years is an increase in my working hours – how do you get no husband or child from that!!

Anyway, once sleeping beauty was finally fed and ready we headed of to the local ‘Go Outdoors’ to get Jack some new walking shoes for our forthcoming holiday to  the Peak District. Wow what a fab place ( Go Outdoors – not the Peak District ) – I could have spent a fortune, everything for running, biking, camping, walking, loads and loads and loads of stuff and Kendal Mint Cake – yum yum!! Now Jack thinks a camping holiday would be the best idea in the world – as long as we have a four bedroom tent – what does his dad think – not printable on here. I tried to tell him it will be cheaper than a fortnight on Ibiza but he’s not having it. Maybe we’ll have to do glamping first – posh camping, fluffy towels and everything………

So shopping done – I was good and just bought the shoes – we nearly had tea out. However, due to a mix up, our guests were happily munching their own tea when I rang to see where they were – they’d got the wong day!!! Still not being stuffed from eating out meant I’d time to squeeze a little run in at the end of the day and I’m well chuffed. It was only just over 3 miles but I knocked nearly 3 minutes off Monday’s efforts – the comeback is on.

No tea out today

Try again tomorrow

Bring it on

Trips, Chips and Walking Sticks

So, where to start. Maybe by getting yesterday out of the way. Yes we finally made it on our school trip – a day out in Castleton – Derbyshire. Quite how we made it there in one piece I’ll never know. Just where do bus companies find some of their drivers from. It was bad enough that he didn’t know where he was going, even worse he insisted on following the Sat-nav even though it was taking us into the centre of Sheffield – brill. But it was his cornering around the winding roads of the Peak District that was the biggest cause for concern. The news headlines flashed before my eyes- ‘school bus slides down hillside’, really it was that bad. To make matters even worse two of the little darlings were sick – trying to hold a sick bucket when your being cannoned around a coach is no fun and in the end me and the other teaching assistant ended up all but laid in a heap on top of ‘sick kid’ – whoops.

Still, the Treak Cliff Caverns were really good and I’d definitely like another look – without 25 kids. Loved the tat they bought in the gift shop – bet their parents were well chuffed!! Shame the weather did its best to spoil the day, but thankfully the outdoor pool was heated so we still did all we should.Then it was back on the wonder bus to Wakefield – arrrghhh.

Once I’d stopped shaking it was time to get ready for the end of year night out. This year we decided on the Westgate Run, not a race, but a pub crawl that takes you into the centre of Wakefield. It’s fair to say a good time was had by all and I can’t remember the last time I rolled in at quarter to three complete with a dodgy takeaway – cheesy chips, best thing for soaking up beer ever!!! I can’t believe the taxi driver falling for it when I said I normally paid £2 to get home from town – well he asked!!! So did I have a hangover this morning – well I didn’t really have chance to have one- Saturday Morning is Junior Rugby Morning………..

Yep, the day dawned bright and sunny and by 9:30 we were in Leeds .Due to recent weather (Summer Rugby is not going very well!) only one pitch was playable. Kick off delayed by half an hour – great. I knew it was turning into one of those days – then the referee turned up and I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Clive Dunn was refing the game – no really. A grey haired chap hobbled over and I mean hobbled- so bad was his walk that he was in a need of a mobility scooter. Now I’m all for the elderly keeping active but refereeing an U12’s game is possibly a step too far. In fact there’s no possibly about it. Five minutes in he was gasping for breath, he’d no idea whether the kids were scoring, in touch or knocking on – he couldn’t keep up with them. If he awarded a penalty he kept the ball so that they couldn’t restart without him. It was, well it was a joke. When two East Leeds players clashed heads resulting in one of them going to hospital he called both sides together to tell them that yes people get hurt in rugby and he didn’t want them to start fighting to get revenge – er………..they were on the same side. In fact he called them together quite often – anything for a rest!!! An hour and a half later the 50 minute game was over……………………………Junior Rugby – you’ve got to love it.

The worlds oldest Rugby Ref

Glad to be hangover free (ish)Signing my Dad up as a rugby refBring it on

What a Day……….

So before I tell you about today, it’s been ace- I’ll go back to last night. Yep, having returned from a lovely meal out we returned to our hotel to find the Lobby overflowing with men of a certain tendency ( raving puffs) It was quite funny in a way as I’d read a very interesting article earlier in the day written by a gay man despairing about the way gay folk carry on these days. Well boy we’re they carrying on in our Lobby. Trouble is Jack doesn’t miss a trick nowadays – maybe in hindsight we shouldn’t have bothered stopping in the bar. Thankfully I managed to gag Jack before he completed his sentence of ‘Dad, there’s a load of benders over here’ Eeek!!! Oh well, at least no one knows us over here!!

Early up this morning- great place to log some Juneathon mileage-Kennedy Space Centre- all one mile of it, but we walked back from the drop off point so that’s 2 miles today (pft) Why couldn’t we have had Julyathon- I’m not on holiday then- maybe I’ll have to do my ‘ownathon’!

Any way back to the Space Centre, it was awesome- well it was when we got there. Unfortunately our bus driver was some sort of nut head activist and spent the entire journey ranting and raving about people’s ignorance towards NASA – I thought we we’re going to have a storm the driver incident- some of the Americans we’re getting pretty p’d off. Personally I thought he was a knob and said as much on my survey at the end of the tour – I didn’t give my real name though – I don’t want deporting halfway through my hols!

If you’ve never been to the space centre I would strongly recommend it and for the second day in a row I’ve seriously regretted not bringing my real camera. it’s an unbelievable place- I’ve never had to stop on a bus before while a turtle crosses the road- no really we did. It’s not all Space and rockets, the wildlife here is unbelievable, alligators, mullet( fish not haircut) diving out of the lake, eagles,buzzards and even dolphins. Bit worried about the Vultures though- maybe they’ve read my survey……….

Best day of the Holiday so far

Pool day tomorrow

Bring it on!!!



A pheasant surprise……………Not!!!

At last, Summer is here – can’t believe it has arrived four days before my holidays-  not much chance of getting a base tan now, still this time next week I’ll be golden brown so does it really matter. I’m still debating whether to pack my running stuff, in fact I’m still debating what to take full stop. But the hotel has a lovely gym which I have used in the past and I have sneaked the odd run in. However tonight’s heat has reminded me just how hard running can be and it’s far more humid in Florida than here – maybe I should leave the gear at home. We end up walking miles anyway,then there’s the daily swimming – and I always end up buying a load of gear over there as it’s cheaper – I could always use that.

Despite the heat, we had a lovely run tonight – well, once the mahoosive hill was out of the way. The plus side of running off the beaten track is that most of the route is in the shade, the downside is the flies, why do they always fly straight in your gob,eyes,up your nose – anywhere where you can’t get them out – yuck!! Then there’s the low flying pheasants – bloody things should come with a warning siren. I wouldn’t mind but I’d seen the flaming waddling (do they waddle or is that just ducks!) up the road but I still wasn’t prepared for it launching itself at us…………….Thank god I’ve not reached that dodgy age yet or it would definitely have been a ‘Tena Lady’ moment.

8 miles run

Summer to stay tomorrow

Bring it on


Watch out- bear with sore head’s about!!!

Like a bear with a sore head!!!

Why is it when some days you really need a run, you haven’t a chance of fitting one in. I wish I’d have sneaked a couple of miles in before work now, but hindsight is a wonderful thing! Now I’m Ratty as hell. To be honest I shouldn’t be complaining as the reason I’m so busy is because our family holiday is looming so I’m frantically trying to get everything done before Friday – but there’s so much to do.

Take today for example – the car was in for it’s MOT (it failed!) and the nice MOT man (not) smeared his greasy paws all over my seats making my car smell like a workshop – great. So first job when I got home- cleaning the car. That meant the rest of the jobs- window washing, gardening etc got put back an hour.So I’ve now had to move my indoor cleaning jobs to tomorrow – or do I just leave it till Thursday as it will want doing again by then anyway…………..Yep, I’m one of life’s saddo’s – when I go on holiday I have to leave the house spotless – well come on I don’t want the burglars thinking I’m a scratter. To be honest I’m the same when Santa and the Easter Bunny are on the way – OK we don’t really believe anymore now we’re nearly twelve, but the same principle applies – in my book anyway!!!

Then there’s the clothes situation, fast as I wash them for thr holidays Jack puts them on – my only saving grace was it’s been too cold to wear shorts- guess What?? Yep, you’ve got it. a heatwave hit Wakefield at teatime, aaarrrggghhh!!!!

And then there’s good ol hubby, he’s working over an hour or two tomorrow so he can finish early Friday – aw bless him I thought, he’ll be able to do a few last minute jobs before we leave…………….Well he will if he gets round the golf course in time – Men – there ace………………..

No run today

Running tomorrow


Bring it on

Queen of the Hula Hoop………………Ouch!!

So despite another child free day – I am so bored when I have nobody to play out with – I never made it out for a sneaky run. I have, however caught up with some of the mundane things like ‘Asda Big Shop and ‘Mega hoover session’, yaawwwnnn- can’t remember them been listed in my wedding vows, how did it come to be my job….. Oh aye, I remember, its cos I’m a girl. Pft!!!

Anyway, today hasn’t been a totally exercise free day. I’ve been up and down our 3 flights of stairs countless times with hoovers, swiffers, mops and cloths and pushing the trolley round Asda wasn’t exactly a walk in the park – wish I had of been walking in the park – that’s what we need – an outdoor supermarket!!I’ve also practised a bit more of this dodgy contemporary Olympic number for ‘Big Dance Day’ I’m looking quite good now if you close one eye and squint a bit!! But best of all I’ve treated myself. Clothes… No.   Shoes….. No  Make-up…. No. I’ve bought a hula hoop (not the crisps). Yep, having read some of my Facebook friends reviews I’ve taken the plunge – does it work. Well after a 10 minute workout it hurts to breathe, yep it works. Six pack in six weeks, well if today is anything to go by come my holidays I’ll have a figure like Jessica Ennis but with a wrinkly face and bingo wings- Can’t have everything I suppose!!

Early blog today as we’re taking advantage of being child free and going out- grown up going out, not an 11 year old in sight, can’t remeber the last time we did that!!!

On the way to a six pack

Maybe running tomorrow – depends how many wines I have !!

Bring it on

Ps link to my Olympic Park Movie


Bruised and blind………….

The first thing I noticed this morning when I woke up……………Well I couldn’t notice anything, my eyes were firmly stuck together! Great, just when you think nothing else can possibly go wrong  in one week – conjunctivitis strikes – brill! A whole day wearing my gig-lamps – looks like running blind tomorrow cos I can’t do ten miles wearing them!  Second thing I noticed – or felt- was my aching body, I couldn’t put my finger on where hurt the most ( I daren’t put my finger on it to be honest) even beathing hurt. It’s days like today when I hate living in a house with four floors, by the time I got to the kitchen I needed a lay down. Still you always feel worse when you wake up…………………how many hours have I been awake now and I’m still aching!

 At least the bruisings coming out now  – in the most surprising of places. I honestly don’t recall banging the flatter parts of my  anatomy (my knockers) on the floor but one of them is a lovely colour. Good job they don’t put key pockets in running bra’s!!!!

Don’t know if I dare go out tomorrow

Hopefully 10ish trouble free miles

Bring it on



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