Grunts Groans and Moans

So Janathon Day 3 dawned (is it really only day 3?) and with the boys out watching the mighty reds (Barnsley -in case you’re not sure) I took full advantage of some time on my own and hit the gym for a session ( I think that’s what you say!?!) I’m starting to get the hang of this gym thing now but there is one thing I still can’t get my head round – why do mean feel the urge to make the most ridiculous noises when lifting waits -its ridiculous -what does it prove? There’s the counting groan -onearrghh, twoarrghhh, and the I’ve done it groan – yesarghhhh and the ‘I’maknobheadargggh  groan, I made the last one up but you get the idea. In the end I sought refuge in the pool – I’d heard enough for one day!!

Cross training, weight and swimming done.

Off to re-fuel at the pub

Bring it on!!



February 1st My First Day of Rest………….Whoops!!!

restAt last, after 31 days of non stop exercise, it was time for a rest, even better, it was a Saturday -sleep in time!  Ok, Ok I own up -I failed. I’m blaming the weatherman. It was supposed to be chucking it down and blowing a gale. It wasn’t, the sun was out, the bike was calling. Come nine 0 clock we were pedalling through the local nature park, it was bliss, muddy, but bliss.

Just a short one we said, 13 and a bit miles later we were back, it could have been worse we very nearly carried on to twenty -sense prevailed in the end.

I would like to say that I then laid on the sofa all afternoon and chilled ………………………………………………………………………

Ok you got me, I didn’t do that either. I’ll try better tomorrow -Honest!!!

13 miles cycled

120 crunches

100 squats

2 staircases hoovered

3 rooms cleaned

beds changed

A rest day tomorrow

bring it on!!!

The Pavement Slappers Back……..

untitled1So granted I ran most of the route like I’d got one leg longer than the other, with one foot noisily slapping the pavement, but who cares. Not me, I did it, I passed my goal. I wanted to be back up to 5 miles by the end of Janathon and tonight I ran 5.7 miles, it’s fair to say I am a tad chuffed.

Two months ago I was beginning to lose hope that I’d ever get back to running any thing like the distances I had done before knee surgery. Now, well now, apart from wanting to kiss my surgeon, who said he would do everything he could to give me a chance to run and he has, a 10k is definitely on the cards. So that’s my next goal -a race, a scary thought, I haven’t done one for over 18 months but it will be my way of saying ‘look at me folks I’m back’.

5.7 miles run

one last Janathon sprint tomorrow

Bring it on

Maybe its Monday………

its-monday-againMaybe it was the unlucky for some date, maybe it was because it was a Monday, maybe it was because I’d been awake since four this morning, maybe it was because I’d spent half the day working with Grumpy, maybe it was because I’ve started the push up challenge (I am sh*t at push-ups -I managed 3!) maybe I should have run as soon as I got back from work and not sat down first,maybe it was because it was a tad slippy in places,maybe…………

Well for whatever reason tonight I felt like I was running through treacle, it was bloody hard work, and I was thankful that my time wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. But then maybe I should be grateful I was out there and now I’m back I’m glad I went.

Janathon day 13 done

A quicker sprint in the morning

Bring it on!!

Fitting in Fitness and a Blind Referee……..

Strange really, but now I’m back at work its much easier to fit my runs etc in. You would think that having six weeks off would allow for loads of running but it just doesn’t work that way. I suppose I could have got up earlier to run before the start of everything else but then that’s not a holiday is it, and time with Jack is precious so I won’t put running before him either. But all in all I have clocked up a fair few miles running and we have walked swam and cycled nearly every week so its still exercise – it all must count towards the ‘getting my fitness back’ campaign.

So today I cycled to work – 1.5 miles, cycled home (the scenic route) – 4 miles and ran while Jack was at rugby training – 6.2 miles – not a bad day really. Now the real challenge – can I get up and run before work – I haven’t done that in a while – watch this space!

What with work and keeping fit there hasn’t been much time for paralympic watching today – however I did get a chance to watch the blind football – what a game. No rolling about feigning injury like some overpaid professionals I could mention, it’s fascinating to watch. Trouble is it led to another of Jack’s classic questions – ‘Is the referee blind as well?’ Mind you this is the kid who during the Paralympic opening ceremony asked ‘whats the point in signing  the songs’ – the blind people can’t see ……Er – she’s doing it for the deaf ones Jack. I think there’s more than one blonde in this house!!!

2 bike rides and a run logged

Early Morning Run – hopefully

Bring it on

Wendy-Ball and The Lost Village…………

So its fair to say an afternoon playing wendy-ball – yep me playing football on a full size astro- turf pitch – not bad for a oval-ball kinda girl – meant come running time I was a little puffed out. To be fair it wasn’t the football or the game of Bulldog (best game in the world) that wore me out, it was being the goalkeeper in the penalty shoot out that did it. I was tempted to dive all over trying to stop the ball – but to be honest I really didn’t want to make an absolute tit of myself. Plus, I didn’t fancy a broken arm  or two for Florida – but I almost gave it my best shot – even saved one or two.

To make the running situation even worse, I didn’t have my trusty partner (currently on hospital watch!) to drag me round and by the time I set of the sky was dull grey and somewhat misty -it’s May!!! So I dropped Jack at rugby and trudged out of the carpark telling myself I would be fine once I got going – two miles in I was sat at the side of the road giving myself a good talking to -I was running like a right drip – had my amazing Nike+ sportswatch ( never works) been doing it’s job properly  then I should have been telling myself that I’d just run uphill like a mad woman and needed to slow down – but it didn’t say that, it said I was running at snails pace- how many more days to my birthday so I can have a Garmin?! Anyway, the talking to worked and I ran steady away after that.

I had another nice route planned tonight- apart from the 2 mile uphill bit – I’d checked out where we’d gone wrong last week and had found the right road, or I thought I had…………….Some how I lost Woolley Village, It should have been there at the end of the windy country type road – it had gone, vanished, it was nowhere to be seen!!! God, I’d done it again – I was lost – these flaming roads all look the same. Strangely though they all seem to take you in the same direction – I plodded on, ten minutes later I was back in civilization and even better somewhere I knew. Only a mile and a half further than planned – not too bad really. Thursday it will be third time lucky as I try the route again – no blog means I’m lost – again!!!

7.46 miles in 1:05:53

I know which way I’m going tomorrow (!!)

Bring it on

In My Marathon Opinion……………

So today I sat and watched the London Marathon from start to finish – something, for various reasons, I haven’t done for a long time. Last year I ran it, the year prior to that I was at the Sheffield Half Marathon and I ran it in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 and 2009 and I couldn’t bare to watch – 2008 saw me with cracked ribs a few weeks prior to race day ( I have worked with some lovely kids!!) so I defered my place  until 2009 – in February of that year I discovered I had a severe iron deficiency that made me really ill for a time, still at least I knew training had been tiring for a reason! Dream over again.

I decided to have a year off from the marathon this year as I really wanted to have a go at the Edinburgh one – sadly this falls when we’re on our Jolly Hols and I don’t think Jack n Ernie would be too chuffed if I said sorry guys Florida’s off!!  There’s always next year! So I sat with my mug of coffee watching the race start and to be honest I didn’t really wish I was there. It still brought a tear to my eye when the music played though and I think some who ran today deserve more than a medal – truly inspirational people.

By cup of coffee number two I was starting to get annoyed. I understand why the elite athletes are called that – any one who can run that speed for 26 miles is definately elite, but why do commentators feel the need to refer to the slower runners as fun runners. I wasn’t the only one to be annoyed- seems a few facebook friends feel the same. When I was younger Steve Cram was one of my heroes, today I think he’s a prat! According to Mr Cram running a marathon under 3 hours is real running…………So what the hell are the rest of us doing  – pretending!!

According to the dictionary an athlete is someone who trains or excels at exercise, yep thats me and thousands of others. I try and run 5 times a week sometimes more. I run before work, after work, to and from rugby games. I fit it in whenever I can- its not always fun but when I get a PB, have a good race or just enjoy the running I’m glad I’ve made the effort to get out and do it. I think every other ‘fun runner’ does exactly the same. I once ran the Great North Run dressed as a blood cell (don’t ask) It was bloody hard work. When I’ve been over taken by a camel down the Mall I don’t think’ oh there’s a fun runner’, I think how the hell has he run 26 miles in that and is he mad?  (bloody annoying to get beat by a camel though, had a tree one year, even worse!!!)

Anyway, rant over. To all who finished today, Congratulations on your fantastic achievements.Enjoy all your memories from today and  I promise you you’ll start walking normally by about Wednesday.

A pretend runner!!!

Real Running tomorrow

Bring it on

More Facts and Figures…………….

No run today, decided to save myself for a run back from the rugby tomorrow, plus when I got home from work I was suffering from CBA syndrome – probably caused by ‘first week of half term’ syndrome. Still I have done loads of dancing (Olympic Big Dance) so not a totally exerciseless day.

So time to add up a few totals and see what else has happened since my last review back in March.

  • I have run 454 miles so far this year.
  • According to my amazing Nike+ sports watch (never works) I have run 430 miles.
  • I have already run 68% of the mileage I did last year
  • I have run on 90 occasions, cycled 10 times and walked 5+ miles seven times, a total of 490 miles.
  • I think its more likely that I will achieve 2012 km in 2012 than 2012 miles (1223km to go!!!)
  • I am now in my second pair ofNike+ running shoes.
  • I’ve worn out 2 more pairs of socks
  • I’ve taken to googling historic monuments, signs, bridges, breeds of sheep!! Anything I pass on a run.
  • I now know keeping a key in your running shorts is great till you fall and land on it – Yale tattoo anybody….
  • I’m still getting rained, hailed and snowed on.
  • I’m still getting lost when I try a new route.
  • I’m still getting chased by various animals.
  • I’m still getting new PB’s
  • I’ve managed to blog everyday.
  • I’m still addicted to running.
  • And best of all – Ive now run in the Olympic Stadium.


More running tomorow

Bring it on

Going That Extra Mile or Two………

Today 200+ kids aged 3-11, definately went that extra mile, and nearly 12 hours later I’m still buzzing. Yes the Sport Relief Mile came to the Methodist school and what a mile it was. We have done sports days, mini marathons and entered loads of school tournaments for various sports in the past. The difference today was we did it all together, Foundation, Infants, Juniors,teaching staff and parents all running round the field at the same time. It was so simple, a start and finish line a circle of cones around the field and a dot of pen on your hand for every lap you did. The mini kids ( as year 6 call them) only needed to do 2 laps and the rest did the full  5 laps to equal a mile. Some 10 laps later most of the school were still going, they were awesome, big kids helping mini kids and mums and dads grinning through gritted teeth as their kids dragged them round another lap. Truly inspirational.

3 miles  (15 laps) done with 200+other runners

10  miles to do tomorrow with just one

Bring it on

Horse + Owner + Jockey = Athletes Foot…………………!

So I’m sat here with itchy feet (no I haven’t got athletes foot!) trying my best to resist the temptation to sneak out for a ‘ickle’ run. I know, I know its a rest day, but a Sunday rest day usually means a longish walk with Jack. However todays rotten weather and the amount of homework (my favourite word) Jack still needed to finish meant it never happened.It didn’t stop raining till four o clock by which time I was in the throws of making a full on Sunday dinner, now I am full of Sunday dinner so I won’t be going out anytime soon.I really need to resist as yesterday was one very busy day.

Rugby in the morning, running in the afternoon then race night at the rugby club in the evening made for a very late bedtime.If you’ve never been to a Race night before, you really should give it a go. To be honest, the first time I was asked to organise one when we were raising money to take the lads to Catalan, I was slightly confused as to how it worked. Especially when the club chairman started talking about horses, jockeys and owners. ‘Blimey’ I thought, ‘the pitch will be a right mess by the time that lots trampled on it!’ Well how was I supposed to know you watch it on a big screen in the safety of the clubhouse – not a real horse in sight. In my defense I wasn’t the only one who thought Crigg was going to become Aintree for the night. So did we win……………Oh aye, a huge £2 having spent nearly £30. Jack on the other hand spent 50p and won £2.50, jammy little sod. Still the hot pork sandwiches were nice and the Crigg Beer (worst beer in the world but its cheap!) went down well.  Glad of a lie in this morning though.

So, to run or not to run – you decide.

No miles yet – but watch this space

‘ickle’ run tomorrow

Bring it on



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