The Curse of Starship Pinderfields Strikes again…….

Another afternoon out at the Starship Pinderfields today and for those who are regular readers of this blog you will know that I don’t tend to have a great deal of luck with appointment times at my local hospital. So was today any different – er no! I did get for my bloods doing straight away which was a good start, getting the trainee nurse to take my blood was not. Alarm bells rang when she held the needle like a javelin, but did she really need to take a run up – ok, slight exaggeration but she wasn’t exactly gentle. There was more blood on me than in the tube, make no wonder my haemoglobin count was down a bit, she’d splattered it all over my top. Normally you get one cotton wool ball stuck to your arm – I had a Johnson’s multi-pack!!

Still the waiting room didn’t seem too busy hopefully I’d be in and out in no time………………There were more delays on the electronic appointment board than Manchester Airport . I was only an hour and 45 minutes late in the end – the last patient of the day – though I did think they’d forgotten me when one of the consultants turned off his lights and headed out the door, thankfully there was another one further up the corridor – I made it back to work in time for last break. So much for I’d only be an hour at the most.

At least I got to do my year 2 ‘under the sea’ dance before I left. Bless them, they’re fab – and one little girl made my day. When she asked if she could be Ariel. I jokingly said I was Ariel – her reply ‘maybe we both should be Ariel, I’ve got the hair and you’ve got the beauty’ I could have kissed her – I love my job.

The weekends here

And guess who’s running 3 mile in the morning…

Bring it on




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