Wahoo it’s Fridayzzzzz

So I should be sat here working on my assignment but I’m struggling to keep my eyes open never mind  argue a case for the effective utilisation of teaching assistants (yes – my life is really that exciting!!). Thankfully I went for a run as soon as I got home, had I have sat down first I don’t think it would have happened. It was only a short run, but much needed to clear my head after a bout of column rage – no really. Transforming a classroom Into a Greek temple is all well and good until your creative ideas don’t quite go to plan – lets just say we nearly had Greek ruins, it’s a good job I left when I did.

Another run survived

Cycling tomorrow

Bring it on!!


The One-Socked Wonder!!


So first week back at work and it’s fair to say we hit the ground running, no easing back into it gently, bang, welcome back. Still only tomorrow to go and then we’ve got a bank holiday to come – boy am I ready for it!!!
To be fair it’s probably exercise that’s left me tired I can’t just blame work ( though trying to explain the 5K’s of Sikhism to a class of nine and ten year old was exhausting – give me a nice bible story any day!!) I’ve done 2 early morning runs, and can now proudly say I’ve managed to run a mile in under 8 minutes, I’m not sure that was quite the steady pace my surgeon said I could run at but in my defence…….. Well I haven’t got one really, once I started I just couldn’t slow down. Then there’s been the daily cycle to work and back and a nice steady run tonight I suppose I haven’t eased myself in gently either!! On the plus side the weathers been lovely which always makes the cycle home easier – until today that is – not only did the temperature drop by about 20 degrees from morning to afternoon,but some muppet decided to hide one of my socks. By the time I got home I couldn’t feel my foot – I am out for revenge!!!!
Busy busy busy
Friday tomorrow
Bring it on!!!

The Snot Monsters Coming

So despite Janathon being well and truly over, I was still out the door running at 5:45 this morning, I did intend doing a couple of miles but it was a tad slippy to say the least. I made do with a quick trot round the block. Still at least it cleared the head, if only for a short time.
Yes, the joys of working in a school means I am trying to fight off the school lurgy. This time it’s the ‘what’s green and travels 90 miles backwards’ lurgy!! The snot monster is back in school, I’m surrounded by kids sniffing up green candles hanging from each nostrils, coughing like a sixty a day smoker!!! I love my job – I’m taking no chances, double zinc and vitamin c, sudafed, cold n flu remedies. I rattle when I walk. It’s just about preventing the ‘I feel like I’ve been punched in the face headache’ but only just!!
Mind you I don’t suppose 3 hours of GCSE maths helped. Brain ache and headache – time for an early night!!
1.2 miles run.
3 hours of quadratic god knows what.
Rest day tomorrow
Bring it on!!!




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