Two runs, Too Tired ,Too Hungry………..

This mornings run was perfect, the birds were singing and there was frosty sunshine all the way round, bliss. This evenings run, well that was a different matter………….Maybe its the bike riding taking its toll – but tonight I felt like I was running with someone else’s legs and worryingly that was after a mile. My calves just got tighter and tighter.How I managed another six miles ,well , I just did. Thats the good thing about having a running partner though. Plenty of conversation is great for taking your mind of aches and pains and despite the fact that some weeks we run together at least twice a week, we never run out of conversation!!

Within a minute of finishing I’d decided it was a lovely run and I’d really enjoyed it!!!  Only when I got home did I start to feel tired again and hungry, yep Jack and I had another ‘who can eat most in one night’ competition. I’m going to have to do ‘Asda Big Shop’ twice a week at this rate, or get a lock on the fridge. Need to re-fuel though- Sport relief Mile with 200 kids tomorrow – can’t wait.

3.6 mile in 28:55

7 mile in 1:07:14

Only 1 mile tomorrow (maybe)

Bring it on


Dodging the Bullets on the Painthorpe Run

So another day, another run and another night of perfect weather conditions. Cold, clear and bright. Also perfect for launching missiles at unsuspecting runners. No I’m not kidding. Jack’s rugby training was on  giving us a chance to do our usual route round the nearby villages and estates, now most of these areas are really nice, some parts of it are even picturesque (especially during the day when you can actually see!) Unfortunately the actual rugby pitches have ‘Scratter-Ville’ located to one side. The kind of place where anything goes, and usually does. Come the summer months big and little Scratters alike  rob everything from the slates on the clubhouse roof to the rugby posts, drive mini scooters through training teams and when the weather warms up……………….Tatt fest,flabby bodies overfilled with special brew, on show for all to see (and thats just the women!) the BBQ overflowing with Asda’s best steak (robbed). A real eye opener.

So, back to tonights run, we hadn’t even made it to the end of the carpark before a missile came hurtling towards us, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and thankfully it just missed. So where did it come from. Just some scratter stood on his doorstep chucking his can away. ‘Sorry, I didn’t expect anyone to be running past’  he grunted. Oh well thats alright then………. Crash helmets next week.Still another great run, some great chat- huge bingo wings and massive calves tonights favourite topic!!! One day we’ll be happy with our finely toned (sort of)  figures. Tired legs for the last couple of miles though, think Janathon is starting to catch up. Still another six mile in the bag and a weekend off to look forward to. 

Super League starts tomorrow

Rugby League and Running

Bring it on.




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