Gorillunners in the Mist (sorry!)

Awww, nowt to do with the blog though!!!

So today dawned rainy and miserable and just got worse, the curse of the Janathon weather strikes again. Still come six o clock the rain had sort of stopped and although the fog/mist rolled in (hence the title, rubbish I know but, I’m running out of ideas fast !) the good news was that Jack’s rugby training was still on meaning I got to do the first of my twice weekly runs with my running friend. We had planned an easy trot round as we put the world to rights, however it soon turned into more of a gallop with more huff and puff than conversation. Saving the world will have to wait until Thursday! Downside of rugby training 0n a wet night is the mud. It gets everywhere, its in the car (well my car, hubby won’t allow mud in his!) the washing machine and I’ve a lovely tide mark round the bath – again -and what possesed me to have lovely white fluffy towels………………..

The other good bit of news today was that the Nike + fairy seems to have paid a visit over night. My amazing Nike+ sportswatch (never works) has recovered from the jaws of death and is now working again, in fact it is almost accurate! (first time for everything) See how long it lasts this time.

So 5 miles in 47 minutes and 1 second, 118 Janthon miles done, will I reach my target of 150 miles in 31 days.

Janathon Day 25

Bring it on!




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