Frosty Bum……………..

Frozen-BikeDon’t worry, I haven’t fallen on the ice or fallen off my bike and onto the ice. In fact I made it to and from work on the bike fairly easily despite the frosty conditions. Granted by the time I got to work I had lost all feeling in my face (the only uncovered place -everything else was well wrapped up) but I made it there safely all the same. It was going home that was the problem. You see I did wonder why my cycling tights didn’t seem to fit right when I set off  by the time I got to the first corner I knew why -I’d forgotten to put my thermals under them! It was a tad chilly but still not the cause of my  frosty bum. That came later, around about the time I decided that due to the frosty conditions the normally boggy path would be passable -wrong decision. The path was now an icy bog and as I pedaled through I was splattered with icy muddy water -soaked to the skin -whoops. Thankfully I was only a mile from home so didn’t have chance to freeze totally but the ice crystals were definitely forming ……..

5 more Janathon miles cycled

Will remember to actually wear the thermals tomorrow

Bring it on!

A Bit of a Stomp…………….Maybe Not!!!

jby0063lWell I’ve finally thawed out – I think it was about 3 this morning before the fluffy socks came off. Still I won’t be getting that cold again, I’ve got thermal socks and gloves for the next time I head out on the bike -I might even put them on when we play hockey next week. Thankfully it was indoor PE today, though I’ve got to say the dodgy heating in the hall meant it could have been a balaclava moment. In fact never mind the temperature I could have done with the balaclava to drown out the noise. Doing a stomp with year 2 seemed like such a good idea at the time…….

Actually, it’s been loads of fun. I got the idea from another school who were appearing at the ‘Royal Albert Hall’ for the Schools Prom at the same time as us (ahem) Yep I can’t sing for toffee but my claim to fame is singing live there- thankfully there was another 200 in the choir to drown me out  – I’ve appeared at Sheffield Arena as well and I was once in Hello Dolly…… Sorry I’m waffling – back to the stomp. So this school used things like bike wheels, pans, broom handles and their hands and feet to make music – it was amazing. So with part of this terms creative curriculum being about rhythm and beat I thought I’d give it a go. 

To anybody stood outside the school hall it probably sounds like an awful row but in reality – with the help of we will rock you – we are stomping. We may not have the bike tyres and broom handles but we’ve got home-made shakers, coffee tins and plastic bin lids and after only 3 weeks they are getting the hang of it. Not such a bad idea after all. The Methodist School Stomp – coming to a stage near you soon………………….

Stomping through to Saturday

Big weekend ahead

Bring it on

The North Wind doth Blow, And We Shall Have Snow and What Will the Runner Do Then….Er Run

So after last nights clear skies and the expectant frost I dived out of bed, donned my running gear, thermals and all, and flew out of the door for my early morning  run. Wish I’d looked out of the window first (not that I’d see anything with my contact lens free eyes). Where was the frost? None, just a light drizzle and a sneaky wind! Somewhat overdressed, I was sweating before I reached the end of the street. Still as it was only a short run and I was pushed for time, I decided not to de-layer and carried on. The rain got heavier and so did my fleece, great!  Then the snow came, flew into my face for the mile back home and then magically stopped as I reached my front door, amazing!!! And has it snowed at all for the rest of the day …………….has it chuff.

The plus side of running early, especially on a Friday, is that I get to sit and relax slightly earlier and enjoy some TV. So I’ve g0t my martini (anytime,any place, anywhere) and the hubby has just put a great programme on. Bullseye…………….Look at what you could of won!!!! I can feel another run coming on…………..

Janathon day 27 done, 2.2 miles in 18 minutes, 18 seconds, 132 miles now run.

Janathon Day 28

Bring it on!!!!!!!!!



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