A pheasant surprise……………Not!!!

At last, Summer is here – can’t believe it has arrived four days before my holidays-  not much chance of getting a base tan now, still this time next week I’ll be golden brown so does it really matter. I’m still debating whether to pack my running stuff, in fact I’m still debating what to take full stop. But the hotel has a lovely gym which I have used in the past and I have sneaked the odd run in. However tonight’s heat has reminded me just how hard running can be and it’s far more humid in Florida than here – maybe I should leave the gear at home. We end up walking miles anyway,then there’s the daily swimming – and I always end up buying a load of gear over there as it’s cheaper – I could always use that.

Despite the heat, we had a lovely run tonight – well, once the mahoosive hill was out of the way. The plus side of running off the beaten track is that most of the route is in the shade, the downside is the flies, why do they always fly straight in your gob,eyes,up your nose – anywhere where you can’t get them out – yuck!! Then there’s the low flying pheasants – bloody things should come with a warning siren. I wouldn’t mind but I’d seen the flaming waddling (do they waddle or is that just ducks!) up the road but I still wasn’t prepared for it launching itself at us…………….Thank god I’ve not reached that dodgy age yet or it would definitely have been a ‘Tena Lady’ moment.

8 miles run

Summer to stay tomorrow

Bring it on




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