Messing about on the water………

Well laying listening to the rain last night I was pretty certain I’d be cycling in my waterproofs this morning. It didn’t just rain it hammered it down – the joys of having an attic bedroom. You hear every flaming raindrop – another sleepless night- fab!! Still come this morning there was blue sky and just one dodgy looking cloud. I was pretty certain the cloud would empty the minute I stuck my cycle-helmet out the door. But for once I got away with it……….Till I cycled home.

With the running ban still in place I decided to add a couple of extra miles to my route home, it was a glorious afternoon, you’ve got to take advantage when you can (plus the housework was waiting at home – it can wait!). Anyway I headed down the side of the railway line towards the river with the wind blowing in my face and a steam train puffing alongside me – no really. Trouble is I heard the train before I saw it – its bloody whistle scared me to sodding death – nearly a ‘tena lady moment’. Thankfully I composed myself enough to give the driver a friendly wave – with my right hand, I’m still a bit wobbly if I let go with my left, and pedaled on my way. It really was lovely – my only mistake – well I should have taken last nights rain into account and avoided the path nearest the river. It was more of a hoseasons boating holiday than a bike ride -I’m sure you remember the jingle… 

‘Now is the time to drop us a line For your Hoseasons boating brochure We’ve got all kinds of craft that’ll suit you just fine For messing about on the water. Sail-boats, canal boats, and cruisers too, All Britain’s waterways waiting for you So now is the time to drop us a line For your Hoseasons boating brochure!

It wasn’t so much of a puddle – more a non-stop lake – it was ace. I was soaked, mud splattered from head to toe – another wahooo moment. Thankfully there was no one around to hear – but boy did I get some weird looks when I cycled through Asda car park to head home!!!

Bikes drying out

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Snipers, Squirrels and Sodding Science……………….

Alright so he wasn’t quite a sniper, but hiding in tree’s in your camouflage outfit really isn’t the done thing, it was very nearly a ‘Tena Lady Moment’. Well come on you don’t expect some OAP loon to jump up and scare you half to death as you pedal down an off-road path. He could have been birdwatching – except he didn’t have anything to watch them with. He could have been playing war-games- but he was on his own. Maybe he was playing hide n seek and his other old codger mates had given up looking and gone home for a nap. Or was he just a complete fruitcake, thank god I can pedal fast.

Pedalling fast nearly caused my next mishap – a squirrel very nearly put an end to my cycling days, although I have to admit its the best swerve on a bike I’ve ever done – it’s the only swerve I’ve ever done. Got me thinking if the running is a no go maybe I could take up BMXing……………….

Anyway, the extra scenic route home meant I clocked up nearly seven miles, not the same as a run but it cleared the head somewhat. It stayed clear until Jack uttered my least favourite saying ‘can you help me with my homework?’ Arrgghh. Less homework- more full on topic, the fourth one this half term. Do I look like a Physics Teacher – I didn’t even take Physics, I did Environmental Science – all afternoon in a park – ace!!! So how the hell am I supposed to know how to draw a ray diagram showing how we see the sun and stars from earth and another one showing how we see the moon.I thought Hubby might know on account of him going to posh school – he clearly listened less than I did. Even google hasn’t helped – answers on a postcard please!!!

Lovely cycle home

Hoping the physio utters the ‘you can run’ words tomorrow

Bring it on



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