Well I was soon awake this morning, with the temperature of the pool I had little choice. It would have been really helpful if someone had actually said ‘we’ve had a power cut – it’s not very warm’ instead of letting me jump in. Still, on the plus side ( there always is one) I swam a whole lot faster than I usually do.
Swim done
Same again tomorrow (but warmer)
Bring it in!!


You’ve got to Hand It To Him………….


So finally I did it, took a break from the blog – Ok its only been a few days but having blogged daily for the last 400ish days a few days definitely counts as a substantial break. To be honest I don’t think I could have fit it in any way, in true Dawn style I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I seem to have got through loads of stuff yet there’s still loads to do. I never thought getting better deals on everything from insurance to the gas bill would take a whole afternoon, but it did -and that was just the quotes. Then there’s been the clearing Jack’s room to decorate afternoon -now the rest of the house is in turmoil. Add to that the start of Super League -another afternoon gone (wasted if I’m honest Wakefield were pants), the usual gym,swim and rugby training trips and that was another weekend done. Week days have been a mixture of going to work, planning for work and the never-ending helping with homework – just how many projects can one child get, don’t they realise he’s got a History test to revise for. So it’s official I am now an expert on the English Civil War. The only way I can help with revision is if I know what they’re revising about and as I seem to have forgotten all I learnt at school I’ve been doing a bit of swotting – it’s a good job I did. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty impressed by Jacks knowledge on all that went on with Charles 1, but I really don’t know why he thought the Arch Bishop of Canterbury was called BRIAN…..Still at least he redeemed himself with his art work (he drew the hand)  -pretty impressive even if I do say so myself!!!

Busy, busy

Hoping to be less busy tomorrow

Bring it on


Motorway Swimming……………Maybe Not!!!

poolpicSo while others celebrated the finish of Janathon with a glass of wine, pizza or chocolate I celebrated by getting up at six this morning to go for a swim. Well, to be honest it was more about seeing whether I would have time to fit an early morning swim before work more than anything else, but might as well make it look like I’m a total fitness freak. Yes with Jack off school (inset day) I had a test run to see if I can get there, swim and back before 7am -I can, just. Although I didn’t have time to straighten my hair properly so it was also a test to see if ‘Frizz Ease’ does all it claims to do -it didn’t do bad -for once I didn’t look like ‘Crystal Tips’!!

It’s the first time I’ve done the early morning lane swimming thing -it was a bit of an eye opener really, I didn’t realise there was so much etiquette involved. I expected a slow and a fast lane -I didn’t expect a middle lane, it was like being on the M1. It’s also a good job that there were arrows pointing the direction you swim in, slow lane -clockwise, middle lane -anti -clockwise, fast lane -up and down. I find clockwise and anti-clockwise as confusing as left and right!!  I opted for the middle lane, I’m not slow and judging by the speed of the ‘Man from Atlantis’ powering up the fast lane I’m not quick. So I joined the lone swimmer in the middle lane, in no time at all I overtook him -big mistake. Seemingly you can only over take in the slow lane. Or so the lifeguard told me after lone swimmer man complained about my overtaking. I couldn’t believe it -he was going that slow that I doggy paddled past him. Perhaps you’d like to move to the fast lane lifeguard man suggested. Do I look like Rebecca Adlington………………

A lovely morning swim

I’ll stick to the rules next time (not)

Bring it on




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