Things Are Looking Swell……………



So I’m sat here with a bag of frozen Smartprice Rice (Peas are far too expensive nowadays!!) on my knee, that currently looks like it’s about to give birth -brill! First day back at work and my knee has decided it doesn’t like me standing on it. Amazing really, I’ve cycled -no swelling. Walked – no swelling. Stand still -swollen. Though to be fair it has been giving me some real pain the last week or so, in fact I seem to be in more pain now than before I had it done. I’m blaming the never-ending stairs in the London tube stations – having seen the physio, she says the pain is to be expected, the more I do the more it will hurt. She’s not wrong! She also said it’s going to be at least another 10 -12 weeks before I can think about running. So as long as I just run and don’t think about it I can start back tomorrow……

Enjoyed the first day back

The Kids are in Tomorrow

Bring it On



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