Reservoir Dogs….. well it was the canal actually!!!



Well in the end it was 13 miles by the canal on Boris – a really nice and unseasonably warm bike ride with hubby, and I’m glad to say my cycling confidence is starting to return (for those who haven’t read my blog before I got knocked off in November) For the first time in weeks I didn’t return home with my handlebar grips imprinted on my hands, I managed to fly down the hills without squeezing the life out of the breaks and I finally made it through the mega muddy bits without getting stuck – boy did I pedal hard!! We even managed to not get lost – a bit of a novelty for us!! The only downside was a bit of rover rage – you know what I mean, those dog owners who just leave their dogs to run around causing chaos. ‘don’t worry he won’t bite’ said the old dude as his dog was ravaging my foot. Yeah right. Then there’s those ‘not on a lead dogs’ who do their best to knock you in the canal- bless em. ‘Aw they’re just been friendly’ the owner says. Don’t chuffing think so.
Still it was a fab ride with some amazing views, the swan coming in to land on the water was one- better than Concorde! But best of all was the fisherman on a mobility scooter – no really, he even had a trailer on the back for his rods and stuff!!!
13 miles cycled
Day six coming up
Bring it on!



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