Fairy Fun in the Sun

So the sunshine continued as we headed to Manchester ( sun in Manchester – there’s a novelty!!) for the second day of the Magic Weekend. Not a magician in sight, though we could have done with one. Seven super league games in one weekend and guess whose team was the worst??? Yep, the not-so-mighty Wakefield Trinity let us down again, you don’t mind loosing if they put the effort in but it’s a tad annoying when they don’t.
Still there was plenty to take our mind off the crap rugby, life- size crayons, super heroes, bears, nuns, men in pants ( very tight pants -yuk!) and a bunch of fairies. Alas, I knew one or two of the fairies, in fact I knew them all – I’ve got to say they made a lovely bunch, not their usual rugby league wear but they seem to be taking a liking to this dressing up malarkey- rumour is they’re going as traffic cones next week………..
A great weekend
Nearly the school holidays (again)
Bring it on!!


A Short Situation!!


The weather must be confused, day two of the holidays and day two of sunshine, just what is going on??? Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been outside all day long, painting fences and walls, cutting and re- seeding lawns and sorting out the shed – it looks like the indoor jobs will have to wait!
With the jobs done it was time for a run and due to the weather the layers were finally shed – the shorts are out!! New shorts ( well 3/4 length). Alas the new shorts only lasted a mile before I had a wardrobe malfunction – I only pulled the string to tighten the top – it came off in my hand. Great!! Over a mile from home and baggy shorts. Bizarrely, other than the odd shuffle to pull the offending shorts up, I ran one of the best 3 miles for some time. I might wear them every run!

3 miles run in 27 minutes.
Taking the shorts back tomorrow
Bring it on!

Is Tha Lost………


For the regular readers of my blog you’ll know how good I am at sort of getting lost, the hunt for new cycle/running routes often takes me into the unknown. I always find my way home-eventually!
In my defence today I wasn’t technically lost – I knew where I was, but the paths seemed to have moved in the months since I was last here! Thankfully, as I stood pondering which path to take, a nice farmer man pointed me in the right direct – sort of. “Is tha lost?” He asked in a true Yorkshire accent, “wi yer eadin” So I told him I was wanting to get back to the canal path. “Well tha,s off reight road” he said. Which roughly translates as ‘you are going in the right direction’. None too helpful with more than one path to take. Still I made it back.
It would have been lovely cycling in the sunshine were it not for the swarms of mozzies that dive bombed all the way round, seemingly we are to be over run by mozzies this year – great news when mozzies love you. Foreign travel is a nightmare for me, I’m no sooner off the plane and the little bleeders have got me – I once spent a fortnight in Ibiza looking like I’d got club foot, I couldn’t even get my flip-flop on. And now the vicious bleeders are heading here – fab!!!
So that’s the first day of the Easter Hols done. I’ve had a lie-in, cleaned the car and started listing the things I need to do this holidays – a fortnight is not longing enough!!!

Loving the sun
More of the same tomorrow
Bring it on.

Holiday Heaven………….

It will be tidy soon.......

It will be tidy soon…….

Well it’s day two of the half term holidays and carnage still reigns in the spare room (both of them!). It’s the weathers fault. For those in the know I’m an outdoor kind of girl, so if you think I’m going to stay in sorting the chaos that remains after decorating Jacks room (that’s the downside of spare rooms -they become dumping grounds!) while the sun shines,you’ve got another thing coming! So I’ve washed the car, washed the windows inside and out (the house ones not the car) tidied the garden, returned the cat shit to its appropriate owner (next door but three) well come on, why can’t it shit in its own garden? I did put it in a carrier bag first, I could have just wanged it over her lawn. I’m sure if I sent my guinea pig round to crap on her garden she’d have something to say -except he’s been dead  months (R.I.P fluff) but you get the idea.

I have done a little more sorting today (I lasted an hour) but the call of the sunshine was too great and I abandoned it for a walk by the river with Jack and his mate. While Jack is quite used to the pace of my power walks, with the odd break thrown in to photograph something, his mate clearly isn’t. I thought I was going to have to carry him the last mile home. Still he must have enjoyed it, he asked if we could go again – on our bikes. I’ll pedal slow……..honest!!

Loving the sun

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

Camera Capers……..

Well I didn’t get to play with my camera in quite the way I wanted to but I had a little play all the same. Unfortunately the weather put an end to my  plans to get out for a walk and have a play with my new close up filter -its a +4 (!?!?), if I’d have gone out this morning when the sun was attempting to shine (it wasn’t doing a very good job!) I might have had a chance of getting a few shots but by the time I got out there everything was grey and dull -Boring!! Then it wanged it down -fab!! I do wish I’d gone for a long walk though I get bored far too easily when I’m stuck indoors. It was my boredom that led to me getting the camera out -my model for the day -the christmas tree.

I didn’t get to use my macro lens the way I wanted to there wasn’t enough natural light (I think!) but I had a mess about with taking pictures of moving lights -my tree lights flash. To be honest it’s defo going to be a case of practise makes perfect -some of them were a blurry mess and I didn’t get the outcome I expected, but I got some shots that might be worth photoshopping (get me!!) we’ll see how it works out.  I do need to start writing down what I’m doing though cos now I can’t remember which setting I used- arrghh. 

Practise makes perfect

Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow

Bring it on

Back in Time……………….

To be fair the Golden Wedding wasn’t a bad night out, granted it would have been nice to hear some music post 1950’s and when a dude called Glenn Miller got up to I did start to wonder if we’d actually travelled back in time ( he was quite good though – even though he didn’t play in the mood!!) But all in all a good night was had by all, I’m not quite sure what the oldies thought of my Song n Dance number to ‘Mack the Knife’ but I’d had four halves of lager by that point – I was passed caring!!

It was the lager that put pay to our planned early morning cycle, we were all for it when we first woke, but then the hangover head kicked in -hubby was worse than me, he felt unable to walk in a straight line never mind pedal. In the end I went out on my own while hubby ironed – can’t wait to see the creases in my trousers tomorrow. The bike ride was fab, Boris – now with newly fitted mega tyres is one awesome machine. I went through ever mud patch and puddle I could find add to that the glorious sunshine and views around the river and flood plains and the hangover was soon a distant memory.

So once back home it was time to get ready for our second outing of the weekend – a family meal to celebrate my mums 70th birthday – usual loud affair but then there are 14 of us, bit hard to be quiet. It was also another chance to get a picture of the Grandkids – we don’t get them together very often what with Uni, work etc. We have tried and failed to get a picture when they are all looking at the camera – oh well, there’s always christmas.

Family celebrations Over

Back to school tomorrow

Bring it on




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