A Game of Hide and Seek With a Couple of Tits……..

Blue%20Tit%20%20for%20webSo the kids head back to school and summer finally arrives -typical that! On the plus side my schools not back until Wednesday, so not only have I got 2 child-free days but I also get to have fun in the sun -beats housework!!! Today was another gardening day (ok I admit to a sneaky bit of sunbathing as well -you’ve got to get the sun when you can!!), the agenda today was to re-pot my shrubs and bushes. Two hours it took, some of the roots were well and truly welded to the pots -it’s years since I last did them. Still they’re all done now, I’ve just my rockery at the front of the house to sort and my garden will nearly be back to something that Percy Thrower would be proud of -sort of!!

So with the gardening done it was time to sit back and admire my hard work, that’s when I noticed that the birds had finally (it’s only taken all bleeding weekend) noticed the feeder. Wahoo, time to get the camera out. Just my luck to attract a couple of camera-shy tits!!! Two hours (slight exaggeration but it felt like forever!)  I sat there waiting for the flaming things to stay in one place long enough for me to grab the shot of the day -they clearly thought it was a game. Then Jenny Wren joined in – I gave up. On the plus side the feeder has been found and hopefully more birds will be making use of it soon. Now all I need is for Ralph (the bird that next-door-but-ones cat has had a go at) to look up from his grass-seed eating and see that there’s better food on offer -here’s hoping!

Loving the sunshine

cycling tomorrow

Bring it on



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