Such an Easy Start to the Week………Maybe Not!!

cartoonSo much for going to work for a rest, the class teacher was off meaning I had the little darlings to myself all day -fab. To be honest, I really enjoy covering but Monday is probably the worst day to cover,it’s dinner money day, there’s no previous work to follow on from and  the kids take half the day to come round from the weekend. Thankfully they were slightly more switched on than usual today and we had street dance third lesson, all in all it wasn’t a bad day, I survived but I am hoping grumpy chops is back tomorrow (Only joking if you’re reading!)

To recover from my day as teacher I was straight out for a run when I got home, only a short one but it was a good run all the same, fastest pace I’ve done in a while. I’m well chuffed. Maybe these thirty day challenges are starting to improve my core, but do they really have to hurt so much!!!

1.7 miles in 14:34 minutes

70 situps

90 crunches

42 leg lifts

1 minute of planking

60 squats

Maths (sequences)

English (Writing a Prayer)

Street Dance  (looked a tit)

ICT (doddle -though if the boss is looking on it was hard!)

Back on the Bike, work and college tomorrow

Bring it on!

Compact Comics…….

Comic Relief Day dawned and the Methodist J & I kids had fallen for our  little white lie (more like huge whopping one) hook, line and sinker (well most of them did). After 2 weeks of promotional films and ridiculous plugging  they truly believed that a brand new dance act, ‘COMPACT’, just back from touring the U.S.A no less, were coming to our school to perform in Assembly -whoops!! Shame it was just us – 5 staff out to make idiots of ourselves for a good cause.

 To be honest it went pretty well (I think -I haven’t seen the video yet!), the months of never-ending practice (2 weeks!) paid of and judging by the screams (of laughter) we put on a pretty decent show. I loved every minute of it -even the ‘being so nervous I couldn’t eat my weetabix’ bit. For me it was a childhood dream come true – I always longed to be a dancer but I had 2 left feet and didn’t know my left from my right -it was never going to happen. So today was my Jim’ll fix It moment (the bit where you got a badge not the ongoing enquiry bit) my five minutes as possibly the oldest street dancer out there. Mmmm I wonder what we can do next…….

Best Friday in ages

The weekends here

Bring it on!!



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