Mid life crisis and a bloody big swan.

So day 28 of Janathon dawned, cold bright and sunny, and with the end finally in sight. I was undecided when and how far to run today, knowing I have 10 miles planned for tomorrow, I thought about doing 8 allowing me to reach my target of 150 miles a couple of days early. But we already had shopping and stuff planned for this morning (hubby’s after getting a tropical fish tank, mid life crisis me thinks or he’s missing recently departed Nemo more than I thought!) and I didn’t think I’d have time. Shopping done sooner than expected (tank still in shop for now!) hubby and son decided to take advantage of the dry weather and head to the driving range (golf – yaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwn) for an hour, so that was my cue to sneak in a run. I settled for 5 miles, throwing in a bit of speed work along the way as I didn’t think my breakfast of an M& S coffee and biscuit would see me through 8 miles, thats my excuse anyway.

So I sprinted along the side of the railway, pushing myself really hard for as long as I could last and then easing off a bit and as it was such I nice day I decided to head to the nearby nature park that I have only recently discovered for a steady trot.16 years of living in the area and I never knew it was there until Janathon started (see earlier post). I took a different path today and all was going well until I went round a bend and there  it was, not a quack, not a quack, not a waddle or a quack. But a glide and a whistle and a snowy white back. A bloody big chuffing white swan and all its swan mates. I don’t do birds, especially ones with  horrible beady eyes that leer menacingly at you. So I stopped running (big mistake) and tried to sneak invisibly past. Nasty swan gang  didn’t fall for it though and started heading in my direction, whoosh I was gone, steady trot over.

Day 28 done 5.22 miles in 44 minutes 55 seconds. 137 miles done and only THREE day left.

Janathon Day 29

Bring it on



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