Keep On Running…………………..

Me watching DIY SOS

Well I was going to do a ‘woe is me’ blog tonight. It’s fair to say I’m not feeling at my best at the moment, I’d forgotten just how rough being iron deficient can make me feel. I spent half the night sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for the dizzy spells and sickness to pass, and had it not been for SAT’s at work I could have honestly stayed home. But I’ve just watched DIY SOS (flaming programme made me cry – again!) that poor guy on there with motor neurone disease kind of put everything into perspective. So to hell with it, I’ll keep running and take my chances, as you never know what’s round the corner. In a month or two’s time I’ll be back to normal (well as normal as I can be for me!!) that guy won’t.  The fact of the matter is there is always someone been dealt a tougher blow than you, might as well just get on with it…..So I am.


So after a shaky start to the day, it’s fair to say I brightened up a bit when I got all the answers on the maths paper right (well I would have done if I’d been doing it!) I know, I know, they’re tests for 11 year olds, but honestly you should see some of the questions they get – can’t wait for level six next week (I’ve no chance!!) To further brighten my day I had the cricket to look forward to – never in a million years did I expect to be saying that!!  Yep the Sri Lankan dudes were back in school – only downside was we had an even number of kids so I couldn’t play – boo – might have to injure one of them before next week!! (I AM JOKING) Anyway we had a full on quick cricket game today – it was ace – don’t think the Sri Lankan dude fully understood my shouts  of encouragement though. ‘has your bat got a hole in it?’ self explanatory really ‘Come on butter fingers’ well I can see where he’s coming from, I think he’s finally concluded I’m stark raving mad, got to agree with him if I’, being honest!

So with my mood lifted I headed home to see if the housework fairy had been – wishful thinking really as she buggered off to Cyprus at the start of the week ( Hope your having a fab time X) So with the lads golfing (again) I took full advantage and whizzed through the house (all 4 floors) like a woman possesed, job done. Give it half a day it will be like a bombsite again – still nice while it lasts!!!


Mood lifted

Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Arty Farty Earnshaws……………..

Never, ever in a million years did I expect to say this, but…………….. When I woke this morning I was really looking forward to playing CRICKET!!! Yep, thanks to two Sri Lankan dudes coming in to school to show us how to play for real, I’m starting to sort of like it -eek!!! Over- arm throwing today – easy when you know how. All those years I’ve wasted throwing like ‘a right girl’ now I know how to do it properly -sort of. I even made it to the last 2 in the throwing game  (why am I bragging about beating 24 kids!!) something I’d never have done when I was younger. No Sri Lankan dudes in my day though!! The only thing I didn’t understand today was ‘the crease’, I’ve already forgotten which bit of the pitch/field/green (what do you call where you play in cricket?) it’s on. Only crease I know is the one I put in hubby’s work trousers!!!

It must have been the day for having a go at new things, as when I got home I did some sewing – no really. Now sewing is something I DON’T do, never,never,ever. Sewing is hubby’s job in our house – mainly cos I’m bleeding useless at it. But tonight I’ve well and truly excelled myself. Meet ‘Otis’ the Owl, made by my own fair hands. We need him at school, he’s going to sit on a baseball hat for a homeless charity(the charity is for the homeless, it’s not the charity that’s homeless!!) called CAP – I hope they like him.

It’s definately been an arty sort of day in the Earnshaw household, Jack has finally finished his ‘Van Gogh’ masterpiece and I’ve got to say it’s pretty good. (well, be honest, I’m not going to say it’s crap – I’m his mum!)They had to do their own version of a Van Gogh painting in anyway they wanted. If his art teacher doesn’t like it she can van gogh off!! It’s taken him al week. God know’s how we’re going to get it to school in the morning though, its huge………..

Spot the difference








Arty Farty Day Done

Back to running tomorrow

Bring it on


So another day, another sport – cricket today – yaaaaaaawwwwn – or so I thought. Hate to say it but I really enjoyed it. Other than quick cricket, I’ve never really played it before and I find watching it an absolute bore. No matter how many times hubby explains it I just don’t get the rules – so many balls an over – what!!! But today was different – today we had some real life Sri-Lankan cricketers teaching us. It was ace – now I know how to catch a ball without chipping a nail!! I think I impressed the Sri Lankans to be honest – if only because I know how to do the Sprinkler (dodgy dance cricketers do when they win). I’m sure they’ll be marvelling at my cricket skills some time soon!!!  Can’t wait for next week.

Cricket over, time for a run through of the ‘Big Dance’ which is coming together very nicely – a few legs still to untangle but we’ve all stopped crashing into one another now, which has to be a good thing. Only two weeks to go now and despite my initial OMG we’ll never do that, we are going to do it. Kids are ace – they always prove you wrong!!!

All in all it’s been a very sporty day -jelly belly weights work out before work, cricket and dance during work and a sneaky five mile run after work- and now – now I’m doing a hubby impression and lounging on the sofa. In all honesty I can’t get up off the sofa – think I over did the weights…………….

5.15 miles in 42:56

Up off the sofa tomorrow

Bring it on.



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