Another Room Bites the Dust………………..

Well I got some housework done (how exciting my life is at times) but not really the amount I wanted to do. Various reasons, I couldn’t get in the kitchen as the ever persistent rain ( it never stopped) meant I had to turn it into a chinese laundry and I entered that fateful place ‘Jack’s Bedroom’. Needless to say I never made it to any other room. Don’t get me wrong he’s not a messy kid, it just that we are so busy at times that stuff tends to get shoved in his wardrobe etc until I have more time to sort it. Today was that day.

The fact I had to dismantle Lego Wembley (except it said Wembly on the stand – Jack spelt it wrong) didn’t help – that was nearly an hour and a half gone and I’m not really sure why I bothered – he’ll have built something else this time next week. Hopefully spelt right. But it’s all sorted – for now. Shame about the rest of the place – there’s always tomorrow – well not tomorrow – we’re busy.

Yep tomorrow, for the fourth time this holidays I’m London bound – this time the Paralympics beckons. Jack, my Mum and I have finally got tickets into the Olympic park. Excited – you’re not kidding. It’s going to be a great end to a great holiday.

Another room sorted and a quick sprint done

2.6 miles in 21:56 minutes

Paralympics tomorrow

Bring it on


Bank Holiday Blues…………….

Bank Holidays are not my favourite sort of days at all – don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have a lie in, instead of running around like a mad woman getting jobs done before heading out the door. But unless we have a definate plan – like somewhere to go or a rugby game to watch, we don’t actually do anything – not as a family, anyway. Hubby’s idea of ‘Bank Holiday Bliss’ is lounging about reading the paper’s and watching T.V, me, I can’t think of anything worse – well they say opposites attract!!!

To make matters worse, we had heeded the weather man’s warning about the non-stop rain, and left all the mundane tasks – homework, ironing, hoovering –  for today. We awoke to glorious sunshine – brill! So barring a quick dash to B&Q for some supplies to help Jack with his art homework – don’t ask……………..Van Gogh’s got a lot to answer for! We put the mundane tasks back a few hours – hubby settled on the sofa with his papers and Jack and I headed out to play- kicking practise at the rugby club – not easy when wearing Primarni Ugg boots, maybe it’s time to invest in some rugby boots!  Amazing that the minute we stepped out of the car the wind got up and the rain started……………Good job I’m an allweather type of girl. ‘

Playtime over, time to get the mundane jobs done – well we conquered the ironing mountain, the rest will have to wait – come on I had to fit a sneaky run in at some point, I haven’t had one for at least two days. It was a pretty good sprint actually – despite the best efforts of a piece of blossom to kill me – at least you can swallow a fly or if your lucky gob it back out, the blossom was going nowhere. Took nearly half a bottle of Lucozade Sport to shift the flaming stuff – gargling while heavy breathing is not an easy task!!!!!

3.9 miles in 32:11

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on

Day 8 ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So Janathon day 8 dawned, be it the running, being back at work or both its fair to say that last night I slept like the proverbial baby. I can’t remember the last time I slept in till 9:45 on a Sunday morning! Not complaining though it was lovely and made a great change from weekdays when I’m up at 6.  Janathon has definately increased my mileage, Ive run further in the last 8 days (37.7 miles) than all of December put together. However if I’d taken notice of my amazing Nike+ sportwatch it would have been slightly less. What a totally inaccurate waste of money that turned out to be. I have tried everything to make it work properly but its not having it, if I ran the same route everyday for a week I would have seven different totals. Time for a strongly worded e-mail I think. Thank god for my mates Garmin and g-map.

So to todays run, I didn’t want to go far as: A, I had a Sunday lunch to cook and B, I only needed a little recovery run. So a little run I did. I thought a 20 minute plod would be good, give the potatoes time to boil and my legs a chance to stretch, Mmmm. Oh well so I got back 5 minutes early, bit more of a sprint than intended. 1.9 miles in 15 mins 15 secs. On the plus side the potatoes were perfect!

Janathon, day 9, week 2

Bring it on

The North Wind doth Blow and Jacks mum will run slow(ish)


Ever get the feeling that things are not going to go to plan……………..

Knew it was going to be one of those days when the rear wiper wouldn’t work on my car this morning, just what you need in torrential rain while doing the school run. Then my son lasted a whole 25 minutes at school before trapping his finger in the door and had to go to A & E (nothing broken thankfully, just a lovely big bandage on his middle finger). So I suppose it was a bit too much to expect my hill session to go as expected.

The weatherman said it was going to get better, yeah right!!! Go on the treadmill Hubby said but I hate the treadmill more than the howling wind. So I set off, the hail started, yipee. Made it to my usual hill, which way was the wind blowing………yep, down the hill I wanted to run up. ‘ Sod it’ I thought and opted for some sprints home. Run done, not the run I wanted but still…………

Day 3 done.




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